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Conference Programme

Every effort has been made to ensure that this programme is accurate at time of publication, changes may be made, as circumstance require.

Conference Tracks

The programme has been designed under 11 separate tracks, which where developed by our Programme Planning Committee (PPC). The tracks are listed above each of the session titles.

1. External Evaluation
2. Governance, Leadership and Health Policy 3. Data for Improvement
4. Innovations and Improvement
in Low - Middle - Income Countries
5. Primary and Community Based Care
6. The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier 7. The Person
8. Education Through Learning and Sharing 9. Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable
10. Patient Safety 11. Traditional and Western Medicine

Sunday 23rd September
Pre Conference 1
09:15 15:00
External Evaluation Workshop

Integrated Care: The Next Frontier?
 Stephen Clark; AU, Jacqui Stewart; ZA, Anne Hogden; AU, Christine Dennis; AU, Bruno Lucet and Catherine Grenier; FR, David Greenfield; AU

Pre Conference 2
09:00 - 12:30

ISQua Innovations Group - Massive Ageing as a Leverage Point to Describe the Tsunami of Consequences for the Safety and Quality of Healthcare: A Focus on the Need to Adapt Q&S Standards
René Amalberti, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Wendy Nicklin, Peter Carter

Pre Conference 3
13:30 - 17:00
Patient Reported Outcome Measures 101 - Principles, Tools and Implementation: A Stepwise Practical Approach
Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; US, Oliver Brant; US

Pre Conference 4
11:00 - 17:00
Advancing Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare: What Effort and Resources is Required for Successful Improvement?
Julie Reed; UK
Speakers: Uma Kotagal, Rohit Ramaswamy; US, Christina Pagel, Tom Woodcock; UK

Pre Conference 5
09:00- 12:30
Developing QI Skills Workshop
Speakers: Peter Lachman; ISQua and Patricia O' Connor

Pre Conference 6
13:30- 17:00
QI for Students, Junior Doctors and Healthcare Providers
Speakers: John Brennan; IE, Maimunah Hamid; MY

Pre Conference 7
13:30 -17:00

National Quality Policy and Strategy: The Missing Bolt in Improving Health Systems Performance

17:30  Welcome Reception 

Monday 24th September

08:00 - 08:45

Welcome Coffee with Poster Display
08:45 - 10:00 Official Conference Opening 
Welcome: Wendy Nicklin, Peter Lachman; ISQua
Speaker: His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Al-Maghful-Lah (30 Minutes)

John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Award

Making the Most of the Conference
Peter Lachman; CEO, ISQua

Morning Plenary Session
Speaker: Madeleine King; AU (30 Minutes) 

10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (A1 - A9)

A1 - External Evaluation

Accreditation Programs in a Complex World: Different Programs for Different Contexts but Facing Similar Challenges
Speakers: David Greenfield & Margaret Banks; AU, Triona Fortune; IE, Aisha Abdula Al-Aali; QT

A2 - Governance Leadership and Health Policy

Head, Heart and Hands - Managing Change in Clinical Quality Improvement  
Speakers: Ulfat Shaikh; US, Peter Lachman; ISQua, Suraiya Hussein Hussein; MY, Daljit Hothi; UK

A3 - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle-Income Countries
WHO: Old Issues..... New Thinking: Defining a Pathway for Quality in the Universal Health Care Era
Speakers: WHO
A4 - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable (15 Minutes)

Improved Quality of Care Among Acute Stroke Patients - But Patient-Related Inequality Remained Unchanged (Abstract no. 1924)
Anne Mette Falstie-Jensen
P. Kjaer Kristensen, S. Paaske Johnsen; DK

Transforming Institutional Racism at an Australian Hospital - A Case Study (Abstract no. 1289) 
Christopher Bourke
, H. Marrie, A. Marrie; AU

An Investigation of the Quality of End-Of-Life Care Provision for Older People in a Subacute Care (Abstract no. 1667) 
Melissa Bloomer
, M. Botti, A. Hutchinson; AU

The In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest can be Alleviated via Early Warning Information System: A 5-Year CQI Study (Abstract no. 1398) 
Wei-Chun Huang, S.-H. Kuo, W.-C.  Juan, S.-R. Wann; TW

Quality and Safety Healthcare Services for the Vulnerable (20 Minutes) (Abstract no. 0036)
Mdm Mah Lai Heng; MY
A5A - Patient Safety (45 Minutes)

