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Emerging Leaders Programme

Call for Applications for 2016 is now closed


The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), is offering applicants/nominees from developing countries or countries with economies in transition, an opportunity to apply for our Emerging Leaders Programme.  

The aim of this Programme is to identify, develop and support emerging leaders from LMIC through the ISQua network.

Training and supporting emerging leaders from LMIC is a means of advancing quality and safety in healthcare in those countries through geometric progression. Strategically placed leaders have a capacity to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills to groups of those they are in a position to influence who in turn may transfer knowledge to extended groups.

Encouraging and practically supporting strategically placed emerging leaders will accelerate this process.

How does the Programme work?

ISQua encourages direct applications from interested individuals and also welcomes third party nominations of individuals who are considered to be future leaders in quality and safety in health care. 

Each year, one applicant will be chosen by ISQua as the Emerging Leader.  A programme will be tailored to suit the needs and existing skills of that individual.  A typical programme will involve travel abroad where the individual will work with, and learn from, skilled people in their field. The objective of the Emerging Leaders Programme is that the participant will then take this new learning use it to help implement projects or processes in their own country when they return.


Who can apply?

ISQua is searching for tomorrow's leaders.  To be eligible to apply for the Emerging Leaders Programme you must have:

•  High order of ethical integrity
•  High level of knowledge and skills
•  Potential to become leader
•  Commitment to become a healthcare leader in your country of origin
•  Support from the Government and/or institutional (eg hospital or university) and/or professional 
   association in your country of origin
•  Fluency in the English language

Applicants may be self-nominated or be nominated for the Programme by a third party.  

Self nominations:
To apply directly for the programme, please complete the application form and submit all the required documentation listed below. 

Nominating a third party:
To nominate a third party for this Programme, please complete the application form and ensure that all the necessary documentation is included with the submission.

Documentation required:


•  Letter(s) of support from the government, health ministry, health department and/ or recognised     
   healthcare organisation in your country of origin;
   Please note, it is important that the Emerging Leader is offered support upon their return from the
   Programme to develop and implement national health policy or at least to influence the direction of
   policy in their country. 

•  A statement of commitment to return to your country of origin; and

•  A statement outlining how completing the ISQua Emerging Leaders Programme will promote safety 
   and quality in health care in your country of origin.


•  Letters of support and references from Institutional and/ or Individual Members of ISQua are desirable
   but not mandatory.

 All applications must be complete to be considered.
Send your application to Caroline Usher, cusher@isqua.org, by 30 June 2016