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Conference Tracks

The programme has been designed under 11 separate tracks, which where developed by our Programme Planning Committee (PPC). The tracks are listed above each of the session titles.

1. The Patient's Voice
2. Data to Drive Decision Making/Policy 3. Sustainable Quality Improvement for LMIC 
4. Regulations Influence on Governance 5. Understanding Systems for Safety
6. Education Through Learning and Sharing 7. Generalisability of Improvement Outcomes
8. Disruptive Improvement and Adaptive Change 9. Quality and Safety in Crisis 
10. Quality in Mental Health 11. Quality in the Community

Sunday 1st October
Room 1 
(09:00 - 15:40) 

External Evaluation

 Where Does the Solution Lie, the Carrot, the Stick or the Consumer?
Facilitators: Elaine O'Connor; ISQua, Alex Griffiths; UK, Irwin Fefergrad, Mike Gardner; CA, Viera Wardhani; ID, Roland Valori; UK, Robin Wagner, US, Geraldine Strathdee; UK, Suzanne Corcoran; AU, Ahmed Novo; BA

Room 2
(10:00 - 17:00) 
Health Foundation - 

Small to All: Meeting the Challenge of Spread and Scale-up for Quality Improvement

Chair: Tim Horton
Presenters: John Illingworth, Nial Quiney, Geeta Aggarwal, Cathy Winter, Kiren Ghag, Julie Reed, Tom Downey, Brian Robson

Room 3
(09:00 - 17:00) 
Innovations Workshop -ISQua

Massive Ageing Worldwide: Challenging and Reshaping Healthcare Quality and Safety: Theories & Practices


Jeffrey Braithwaite, Rene Amalberti, Wendy Nicklin; ISQua

(09:00 - 12:30)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures: Principles, Tools and Implementation (13:30 - 17:00)
Speakers: Nick Black, John Ovretveit, Susan Frampton, Janne Knudsen, Eyal Zimlichman, Eugene Nelson 

Room 4

Developing QI Skills (09:00 - 12:30)
Speakers: Pat O'Connor and Peter Lachman

The economics and future of patient safety (13:30 - 17:00)
Niek Klazingas;NL, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Luke Slawomirski; AU and David Bates; US
Half Day (Invite Only)
Principles of Managing During Crisis: Lessons Learned from Zika and Ebola
Lead: Rashad Massoud

Monday 2nd October

07:00 - 08:30 Jhpiego Breakfast Session: Optimizing a Client's Care
Experience Through System-Level Improvements in Low and
Middle-Income Countries
08:00 - 08:45

Welcome Coffee with Poster Display
08:45 - 10:00 Official Conference Opening and Plenary
Cliff Hughes; President, ISQua
Chair: Jennifer Dixon; UK

Official Conference Opening 
Making the most of the conference - Peter Lachman; ISQua

John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement 

 10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (A1 - A10)

A1 - QI Masterclass

Masterclass: Lessons Learned in Leading for Quality

Lead: John Brennan and Rory Conn

A2 - Understanding Systems for Safety
Patient safety, system safety and organisational resilience
Rebecca Lawton, Christian von Plessen, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Charles Vincent

A3A - Data to Drive Decision Making\Health Policy

Understanding profession misconduct: a novel method to analyse datsets to understand the individual, social and organisational factors where professional misconduct occurs
Speakers: Rosalind Searle, Douglas Bilton; UK

A3B - Data to Drive Decision Making\Health Policy

New Frontiers in professional regulation: building risk based approaches to prevention of patient harm

Speakers: Martin Fletcher; AU, Anna van der Gaag; UK
A4A - Quality in the Community 

Implementing integrated care: key lessons for improving quality and outcomes for people and communities

Speaker: Dr Nick Goodwin

A4B - Quality in the Community

Developing and improving a systems approach to diagnostic safety in primary care
Speakers: Sudeh Cheraghi-Sohi, Hardeep Singh, Ian Litchfield; UK

A5A - Disruptive Improvement and Adaptive Change

Using data analysis to guide quality improvement in primary care

Speakers: Sarah Deeny, Isaac Barker, Rebecca Rosen, Rebecca Fisher; UK
A5B - Disruptive Improvement and Adaptive Change

Improving patient safety, using a variety of tools
Speakers: Louis P. Ter Meer; NL/CL, Ezequiel García-Elorrio; AR, Laura Townsend; US

A6A - Generalisability of Improvement Outcomes

Enabling clinician-led quality improvement: mixed-methods findings from the EPOCH trial 

Speakers: Carol Peden; US, Tim Stephens; UK, Graham Martin; UK

A6B - Generalisability of Improvement Outcomes

Designing improvement evaluations to maximise learning: Salzburg global seminar - session 565 insights in practice
Speakers: Rashad Massoud; USAID, Emily Evans; FHI360; US 
A7 - 15min Oral 
Education through learning and sharing