As the Left Hand of Darkness is Light, so the Left Hand of Risk is Vulnerability: A New Perspective on Patient Safety
Hamish Robertson, Deborah Debono, Reece Hinchcliff, Tracey Levett-Jones, Sue Dean; AU Cliff Hughes; ISQua

A5B - Patient Safety (45 Minutes)

ISQUA18-2502 - Patient Safety Culture Bundle for CEOs/Senior Leaders
Speakers: Chris Power, Annette Down; CA

A6 - Primary and Community Based Care (15 Minutes) 
The Health Care Home and the Quadruple Aim (Abstract no. 1317)
Stephen Clark; AU

Children and Young People’s Contacts in Primary Care Within 3 Days of an Admission to Hospital with Meningitis (Abstract no. 2611)
Paul Aylin, E. Cecil, S. Saxena; UK 
Mobile Digital Information and Communication Technology in Healthcare: Patients Attitude and Quality Management Aspects (Abstract no. 1576) 
Martin HolderriedA. Hoeper, F. Holderried, T. Kraus; DE 

Better Communication, Better Quality Person-Centred Care: Supporting Primary Care in the Community with eConsult (Abstract no. 1492)
Wendy Nicklin,
A. Afkham, C. Liddy, E. Keely; CA

National Clinical Guidelines for Diagnosis Heart Failure in Primary Care: How Often are they Followed and for which Patients? (Abstract no. 1944)
Alex Bottle,
P. Aylin, B. Hayhoe; UK

A7 - The Person
Using the Patients Voice to Improve Outcomes: World Class Cases and Pointers
Eugene Nelson; US
Speakers: Rushika Fernandopulle; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL, Karin Jay; US, Andreas Hager; SE
A8 - Data for Improvement (15 Minutes)

Positive Deviance to Improve Patient Safety: Learning from Four Studies in the UK (Abstract no. 1659)
Ruth Baxter, R. Lawton, J. O'Hara, L. Sheard; UK

Measured for Safety - The Apollo Quality Program (Abstract no. 2455)
Anupam Sibal, P. Sachdeva; IN

A Clinical Practice Improvement Project to Reduce the Rate of Central Line Associated Bacteraemia in Haemodialysis Catheters (Abstract no. 2011) 
Michaela Kelleher; AU

Impact of Implementing a Quality Improvement Program on Performance Indicators and Patient Satisfaction in a Tertiary Cardiac Healthcare System from a Developing Country (Abstract no. 2338)
Lubna Mushtaque, A. Haider, A. Turab Hussain, B. Hanif; PK

The Impact of a National Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme on Antibiotic Prescribing in Primary Care in England: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis (Abstract no. 2495)
Violeta Balinskaite
, A. Holmes, A. Johnson, P. Aylin; UK

A9 - Debate
Who Needs QI Training?
Helen Crisp; UK
Bill Oglesby; US, Tricia Woodhead; UK, Thomas Vijn; NL
12:00 - 13:45  Lunchtime

12:30 - 13:30 The Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare Workshop
Speakers: Julie Reed, Daljit Hothi; UK

12:30 - 13:30 IJQHC ISQua's Official Journal - Sharing Successful Stories from the Authors of Best Papers
12:40 - 13:30 E-Poster Presentations and Lightning Talks

AP1 - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable & Governance Leadership and Health Policy

Can Buddying Arrangements in the NHS be Effective in Driving Improvement? (Abstract no. 2478)
Andrew Corbett-Nolan
, C. Smith, K. McGee; UK
Reduced Admission Hypothermia in Neonates by Standardization of Delivery Room Management (Abstract no. 1261)
An Kuo Chou,
P. Hou Huang, Y. Fen Yang, P. Leng Cheong; TW
Preliminary Results Of A Managed Breast Cancer Protocol Implemented at an Accredited Oncology Clinic in Brazil
(Abstract no. 2657)
Janyce Cassiolato Marti Sguassabia Oliveira
, D. Argolo, M. Cordeiro, D. Akemi; BR
The Domino Effect: The Unintentional Consequences of Multi-Graded Positions in Mental Health Services
(Abstract no. 2335)
Lila Vrklevski,
K. Eljiz, D. Greenfield; AU
AP2 - Data for Improvement

Making Data Relevant to Providers: Breaking Down Experience Feedback by Data-Driven Patient Groups (Abstract no. 1346)
Kelsey Flott;

Staff Empowerment: Self Scheduling of Nursing Roster Helps Nurses to Advance their Nursing Qualification (Abstract no. 2355)
Mehreen Chagani,
S. Chagani, S. Vidhani, Z. Farhan; PK
Cost Effectiveness and Patient Satisfaction with the Single Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device (PICO) in the Treatment of Surgical and Traumatic Wounds (Abstract no. 2452)
Caroline Payne,
D. Edwards; UK

