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To achieve the ISQua Certificate of Achievement Award participants must achieve 20 credit points within a 12 month period.  These credits are achieved by successfully completing one ISQua Module, a variety of ISQua activities and by participating in other professional development activities such as conferences, further education or publishing articles and authoring books.

Upgrading to the Associate Fellowship or Fellowship

Once you have completed your Certificate of Achievement you are encouraged to progress to either the Associate Fellowship or the Fellowship Award.  

By upgrading to Associate Fellowship Level, you will have an additional 20 credits to achieve and should you choose to upgrade to Fellowship Level, the number of additional credits rises to 40 credits.  

Maintaining your Certificate of Achievement

ISQua believes that continuous professional development is one of the keys to improving quality and safety worldwide.  If you do not wish to progress onto the Associate Fellowship or Fellowship level, once you have achieved your Certificate of Achievement, you are expected to maintain your award by continuing on with your professional development and logging 15 credit points with the ISQua Fellowship Programme each year.


The initial cost for the Certificate of Achievement is €150. 
The cost for upgrading to Associate Fellowship is €50 and €350 to upgrade to the Fellowship level.
The cost of maintaining your Certificate of Achievement once the first year has been completed is €100.

Note: ISQua offers 50% discount to applicants who were born in and now currently work in low income and lower middle income countries as ranked by the World Bank.  Applicants are required to provide a copy of the first page of their passport and a letter on headed paper from their current employer on enrolment to verify that they qualify for this discount.

How to Enrol

Fill out the online form and once your payment has been processed, you can begin your Programme.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Certificate of Achievement soon!