Effectiveness of an education of point-of-care ultrasound guideline in an emergency department (Abstract no. 1734)
Myunh Ah Lee, 
H. Kwon; KR 

Medical student perception of academic stress and satisfaction with the revised curriculum quality at IAU Saudi Arabia (Abstract no. 2709)
Somanath Mohapatra, 
A.M. Sebiany, C.C. Jones Nazar; SA

A conceptual map for patient-centred care requirements: Enhancing the approach of systems to achieving patient-centred care (Abstract no. 2215)
Jenny Barr
K. Ogden, D. Greenfield; AU

Training healthcare workers to improve the quality of maternal, newborn & child healthcare services in marginalized settings (Abstract no. 2981)
Kamran Baig, 
F. Shahid; PK

A8 - 15min Oral 
Regulation influence on governance

Strengthening quality improvement work in hospitals by using WhatsApp: exploratory qualitative study from Indian hospital (Abstract no. 2417)
Parika Pahwa; IN, 
​S. Smith; US, N. Livesley; IN

Qualitative evaluation of low-dose-high-frequency learning experiences to improve newborn outcomes and quality of care, Ghana (Abstract no. 2824)
Amos Asiedu; GH, 
A. Nelson; LR, P. Gomez; US, F. Effah; GH

Remote facilitation of quality improvement plans using WhatsApp mobile application in Kwara State, Nigeria (Abstract no. 3268)
Ibironke Dada, N. Ndili,O. Adebola, A. Shittu-Muideen; NG

Telemedicine in the Himalayas - Reaching the unreached (Abstract no. 2624)
Anupam Sibal, 
K. Ganapathy, V. Thaploo, S. Premanand; IN

Improving efficiency in hematology laboratory(Abstract no. 3166)
Mashhooda Rasool Hashmi, B. Moiz, S.A. Baloch, I.A. Ansari; PK

A9 - 15min Oral  
The patient's voice

Patient advisors at the bed side for hand replantation patients: what added value for quality of care? (Abstract no. 1828)
Marie-Pascale Pomey, 
O. Fortin, J. Arsenault, V. Lahaie, M-A. Danino; CA

Improving pulmonary rehabilitation: the role of patient volunteers (Abstract no. 1369)
Sharon Williams, H. Beadle, A. Turner; UK

Patient and public involvement in Japanese clinical practice guideline development (Abstract no. 3274)
Akiko Okumura, T. Nakayama, H. Sugawara, N. Yamaguchi; JP

Co-designing patient-centred care using participatory action research [PAR] - the epilepsy partnership in care [EPIC] project (Abstract no. 2402)
Jarlath Varley, R. Power, J. Saris, M. Fitzsimons; IE

Consumer involvement in the quality of HIV care, the Namibian experience (Abstract no. 1843)
Julie Taleni Neidel, A. Basenero, N. Hamunime, P. Luphahla; NA

A10 - A mile in my shoes

12:00 - 13:45  Lunchtime

12:30 - 13:30 Patient safety and cinema: a training opportunity for developing empathy in healthcare professionals
Chair: Sara Albolino
Speakers: Riccardo Tartaglia, Stavros Prineas, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Bill Clark, Movie Director "Starfish" and representative of the WHO group patients for patient safety 

12:45 - 13:30 

"We want to work out what works, what doesn't, and why"

New improvement research institute - 'We need to improve improvement'


Speaker: Mary Dixon-Woods 

12:45 - 13:30 Meeting to patients and patient reps
12:40 - 13:30 Poster Presentations (Poster Area) 

Concurrent Sessions (A11 - A20) 

A11 - QI Masterclass

Masterclass: Lessons Learned in Leading for Quality

Speakers: John Brennan and Rory Conn
Follow on from morning session (A1)

A12A - The Patient's Voice

Lessons learned about primary care from listening to children's voices - MOCHA project
Speakers: Michael Rigby; UK, Vinita Mahtani; ES, Alexander Palant; DE, Manna Alma; NL

A12B - The Patient's Voice

Removing barriers and enhancing facilitators for patient-safety communication: Improving care and safety for patients with speech impairments and their supporters
Speakers: Bronwyn Hemsley; AU, Susan Hrisos, Richard Thomson; UK
A13A - Regulations influence on governance

Safety standards for digital health services - learning from a shared international perspective
Speakers: Meredith Makeham, Andy Carson-Stevens, Farah Magrabi, Hardeep Singh and Aziz Sheikh, Facilitation of workshop group discussions with Meredith Makeham: Andy Carson-Stevens and Professor David Greenfield; AU

A13B - Regulations influence on governance

Developing metrics for the complex care primary care interface for children
Speakers: Maria Brenner; IE, Mitch Blair; UK