The Effects of Hot Footbath on Postpartum Fatigue and Depression (Abstract no. 1202)
Hsuensh-Yu Cheng,
Yu-Fen Cheng; TW
Kelsey FlottUK
AP3 Patient Safety

Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors in Nursing Homes in Japan: THE JADE STUDY: An Interim Report (Abstract no. 2569)
Nobutaka Ayani, M. Sakuma, J. Narumoto, T. Morimoto; JP
Measuring Patient Safety Culture in Korea (Abstract no. 1480)
Erang Kim, H.H. Lee, I.S. Hwang, S.Y. Do; KR

Abdelouahab Bellou, M. Alsabri, D. Lauque, A. Toussi; US

Elaborating the Bronchoaspiration Prevention Protocol in Adults (Abstract no. 2073)
Daniela AkemiM. M. Damasceno, J. O. Cherubim, M. M.Machado; BR 

AP4 - Education Through Learning and Sharing

Shadow Housemanship – An Initiative to Improve Competencies in Graduating Doctors (Abstract no. 1731) 
Ganesh Ramachandran,
A. K. KO Min, R. Jegasothy; MY
Widening Access to Regional Postgraduate Medical Education for  Paediatric Doctors in Training Through a Live Streaming Application (Abstract no. 2616)
Ankita Jain,
S. Bihari, L. Stuttaford, H. Davies; UK

Facilitating Learning for New Nurses' by Using Effective Learning Approach (Abstract no. 2126)
Chien Chien Tung,
B.-N. Yang, C.-S.  Chi; TW
Implementation of The Nurse Corner Competency to Improve Critical Thinking and Satisfaction (Abstract no. 1368)
Rr.Tutik Sri Hariyati,
H. Handiyani, B. Utomo, S. Farida Rachmi; ID

Attitudes of Newly Graduated Physicians in Oman Towards Interprofessional Collaboration (Abstract no. 2626)

Heba Awadh;


AP5 – Mixed Track 

Traceability for Patient Safety - A Hospital Perspective (Abstract no. 2005)
Tuck Seng Wu
; SG, T. Snioch; BE

Automated and Early Detection of Long-Term Conditions Using a Real-Time Wearable Patient Monitoring System (Abstract no. 2244)
Ehsan Ullah
, M. Baig, F. Mirza, H.  GholamHosseini; NZ
Body Constitution Predicts the Development of Diabetic Albuminuria in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Taichung Diabetic Body Constitution Prospective Cohort Study  (Abstract no. 1827)
Chen Hung Lee,
C. I Tsai, S. Yi Lin, T. Chung Li; TW

Hospital Accreditation Status in Indonesia: Factors Explaining its Sustainability (Abstract no. 2348)
Viera Wardhani,
T. Kuntjoro, S. Cokro, A. Utarini; ID

Concurrent Sessions (A10 - A18) 

A10 - External Evaluation (15 Minutes)

Systemic Reviews of the Evidence Supporting Three Methods of External Accreditation Assessment (Abstract no. 2585)
Reece Hinchcliff, D. Debono, D. Carter, M. Banks; AU

Does Adoption of Health Information System (HIS) in Hospital Affect the Compliance to the Hospital Accreditation Program (Abstract no. 2296)
Noramiza Md. Nasir, K. Marikar; MY

Prevention of Diagnostic Error on Cancer Imaging Through On-Site Survey Program of National University Hospital Group (Abstract no. 2008)
Shin Ushiro; JP

Satisfaction with Taiwan Hospital Accreditation from Hospital and Surveyor Perspectives (Abstract no. 1983)
Junwei Ai, S. Lin, H. Wang, Y. Wu; TW

The Process of Development of Accreditation Standards for Medical Organizations in Kazakhstan (Abstract no. 1906)
Daniyar Ospanov, A. Aiypkhanova, B. Kaupbayeva, R. Bizhigitova; KZ

A11 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy (15 Minutes)

Hospital-Community Integrated Blood Glucose Management Model: An Application Example of Hierarchical Diagnosis and Treatment System in China (Abstract no. 1384)
Hong Chen
, Yuenjun Liu, X. Gao; CN

A National Approach to Sustainable Quality Improvement, the Experience from Ireland (Abstract no. 1292)
Philip Crowley; IE