A14A - Understanding systems for safety

Designing and implementing deteriorating patient safety net systems at scale - in Australia and Qatar
Speakers: Charles Pain, Cliff Hughes, Malcolm Green, David Vaughan; AU
A14B - Understanding systems for safety

The St. Vincent's Ethos Program is "redefining normal" with a pragmatic approach to addressing unprofessional behaviour
Speakers: Victoria Atkinson, Catherine Jones; AU

A15A - Quality and safety in mental health

The improvement and development of mental health in Taiwan
Speakers: Sen-Tien Tsai, Shu-ling Lai, Joseph Jror-Serk Cheng; TW

A15B - Quality and safety in mental health

Safe and healthy working environments: the 'enabling environments' initiative
Speakers: Rex Haigh, Sarah Paget, Sarah Skett, Simon Coope; UK
A16 - 15min Orals
Data to drive decision making/policy

The association between hospital - community continuity of care patients with chronic disease and clinical outcomes (Abstract no. 3302)
Eyal Zimlichman,
 O. Sharlin, B. Oberman, S. Vinker; IL

Are mortality alerts associated with other indicators of hospital quality in England? A national cross-sectional study (Abstract no. 1767)
Elizabeth Cecil
A. Bottle, P. Aylin; UK

Comparison of hospitalisation and mortality for patients with heart failure in England and Lombardy Region(Northern Italy) (Abstract no. 1421)
Alex Bottle; UK, 
K. Dharmarajan; US, P. Aylin; UK, A.M. Paganoni; IT

Developing the Digitally-Enabled Learning Health System For Improvement (De-Lhs)
John Ovretveit; SE, Lucy Savitz; US

A17 - 15min Orals 
Understanding systems for safety

How to C a difference: a multidisciplinary approach to C. Difficile (Abstract no. 2869)
Vicki LoPachin,
B. Koll, G. Patel, R. Anderson; US

The voice study: embedding the patient voice of older adults in the exploration of their experiences during care transitions (Abstract no. 1430)
Chantal Backman
M. Crick; CA

The incidence, nature and trends of adverse health events at a regional hospital between April 2011 to April 2014 (Abstract no. 2942)
Ozayr Haroon Mahomed
D. Kalonji; ZA

Clean hands save lives: using a data-driven approach to improve and sustain hand hygiene compliance (Abstract no. 1836)
Rebecca Anderson
S. Garg, J. Mari, V. LoPachin; US

Prevention of wrong medication through enhanced clarification by pharmacist on questionable prescription (Abstract no. 1596)
Shin Ushiro
M. Sakaguchi, H. Sakai, J. Inoue; JP

A18 - 15min Orals
Quality and safety in crisis

WHO Emergency Medical Teams initiative: shaping the future of emergency response (30 mins) 
Speaker: Camila Lajolo; WHO

Reduce dengue fever effect of soda ash on vector control (Abstract no. 1080)

Chen Kun ChihW. Yu-Lung, T. Yu-Hui, W. Guo-Ming; TW

Improving care in complex humanitarian crises: A process evaluation of médecins sans frontières' approach to quality (Abstract no. 3337)
Anna Freeman
N. Hurtado, J. Ousley, S. Leatherman; US

Using clinical pathway to manage dengue fever (Abstract no. 1024)
Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman; MY

A19 - 15min Orals
Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Implementation of a standardized delirium management program to prevent, detect and treat delirium in surgical patients (Abstract no. 3024)
Maria Schubert
E. Lanz, G. Clémençon, D.L. Leuenberger; CH

The development of a tariff model: pay for performance (Abstract no. 2294)
Hansang Kim
S. Chung, E. Jeong; KR

Collective leadership and safety cultures: developing an alternative model of leadership for healthcare teams (Abstract no. 2839)
Eilish Mcauliffe
M. Ward, A. DeBrun, U. Cunningham; IE

Health system transformation in the UK: making it happen (Abstract no. 2500)
David Hunter
G. Maniatopoulos; UK

Multidisciplinary embedded research to identify solutions to emergency department overcrowding (Abstract no. 2693)
Sonya Crowe
L. Grieco, C. Vindrola-Padros, S. Elkhodair; UK

A20 - A mile in my shoes
15:15 - 15:45 Afternoon Break

15:45 - 17:00  Plenary with Panel Discussion
Title: Quality and Safety in a Crisis Situation 
David Bates; ISQua
Panel: Jorge Hermida; URC, Sidney Wong; MSF, Ashish Jha; Harvard, John Gaffney; Save the Children International

17:00  ISQua AGM - TBC

19:00 Networking Reception
London Transport Museum

Tuesday 3rd October

07:45 - 08:30

ISCOME Meet-the-expert panel - "Communication skills for safe and high quality care"
Speakers: Annegret Hannawa, Rick Iedema