Succession of Physician Leadership and Talent Management in Public, Private and Military Hospital (Abstract no. 1173)
Arifatul Khorida, 
A. Meliala; ID 

Informed Consent in Human Research Ethics 2018 (Abstract no. 1360)
James Robblee; 

Results of Promotion of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Care Bundle in Taiwan for Reducing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection (Abstract no. 1440)
Wan I LinY.L. Chen, C.M. Lee, L.J. Chien; TW

A12A - Data for Improvement
What Proportion of Healthcare is Delivered in Line with the Evidence?
Peter Hibbert, Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU
A12B -  Data for Improvement

Comprehensive Mortality Review Across a Nation to Improve Quality and Safety; Lessons Learned and How to do it in your Own Health Systems
Speakers: David Vaughan; IE, Ross MacDonald; QA
A13 - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle-Income Countries (15 Minutes)

Leveraging on Digital Technology to Promote Quality, Efficiency and Transparency in Accessing Health Care: Proof of Concept in Lagos, Nigeria (Abstract no. 2642)
Adebukola Shittu-Muideen, I. Dada, H. Ebenuwah, E. Ajanwachuku; NG

Applying Structured Quality Improvement Methods to Reduce HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination in Healthcare Facilities: Implementation of the Southeast Asia Stigma Reduction Learning Network (Abstract no. 1138) 
Dan Ikeda, B. Agins; US, K. Srithanaviboonchai; TH, L. Nyblade; US

An Exploration into Universal Health Coverage's Potential Role in Expanding Access to Immediate Post-Pregnancy Family Planning at Private Facilities in Indonesia (Abstract no. 2088)
Siti Nurul Qomariyah; ID, M. Christofield; US, I. Riswan, N. Agustina; ID

Democratizing Healthcare Information for the Health Consumer in Africa (Abstract no. 2446) 
Imo Etuk, L. Sekoni; NG

Equity of Pediatric Patient Care in Ambulatory Primary Healthcare Clinics in Cambodia (Abstract no. 2587)
Anbrasi Edward
, Y. Jung; US, C. Chhorvann; KH, A. Ghee; US 

A14 - The Person (15 Minutes)

How do QI Methods Support Patient/Public-Healthcare Professional Value Co-Creation? (Abstract no. 2483)
Meerat Kaur, J. Reed, C. French; UK

Co-Creating a Set of Patient Reported Outcome Measures Within Two National Psychiatric Registries in Denmark (Abstract no. 1696) 
Solvejg Kristensen, L. Baandrup, P. Videbech, J. Mainz; DK 

Patients Measuring their Experiences with their Healthcare System: Targeting Improvement in Access, Quality, Safety and Patient and Family Centred Care Outcomes (Abstract no. 2613)
Katherina Kovacs; CA

The Patients Voice - A Patient Delivered Handover (Abstract no. 2203)
Kim Maddock; AU

Sharing Decision Making (SDM) Approach Applicable to Whole Hospital - A Medical Center in Northern Taiwan (Abstract no. 2405)
Chialin Chu, C. Chang, C. Lin, T. Ko; TW
A15A - The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier

ISQUA18-2003 - Speaking Up - How can we Lead a Culture of Safety and Reliability
Mark O'Brien; AU

A15B - The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier

ISQUA18-2392 - Nudging by Design: Improving Safety, Efficiency and Patient Experience
Dirk F. De Korne; SG
A16A - Education Through Learning and Sharing
Promoting Communication and Team Collaboration Among Health Care Providers in a Multicultural Clinical Setting
Manasik Hassan, Magda Wagdy, Ahmed Alhammadi; QA
A16B -  Education Through Learning and Sharing

QIComms Charter
Speaker: Sharon Williams
A17 - Patient Safety (15 Minutes)

The Clinician View: The Relationship Between Clinicians Leadership and Culture and Quality Management in 32 Australian Hospitals (Abstract no. 2317)
Robyn Clay-WilliamsN. Taylor, P.T. Hsuen, J. Braithwaite; AU

Improvement in Handoff Miscommunications Following Implementation of the I-Pass Program in a Paediatric Unit in Argentina (Abstract no 2045)

Ezequiel Garcia Elorrio, C. Garcia Roig, F. Jorro Baron, I. Suarez Ansorena; AR

Factors Influencing Reporting Patients' Safety Issues: A Case Study of an Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of a Northern Nigerian Teaching Hospital (Abstract no. 2458)
Habiba Aminu Saddiq
R. O' Hara, S. Baxter; US