07:45 - 08:30

Meet the ISQua Experts breakfast session
Speakers: David Bates, Jeffrey Braithwaite and Leslee Thompson

07:45 - 08:30 Connecting the Head with the Heart – Video and Storytelling in Patient Safety 
Kelly M. Smith, Tracy Granzyk; US
08:00 - 08:45 Welcome coffee with poster display

08:45 - 10:00 Morning Plenary & Awards

Health Foundation Q initiative: 

Learning for improvement: new paradigms and practical inspiration

Speakers: Penny Pereira, Dominique Allwood, Helen Bevan; UK

Life Time Achievement Awards
10:00 - 10:30  Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (B1 - B10)

B1 - Health Foundation Q Projects

Lead: Will Warburton; The Health Foundation
Topic: Mental health and community services

B2A - The Patient's voice

Enhancing the use of patient experience data for improving the safety and quality of care
Speakers: Glenn Robert, Louise Locock, Laura Sheard, Caroline Sanders; UK

B2B - The Patient's voice

Designing and delivering safer care: incorporating lay voices in every step
Speakers: John Illingworth, Alex Taylor, Sam Regan de Bere, Jane O’Hara, Bryony Dean-Franklin; UK

B3 - WHO Session

Medication Without Harm: WHO’s Third Global Patient Safety Challenge

Chair: Sir Liam Donaldson
Panel: David Bates; US, David U; CA, Aziz Sheikh; UK, Regina Kamoga; UG

B4 - Quality and safety in crisis

Follow on from Monday Afternoon plenary and MSF

B5A - Understanding systems for safety

Closing the gap between work-as-imagined and work-as-done: practical strategies for implementing resilient health care (45 mins)
Speakers: Robyn Clay-Williams, Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU

15 Minute Orals
Beware the rabbit hole of (patient) safety
Speaker: Wendy Nicklin; CA

Clinical risk assessment in a residential care setting:  Best practice implementation project  
Speaker: Devi Ranasinghe

National Incident Reporting Data Analysis for 3 years, Oman
Khaled A. Abouelmagd; OM

B6 - 15 min Orals
Data to drive decision making/policy

Managing top risks in healthcare through a shared integrated (enterprise) risk management approach (Abstract no. 2143)
Polly Stevens,
 J. Noble; CA

Identification of patients at high risk for poor pain management using clinical pathways withing EHRS (Abstract no. 2132)
Tina Hernandez-Boussard,
 K. Desai; US 

Approaches to outpatient pharmacy automation: a systematic review (Abstract no. 1350)
Yi Feng Lai
O.C. Kheng, S. Yilin; SG

Electronic health record of E-MIS links routine service data to decision making for improved quality of care in Bangladesh (Abstract no. 3186)
Jamil Zaman
S. Shafinaz, S. Jahan, J. George; BD

Medication administration practices on the weekend versus weekdays?: a direct observational study of 227 paediatric nurses (Abstract no. 1976)
Johanna I Westbrook,
 L. Li, T. Kim, M. Baysari; AU

B7 - 15 min Orals
Generalisability of improvement outcomes

Applying the concept of 'hard core' and 'soft periphery' of interventions to share learning from quality improvement efforts (Abstract no. 3242)
Julie Elizabeth Reed
N. Stillman, L. Lennox, S. Barber, T. Woodcock; UK 

Getting from 22 to 125: Scaling up interventions to improve outcomes of HIV-positive mother-baby pairs in Northern Uganda (Abstract no. 2076)
Tamara Nyombi; UG, 
M. Rahimzai; US, J. Aloyo, E. Karamagi; UG

Qualitative evaluation of the implementation of a nationally used medication safety data collection tool in England (Abstract no. 2435)
Paryaneh Rostami
D.M. Ashcroft, M.P. Tully; UK

The relationship between quality improvement and resilient healthcare; nuances, complexities and trade-offs (Abstract no. 2582)
Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU, 
C. Von Plessen, A. Nicolaisen; DK, R. Clay-Williams; AU

Quality improvement efforts to reduce sever hypoglycemia in a large hospital system (Abstract no. 1986)
Mae Centeno
C. Fullerton; US

B8 - 15 min Orals
Regulations Influence on Governance

Consecutive cycles of accreditation: persistent low compliance associated with higher mortality and longer length of stay (Abstract no. 1573)
Anne Mette Falstie-Jensen
S. Bie Bogh, S. Paaske Johnsen; DK

Regulatory conceptualisation and assessment of healthcare improvement capability in the UK (Abstract no. 1226)
Joy Frances Furnival
K. Walshe, R. Boaden; UK

Quality in long-term care: an expanded view (Abstract no. 1632)
Michelle Crick,
 C. Backman, D. Angus; CA