Audit Analysis of Malpractice Litigation Cases in Nursing Practice in Private Health Care in South Africa to Improve Safe Quality Patient Care (Abstract no. 2064)

Ethelwynn Linda Stellenberg,
S. Whitaker, A. Williams, Y. Samlal; ZA 

Is Your Patient MRI Safe? How to Achieve MRI Safety (Abstract no. 1404)
Sandhya Mujumdar,
S.M. Ng, S. Ang; SG

A18 - Workshop 
The Art (And Science) of Herding Cats – How to Succeed in Changing Clinician Behaviour
Speaker: John Wakefield

15:15 - 15:45 Afternoon Break

15:45 - 17:00 International Accreditation Awards (15 Minutes)   
Plenary with Panel Discussion (60 Minutes)

Alma Ata 40: Quality & Primary Health Care- Challenges, Opportunities and Urgency

17:00 ISQua AGM

19:00 Networking Reception - Cedar on 15

Tuesday 25th September

07:30 - 08:30

The Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare Workshop
Speakers: Julie Reed and Daljit Hothi; UK
07:30 - 08:30

Meet the ISQua Experts Breakfast Session

07:30 - 08:30 ISQUA18-1535 - Falling Through the Cracks: Inspiring Change Through Powerful Storytelling
Ward Flemons, Kristin Fraser, Irina Charania, Teri Price; CA
08:00 - 08:45 Welcome Coffee with Poster Display

08:45 - 10:00 Morning Plenary & Award
Life Membership Award (15 Minutes)

Healthcare Transformation - Driving Quality with Innovation and Creativity 
(60 Minutes)
Speakers: Datuk Dr Noor Hisham bin Abdullah; Malaysia Director General of Health 

10:00 - 10:30  Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (B1 - B9)

B1 - External Evaluation (15 Minutes)

Acting Scientifically in Complex Social Systems: The Reality of Using Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles in Healthcare (Abstract no. 2570) 
Julie Elizabeth Reed,
C. McNicholas; UK

What it Takes to get Accreditation in Small Healthcare Organizations – Case Study from India (Abstract no. 1439)
Sanjay Tripathi
P. Memon, M. Kujur, T. Nair; IN

Piloting Healthcare Accreditation System at Sudanese Public Hospitals: Experience Sharing From Sudan (Abstract no. 2604)
Heitham Awadalla,
 N. Elhussein; SD

Using Robust Process Improvement (RPI®) to Develop Criteria for Determining Submission of a Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) in Place of a Follow-up Survey when a Decision Rule (DR) is Tripped (Abstract no. 2566)
Claudia Jean Jorgenson
J. Hill, J. Halkovich; US

Designing and Implementing Competency Based Certification Program to Improve Quality of Intra and Immediate Postpartum Care in Private Sector – Experience from India (Abstract no. 2325)
Parvez Memon,
T. Nair, V. Yadav, S. Tripathi; IN

B2 - Education Through Learning and Sharing (See Timings Below)
Improving Medical Leadership and Engagement in NSW Health - Medical Leadership Forum (Abstract no. 1410) - 45 Minutes
Harvey Lander
, James Mackie, Carrie Marr; AU 

Quality Improvement Through Interactive Simulation (Abstract no. 1682) - 15 Minutes
Grazia Antonacci,
J.E. Reed, V. Sriram, J. Barlow; UK

A National Learning Collaborative to Prepare New Physicians to Engage in Patient Safety (Abstract no. 2596) - 15 Minutes

Robin Wagner, M. Passiment, R. Newton, K. Weiss; US

The Barriers and Facilitators to Sustaining Quality Improvement Initiatives and Clinical Microsystems in Irish Emergency Departments (Abstract no. 2185) - 15 Minutes
Lisa Toland,
 G. Moore, G. McCarthy, P. Crowley; IE

B3A - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle Income Countries

Securing the Future: Quezon's First 1,000 Days of Life Program
Grace Santiago, David Suarez; PH
B3B - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle Income Countries
What Matters for Women: A Qualitative Analysis of the Women's Experiences During Labour and Delivery in Public Hospitals in Brazil
Margareth Portela, Juliana Rodrigues; BR
B4 - The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier (15 Minutes)

Implementation of Genomics: A New Frontier in Clinical Practice (Abstract no. 2411)

Stephanie BestJ.C. Long, N. Taylor, J. Braithwaite; AU

Assessing Sustainability Throughout Improvement Initiatives: Exploring the Application and Impact of a Prospective Sustainability Tool Across 3 QI Programmes (Abstract no. 2469)
Laura Lennox, J. Reed; UK