Development of quality frameworks for peer review of medical specialists (Abstract no. 3267)
Joppe Tra
M. Ploegmakers, A. Hagemeijer, V. Krones; NL

Improving care for older acute inpatients: an economic evaluation of the delirium clinical care standard (Abstract no. 1772)
Virginia Mumford
M.A. Kulh, J.I. Westbrook, J. Braithwaite; AU

B9 - 15 min Orals
Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Advancing patient centred care through social audit mechanisms in rural Zambia: evidence on pediatric quality of care (Abstract no. 3007)
Anbrasi Edward, 
H. Zare; US, S. Malama; ZM, C. Bowles; US

Sepse protocol management impact in reducing mortality rate in hospital Sao Lucas in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil (Abstract no. 3096)
Taissa Sotto Mayor,
 T. Monteiro, L. Françolin, L. Freitas; BR

Assessment of early mortality in patients admitted to the general medical ward at a district hospital in Botswana (Abstract no. 3128)
Colleen Kershaw, 
M. Williams, S. Kilaru, T. Barak; US

Redesigning the Namibian HIV Quality implementation model to improve quality of care systems (Abstract no. 1913)
Apollo Basenero,
Julie Neidel, Patience Luphahla, Hamunime Ndapewa; NA

Measuring and improving the quality of private maternity care: Lessons learned from a private sector QI program in India (Abstract no. 3126) 
Vidas Yadav,
Somesh Kumar, Suranjeen Pallipamula, Parvez Memon; IN

B10 - A mile in my shoes
12:00 - 13:45 Lunchtime

12:30 - 13:30 Publish a paper (Ethics approval, research, publication)
Speakers: ISQua Journal Editorial Team

12:30 - 13:30 Principles of managing during crisis: Lessons learned from Zika and Ebola (Invite Only)
M. Rashad Massoud
12:40 - 13:30  Poster Presentations (Poster Area)

13:45 - 15:15

Concurrent Sessions (B11 - B20) 
B11 - Health Foundation Q Projects

Lead: Will Warburton; The Health Foundation
Topic: Mental health and community services
B12 - Understanding system for safety

Taking care of second & third victims after adverse events

Speakers: Kris Vanhaecht; BE, Massimiliano Panela; IT, Albert Wu; US

B13A - Education through learning and sharing

Online patient stories supporting staff learning and promoting system change
Speakers: Michael Greco; AU, Irene Barkby, James Munro; UK

B13B - Education through learning and sharing

Tips: Trainees improving patient safety through QI. A peer lead imitative in the North West of the UK (Haelo)
Speaker: Hannah Baird; UK
B14 - Regulations influence on governance 
Chair: Lena Low; AU
Session 1: Kieran Walsh - Regulation in Health Care
Session 2: Lena Low and Christine Dennis - Accreditation as a cultural long term change 

B15A - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Establishing a national quality improvement programme in Mozambique through North-South partnership
Speakers: David Weakliam; IE, Luis Mac-Arthur, Elenia Macamo Amado; MZ, Peter Lachman; ISQua, Jonas Chambule; MZ
B15B - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Drawing on evidence to develop a coherent national quality strategy
Speakers: Tim Gardner, Aoife Molloy; US
B16 - Quality in the Community

‘Clients tell us it works’: Using principles of trauma informed practice to deliver high quality care (Abstract no. 2571)
Renee Lovell
K. Eljiz, A. Sue, D. Greenfield; AU

Trends in the quality of structured diabetes care in primary care (Abstract no. 1820)
Fiona Riordan
S. McHugh, V. Harkins, P. Kearney; IE

Integration of specialist diabetes teams in primary care: an efficient model of care with better outcomes for the population (Abstract no. 1321)
Shamasunder Acharya
A. Philcox, M. Parsons, B. Suthers; AU

Where next for primary care patient safety? A national UK prioritisation setting partnership (Abstract no. 2610)
Rebecca Lauren Morris
S. Campbell; UK 

B17 - Understanding systems for safety

Horizon scanning: internalising the impact of the good, bad and ugly in healthcare (Abstract no. 2949)
Sandhya Mujumdarm
D. Santos; SG 

Medicines reconciliation in primary care following hospitalisation (Abstract no. 3144)
Yogini Jani, C. Shah, J. Hough; UK

Implementing evidence based tools to reduce telemetry and ventilator alarm frequency in an ICU setting (Abstract no. 1570)
Hisam Alahdab
I. Yerlikaya; TR

Developing and implementing a national paediatric early warning system for managing child clinical deterioration (Abstract no. 3305)
Rachel Macdonell
V. Lambert, J. Fitzsimons, S. Horkan; IE 

Learning to cross boundaries: deconstructing quality in care transitions (QICAT) (Abstract no. 2770)
Karina Aase
L. Schibevaag; NO, J. Waring; UK