Leveraging Health Information Technology to Measure and Report Patient Centered Outcomes (Abstract no. 1431) 
Tina Hernandez-Boussard
E. Zimlichman; US

Willingness to Pay for Government-Approved Mobile Health Applications and mHealth Social Acceptability In Spain (Abstract no. 2423)
Manuel Herrera-Usagre
B. Buiza, V. Reyes-Alcázar, Á. Escobar; ES

Breaking Down Silos Starts at the Bedside (Abstract no. 1976)
Victoria Walton,
 A. Hogden, J.C. Long, J.K. Johnson, D. Greenfield; AU

B5 - The Person
WHO: Compassion: The Heart of Quality People - Centred Health Services
Speakers: TBC
B6 - The Future of Quality/The  Next Frontier
Restoring Joy in Work and Prreventing Burnout: An IHI Framework for Joy

Speakers: Azhar Ali; IHI, Cliff Hughes; ISQua, Tan Sri Siti Sa'diah; MSQH

B7 - Primary and Community Based Care (See Timings Below)

Estimating Broader Health Outcomes from Community Based Family Planning Services Using MSI’s Impact 2 (V3). Uganda’s Case Study (Abstract no. 2646) - 30 Minutes
Ramadhan Kirunda; UG

Improving Blood Pressure Screening and Control at University of California Davis Health (Abstract no 1984) - 15 Minutes
Ulfat Shaikh
J. Petray, D. Wisner; US

The Monitoring Risk and Improving System Safety (MoRISS) Checklist for General Practice (Abstract no. 2599)  - 15 Minutes
Paul Bowie; UK

B8A - Patient Safety

ISQUA18-1985 - Patient Safety Journey Through a Chain of Private Hospitals
Speakers: Luis S. Chen, Kok Weng Ngun, R. Padmanathan; MY

B8B - Patient Safety
ISQUA18-2396 - A Sociological Approach to the Implementation of Infection Prevention and Control Programmes
Didier Pittet; CH, Mary-Louise McLaws; AU, Walter Zingg; CH, Yew Fong Lee; MY

B9A - Local Projects
Dengue Management in Malaysia - A Continuum of Care (45 Minutes)
Rose Nani Mudin, Lucy Lum Chai See, Saiful Safuan Md. Sani; MY

B9B - Local Projects
Cancer Management: Pink Ribbon Cancer Care in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang, Malaysia

- The Feasibility of Patient Navigation to Improve Breast Cancer Care in Malaysia

(45 Minutes)

Speakers: Muhamed Yusof bin Abdul Wahab, Teo Soo Hwang, Maheswari Jaganathan; MY

12:00 - 13:45 Lunchtime
12:45 - 13:30 Developing an Accreditation Framework for Graduate Programs in Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety
David Nash, Billy Oglesby; US
12:30 - 13:30 The Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare Workshop 
Speakers: Julie Reed, Daljit Hothi; UK
12:45 - 13:30 Follow on from the Breakfast Film Workshop: Falling Through the Cracks: Inspiring Change Through Powerful Storytelling
Ward Flemons, Kristin Fraser, Irina Charania, Teri Price; CA
12:40 - 13:30  E-Poster Presentations and Lightning Talks (Poster Area)

BP1 – The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier 

Building Assessment Programs that Span the Health Ecosystem: Introducing Health Education Assessment to HSO and Accreditation Canada's Products and Services (Abstract no. 2637)
Louise Clement, S. Ingimundson; CA

Design of a Clinical Decision Support System Framework in Dialysis Unit: An Example to Establish Early Detection System of Intracranial Hypotension (Abstract no. 1256)
Hsuanming LinJ.J. Lyu; TW

Individualising Quality: Tracing Patient Journeys to Surgery in Refractory Epilepsy (Abstract no. 1295)
Frances RapportV. Mumford, P. Shih, R. Mitchell; AU

Reducing Costs Whilst Improving Care: Launching a Trauma Triage Clinic at Kingston Hospital, UK (Abstract no. 1949)
Ryan Geleit, J. Craik; UK

To Alleviate Platelet Shortages by Building PHS Win-win Model: Professional Volunteer in Healthcare with the Society as the Third Party (Abstract no. 0030)
Qianli Jiang; CN

BP2 - External Evaluation

Comparison of the Voting for Accreditation Status Between MSQH Survey Team and MCHS Councillors in the MSQH Hospital Accreditation Program (2013 -2017) (Abstract no. 2663)
Rebecca John; MY


ontinuous Monitoring Effectiveness of Human Resource Management Through Employee Satisfaction Survey After Accepting ISQua’s International Accreditation Programme (IAP)