B18 - The patient's voice

Literacy on patient health care rights (Abstract no. 3306)
Ana Maria Reis
A. Borges; PT

How many hospital websites provide information to attract patients to attend cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation across England? (Abstract no. 3279)
Faiza S Chowdhury, S. Elkin, D. Bell, A. Bottle; UK

Patients' experiences of adverse events: a data linkage study of Australian adults aged 45 and over (Abstract no. 1150)
Merrilyn Walton
R. Harrison; AU 

Caller experiences and compliance since the introduction of an information sharing cloud for NHS 111 in London, UK (Abstract no. 1680)
Sarah-Ann Burger, A. Tallett, C. Witwicki, I. Maconochie; UK

The effect of adverse events on patient experience among hospital patients (abstract no. 1752)
James M. Naessens, Richard Caselli, Matt Johnson, Dan Ubl; US

B19 - 15min Oral 
Disruptive improvement and adaptive change

Improving hand hygiene in outpatient setting with an automated notification system (Abstract no. 1406)
Zhi Qian Hen; SG, 
R. Geilleit; NL, C. Yin Chong, D.F. De Korne; SG

Does a clinical pathway on ischemic stroke work? A pre-post analysis in an Italian teaching hospital (Abstract no. 2144)
Antoniogiulio Debelvis
G. Giubbini, F. Lohmeyer, M.L. Specchia; IT

Contemporary technology for patient-centred innovation - a mixed method evaluation in sexual health (Abstract no. 2156)
Paula Baraitser
G. Holdsworth, D.S. Joia, C. Free; UK 

The oasi care bundle - a quality improvement project to change provider behaviour and reduce perineal trauma in childbirth (Abstract no. 2404)
Posy Bidwell
R. Thakar, A. Hellyer, N. Sevdalis; UK

Effective internal and external strategies to decrease overcrowding and access block in emergency department (Abstract no. 1593)
Che-Hung Tsai, C-L. Wu, Y. Yao, C-S. Chang, W.H-H. Sheu; TW

B20 - A mile in my shoes
15:15 -15:45 Afternoon Break

15:45 - 17:00 ISQua Plenary and Awards

15:45 - 17:00
Multidisciplinary Approach (Panel)
Putting the person back into the health system, a multidisciplinary approach.

Speakers: Cliff Hughes; AU, Brian Robson, Brendan McCormack, Sibylle Erdmann; UK

ISQua Fellowship Awards 

Wednesday 4th October

07:30 - 08:30

Meet the Health Foundation experts
07:30 - 08:30

Meet the ISQua experts breakfast session
Cliff Hughes, Rene Amalberti, Wendy Nicklin

08:00 - 08:45

Welcome coffee with exhibitors
08:45 - 08:55 Welcome to Malaysia 2018 
08:55 - 10:00

Morning plenary & Awards
Plenary: Quality in Mental Health 

Speakers: Geraldine Strathdee and others inc. service users 

International Accreditation Awards
10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (C1 - C10)
C1 -  ISCOME Session- "Horizons for evaluation and accreditation: How do we assess 'safe communication' as a core competency?"

             Discussion leader: Sir Liam Donaldson
             Panelists: Marcia Childress, Rich Frankel, Annegret Hannawa, 
Graham McMahon, Albert Wu

C2 - WHO topic

Triangulating for Quality Service Delivery: Policy, Measurement & Activated Learning  
Speakers: Heitham Awadalla, Ed Kelley, Shams Syed; WHO

C3 - Understanding systems for safety
Investigate Post Serious Events (Title TBC) 
Speakers: Shaun Lintern, Kevin Stewart and Carl Macrae 

C4A - The patient's voice

Transforming Care Towards a Culture of Person-Centeredness: Practical Approaches
Speakers: Ronen Rozenblum and Patricia Woodhead and Gro Rosvold Berntsen
C4B - The patient's voice

Practical approaches for hearing the patients' voice 
Speakers: Gail A. Nielsen; US, John Brennan; IE

C5A - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

An interactive map of HIV data sources, users, elements and decision points in Malawi
Speakers: Andrea Fletcher; US, Maganizo Monawe; MW, Tyler Smith; US

C5B - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Proving quality improvement in healthcare is worth the cost - or not
Speaker: Edward Broughton; US
C6 - 15 min Oral
Regulations influence on governance

Service and professional regulators - moving from understanding to structured interaction for enhanced patient care (Abstract no. 2093)
John Sweeney, 
G. Hanrahan; IE, D. Williams; CA

Patient-centred care and leadership standards compliance: a latent class analysis (Abstract no. 2039)
Ana Rodríguez-Benavente
M. Herrera-Usagre, Á. Palop-Río, Á. Barrera-Vargas; ES