(Abstract no. 2402)

Yi PingY.-Y. Lin, C.-T. Chiu, P.-C. Wang; TW

Does Quality Improvement Improve the Quality of Care? A Systematic Review of the Effect and Methodological Rigor of the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Method (Abstract no. 2490)
Jan Mainz,
S. Valgreen Knudsen, H. Vitus Bering Laursen, L. Holger Ehlers; DK

HIT Adoption and Hospital Quality Performance (Abstract no. 2192)
Michael CounteM. Glassman, M. Gaynor; US

BP3 - Primary and Community Based Care

Mortality After Hip Fracture: How Much of the Variation is Attributable to the Hospital - and Municipality Level? – A Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study (Abstract no. 2638)
Pia Kjær Kristensen
S. P. Johnsen; DK

The Role of Primary and Allied Healthcare Professionals in Post-Breast Cancer Surgery Support (Abstract no. 2220)
Frances Rapport,
P. Shih, J. Braithwaite:; AU, M. Doel; UK

Reducing the Rate of Leakage During Wound Management by Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in a Plastic Surgery Ward in Taiwan (Abstract no. 1358)
Fu-Yu Wang
, P.-R. Wu, C.-H. Huang, S.-C. Chang; TW

A Structured Phone Call Script Improves HIV Testing Uptake among Biological Children of HIV-Positive Adult Index Clients (Abstract no. 2643)
Rita Okonkwo, O. Ofem, B. Agins; NG

BP4 - Patient Safety


Improving Handoffs: Introducing IPASS to First Year Medical Residents Using an Interactive Handoff Workshop (Abstract no. 2534)
Rhea Chatterjea
, S. Tan, J. Loh, Z. Yu Lim; SG

The Role of Organisational and Professional Cultures Within Medication Safety: A Scoping Review of the Literature (Abstract no. 1309) 
Samantha Machen
, N. Fulop, Y. Jani, S. Turner; UK

Continuous Improvement of Medication Safety in the University of Hong Kong–Shenzhen Hospital: A Retrospective Analysis and Questionnaire Survey (Abstract no. 2277)
Pai Ming-Chu
, X. Xiaoping, L. Li; CN
How Effective is an Assessment of Surgical Antibiotics Prophylaxis? (Abstract no. 2375)
Sunyoung Park
, E. Shon, E. Jeong, J. Shin; KR
Continuously Monitoring Patient Safety Culture Encourages Self-Reporting Among Healthcare Professions (Abstract no. 1836)
Cheng-Fan Wen
, H.-L. Lo, Y.-L. You, H.-H. Liao; TW

13:45 - 15:15

Concurrent Sessions (B10 - B18) 
B10A - Governance Leadership and Health Policy
Barriers to Person Centred Care- Overcoming Structural and Professional Factors - Examples from Across Northern Europe 
Speakers: Gro Berntsen; NO, Tricia Woodhead; UK, Shaun Maher; SCOT
B10B - Governance Leadership and Health Policy
Hospital to Home: Lessons for Health System Change from a Quality Improvement Collaborative Designed to Improve Care for Patients Living with COPD 
Jennifer Buckley; CA
B11 - Data for Improvement (15 Minutes)

Can we Improve the Safety of Antimicrobials in Patients with Penicillin Allergy by Using Incident Reported to the National Reporting and Learning System? (Abstract no. 2497)
Yogini Jani;

Clinical, Social and Economic Results after the Implementation of a Disease Management Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Abstract no. 2518)
Camilo Gutierrez, L. Pombo, P. Coral, T. Tono; CO

Evaluation of a Medication-Based 15-Day Readmission Risk Stratification Algorithm in Predicting Unplanned Readmissions in a Tertiary Acute Care Hospital (Abstract no. 1654)
Yi Feng Lai, D. Teo,T. W. Chew; SG

An Assessment of Unintended Consequences in England Following A National Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis (Abstract no. 2508)
Violeta BalinskaiteA. Holmes, A. Johnson, P. Aylin; UK

The Development, Implementation and Outcomes of a National Patient Experience Survey and Associated Quality Improvement Infrastructure: Lessons from Ireland (Abstract no. 1307)
Conor Foley, T. Huss, T. O' Carroll, R.  Flynn; IE

B12A - Primary and Community Based Care

Addressing Health for All - Resolving Disparities and Improving Outcomes at Navicent Health