Lots to learn: accreditation lessons from other industries (Abstract no. 1718)
Michael Daly
E. Willims; AU, K. Brubakk; NO, P. Barach; US

Regulatory action to reduce burnout and barriers to treatment-seeking among providers (Abstract no. 3046)
Mark Staz
H. Chaudhry, A. Hengerer; US

How do hospital boards enact quality governance? A mixed methods study of 15 organisations in England (Abstract no. 3314)
Lorelei Jones; UK

C7 - 15 min Oral
Education through learning and sharing

Scaling up quality improvement in nursing education through a system approach: the Indian experience (Abstract no. 2958)
Swati Mahajan
N. Agrawal, S. Bhargava; IN

Application of quality control circle method in improving sustained quality improvement activities (Abstract no. 2648)
Yanrong Ye
X. Gao, N. Wei, Z. Chen; CN

Providing family planning post partum counselling using balance counselling strategy approach in 9 districts in Indonesia (Abstract no. 2125)
Fransisca Maria Lambe
I. Riswan, H. Blanchard; ID

General practitioner-led gynaecology clinic in a maternity hospital: a service evaluation (Abstract no. 2747)
Ailis Ni Riain,
 M. Daly, M. Quinlan; IE

C8 - 15 min Oral
The patient's voice

The value of arts based methods to empower pregnant and postnatal women to share their safety concerns about serious illness (Abstract no. 1957)
Nicola Mackintosh,
 J. Harris, C. Collison, J. Sandall; UK

People with learning disabilities as equal partners in service improvement (Abstract no. 1743)
Joanna Goodrich
S. Edwards, E. Munks, J. Parr; UK

Listening to the patient: quality improvement lessons from five years of patient complaints in a large maternity service (Abstract no. 2186)
Ben Nowotny, 
E. Wallace, E. Loh; AU

Listening to women's voices in maternity care (Abstract no. 1294)
Marie Kehoe-O'Sullivan,
 L. Weir; IE

What matters to you: working with the patient voice to improve the system (Abstract no. 1693)
Deon York
C. Walsh; NZ 

C9 - 15 min Oral
Quality in mental health

Quality and safety in perinatal mental healthcare: detection and response to maternal near miss events (Abstract no. 1816)
Abigail Easter
L. Howard, J. Sandall; UK

Quality of care and clinical outcomes of heart failure among patients with schizophrenia in a universal health care system (Abstract no. 2138)
Mette Jørgensen
J. Mainz, K. Egstrup, S.P. Johnsen; DK

Simulations improvements in patient safety culture and medication safety at a psychiatric centre in the Faroe Islands (Abstract no. 2372)
Solvejg Kristensen,
 S. Feldbaek Peitersen; DK, E. Lindenskov; FO, J. Mainz; DK

Mental health social inclusion through job placement: implementing IPS in Spain (Abstract no. 2430)
Rosa Sunol Sala,
 D. Koatz, P.B. i Dalmau, P.H. Madariaga; SP 

No sector left behind: advancing mental health quality in Ontario, Canada (Abstract no. 1692)
Anna Greenberg, 
R. Solomon, P. Kurdyak; CA

C10 - A mile in my shoes
12:00 - 13:45  Lunchtime

12:45 - 13:30 Follow on Heidelberg QI forum "How to fit patient safety into QI mechanisms?"

Partners: Evaplan International Health at the University Hospital Heidelberg, the AQUA Institute, Göttingen, the Institute of Public Health, Heidelberg University and ISQua
12:45 - 13:30  Models and real-life examples of implementing and measuring infection control (IPC) programmes 
Julie Storr, Benedetta Allegranzi; CH Raheelah Ahmad; UK Claire Kilpatrick; CH

12:45 - 13:30 Quality and Safety in Mental Health 
Speaker: Geraldine Strathdee
12:40 - 13:30 10 minute presentations

13:45 - 15:15

Concurrent Sessions (C11 - C20)
C11 -  ISCOME Session - "Interdisciplinary Research priorities for safer, higher quality care"

Disucussion leaders: Cliff Hughes (ISQua) and Annegret Hannawa (ISCOME)
ISCOME Panellists: Rick Iedema, John Øvretveit, Aziz Sheikh
ISQua Panellists: Chris Cornue, David Greenfield, Ezequiel García-Elorrio

C12A - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC
Chinese Hospital QCC in Healthy China 2030 strategy: From theory to practice

Speakers: Tingfang Liu, Qianli Jiang; CN
C12B - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Sustainability of quality improvements in public and private sectors in South Africa

Speakers: Jacqui Stewart, Shivani Ranchod, Gareth Kantor; ZA

C12C - Sustainable quality improvement for LMIC

Establishing a national quality management directorate in a LMIC
Speakers: Andrew Likaka, Dominic Nkhoma, Saulos Mhlanga, Jocelyn Masamba; MW

C13A - Data to drive decision making/health policy

Measuring frailty: From big data to patient's bedside: exploring methods for assessing frailty across a patient journey
Speakers: Julie Reed, Lotte Dinesen, Tomasz Szymański UK
​C13B - Data to drive decision making/health policy

Money no one wants to have to receive, or pay - exploring roles of insurers and models of clinical-insurer engagement - T2
Speakers: Tim Draycott, Oliver Quick, Christopher Yau; UK  

C14A - Understanding systems for change

Safety by design: How technology and behavioural approaches can nudge for improvement
Speakers: Dirk de Korne; SG, Vineet Chopra; US, Anita Huis; NL Rajesh Aggarwal; CA

C14B - Understanding systems for change

Adapting critical incident management processes in times of patient safety crises
Speakers: Bernadette Eather, Carrie Marr, Cate Malone; AU
C15A - Education through learning and sharing 

A systems approach to improvement and service redesign for health and care
Speakers: John Clarkson, John Dean; UK
C15B - Education through learning and sharing

Developing the habits of an improver - a new approach to QI learning
Speakers: Bill Lucas, Peter Davey; UK

C16A - The patient's voice

Harnessing evidence to change healthcare culture: A framework for patient/family engaged care
Speakers: Susan B. Frampton; US, Morgan Chetty; ZA, Michael Greco; AU, Karin Jay; UK

C16B - The patient's voice

C17 - 15min Orals
Generalisability of improvement outcomes

There is need for improvement of quality improvement - a systematic review of the PDSA method in QI studies (Abstract no. 3217)
Henrik Vitus Bering Laursen
S.V. Knudsen, L.H. Ehlers, J. Mainz; DK

Multidisciplinary interventions to reduce peritonitis infection in peritoneal dialysis unit, Qatar (Abstract no. 2026)
Vimala Lonappan
F. Al Ali, M. Amin, H. Hamdy, S. Ismail; QA

Application of quality control circle to develop and apply a new postoperative flap observation standard (Abstract no. 2743)
Lingli Peng
A. He, J. Tang, Y. Li; CN 

Advancing bed management dashboard system to improve inpatient patient experience in 509 beds hospital in Indonesia (Abstract no. 2732)
Fathema Djan Rachmat
A.M. Anggarani, D.F. Fitriana, S. Aurani; ID

Precision medicine plan to improve the diagnosis and care of Kawasaki disease (Abstract no. 1218)
Ho-Chang Kuo
Y-Y. Lin, C-C. Lin, K-S Hsieh; TW

​C18 - 15min Orals
Understanding systems for safety

Balancing diagnostic errors with conservative diagnosis: developing a new paradigm for more appropriate diagnosis (Abstract no. 3085)
Gordon Schiff
S. Myers, L. Volk, S. Martin; US 

Global standard barcodes contributing to quality and safety in healthcare on the website. 
Andrew Raynes; UK

Exploring the influence of behavioural drivers on procedural violations in community pharmacies (Abstract no. 2923)
Christian E L Thomas,
 D.L. Phipps, D.M. Ashcroft; UK

Broken windows theory and its application to healthcare (Abstract no. 1548)
Louise Ellis
K. Churruca, J. Braithwaite; AU 

Telemedicine improves the Health Quality in China
Qingjun Lu, Chen Wang

C19 - 15min Orals
Data to drive decision making/policy

A clinical risk management system (CRMS) based IP-SDM care model in general hospital (Abstract no. 1379)
Hou-Chaung Chen
Y-N. Hsu; TW 

PSI 12 in orthopaedic surgery: results and perspectives of a national French programme for improvement (Abstract no. 1389)
Linda Banaei-Bouchareb, I. Evrard, A. Fouchard, L. May-Michelangeli; FR 

The comprehensive cost of illness of cerebrovascular disease: comparison between opportunity cost and replacement approach (Abstract no. 1988)
Kunichika Matsumoto
S. Hanaoka, Y. Wu, T. Hasegawa; JP

Is high quality of care associated with higher costs? - a nationwide cohort study among hip fracture patients (Abstract no. 2286)
Pia Kjær Kristensen
R. Søgaard, T.M. Thillemann, S. Paaske Johnsen; DK

Driving better decisions using statistical process control: a national quality profile (Abstract no. 2135)
Grainne Cosgrove, P. Crowley, J. Martin; IE

C20 - A mile in my shoes

15:15 - 16:20 Closing plenary and awards 

ISQua Poster and Reizenstein Awards

Plenary Speaker: Jishnu Das
(World Bank - work focuses on the delivery of basic services, particularly health and education)

Presidents Closing Remarks - Wendy Nicklin; ISQua


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