Speakers: Chris Cornue, Reg Gilbreath; US

B13 - The Person (15 Minutes)

Transforming Your Experience; Re-setting the Agenda for Exceptional Patient Experience (Abstract no. 2094)
Natalie Wilson, 
K. Eljiz, D. Greenfield; AU

Primary Care Physician-Patient Boundaries: Results of a National US Survey and Polling on Views and Practices (Abstract no. 2032)
Harry Reyes NievaE. Ruan, G. Schiff; US

Does Heterogeneity in Reporting Patient Experience Matter?: An Anchoring Vignette Approach (Abstract no. 1170)
Young Kyung DoU. Kim, J.Y. Lee, M.-W. Jo; KR

A Patient-Centred Approach to Redesigning Information Sources and Flows of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services (Abstract no. 2485)
Sharon Williams, A. Turner, H. Beadle; UK

Every Voice Counts: A Community Engagement Approach to Understanding Life in Long Term Care from the Perspective Of Every Resident Living in Publicly Funded Seniors Care Homes in British Columbia Cda. (Abstract no. 2303)
Lena Neubieser Cuthbertson
L. Parsons; CA 

B14 - External Evaluation Debate 

Focusing Only on Clinical Indicators is a More Effective Q&S Strategy Than Participating in an Accreditation Program

Speaker: Steve Clark; AU  

B15A - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable

MERCY Malaysia - Humanitarian Mission Caring for Victims of Natural Disasters, Refugees and War 
Dato’ Dr Ahmad Faizal Mohd Perdaus; MY
B15B - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable

High Intensity Mental Health Crisis: How do we Reduce the Frequency and Risk Posed by Repeat Callers to Emergency and Healthcare Services
Paul Jennings; UK
B16 - Patient Safety (15 Minutes)

Using Point of Care Simulation to Detect Latent Hazards of a Massive Haemorrhage Protocol (Abstract no. 1491)
Premala NadarajahA. Li, S. Sevastru, M. Abayalingam; UK

Improvement Activities for Safe and Efficient Process Establishment of Specimen Management (Abstract no. 1169)
Sanghun June, S. Choi, E. Seo; KR

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Near Miss Monitoring to Save Lives (Abstract no. 1563)
M. Mallat Yassine;

A Study on Patient Safety Culture in Children’s Hospitals in Shanghai, China (Abstract no. 2059)
Yinghui Wu, Q. Lu, N. Shen; CN, T. Hasegawa; JP

Are Root Cause Analyses Recommendations Effective and Sustainable? (Abstract no. 1743)
Peter Hibbert
M. Thomas, A. Deakin, W. Runciman; AU

B17A - The Person

Holistic Patient Evaluation Through Communal Activities and Rehabilitative Engagement (HOPE & CARE)

Speakers: Nurashikin Binte Sidek; SG

B17B - The Person

Work as a Team to Improve the Discharge Planning and Patient Experience in Acute Hospitals
Wing Yee Wong, Jenny S.C. Ngai, Shirley Hung; HK
A Year in an Hour: Quality Improvement through Interactive Simulations (QIIS)
Julie Reed; UK
15:15 -15:45 Afternoon Break

15:45 - 16:50 ISQua Plenary and Awards

15:45 - 16:50   Plenary Speaker: Pawan Agrawal; IN (50 Minutes)

ISQua Fellowship Awards (15 Minutes)
 17:00 - 19:00  Poster Reception 

Wednesday 26th September

07:30 - 08:30

The Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare Workshop
Speakers: Julie Reed, Daljit Hothi; UK
07:30 - 08:30

Meet the ISQua Experts Breakfast Session

07:30 - 08:30 ISQUA18-1535 - Falling Through the Cracks: Inspiring Change Through Powerful Storytelling
Ward Flemons, Kristin Fraser, Irina Charania, Teri Price; CA
08:00 - 08:45

Welcome Coffee with Exhibitors
08:45 - 09:00 Welcome to Cape Town 2019 

09:00 - 10:00

Morning Plenary
Plenary: Integrated Care Panel 

Speakers: Rushika Fernandopulle; US, Amanada Larkin; AU, Dato Jacob Thomas; MY, Uma Raman Kotagal; IN
10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break

10:30 - 12:00

Concurrent Sessions (C1 - C9)
C1 - External Evaluation
Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Improvement - Working in Harmony
Jan Mackereth-Hill, Helen Crisp, Jonathan Bamber; UK

C2 - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle-Income Countries (15 Minutes)

Integrating Hypertension Management in Routine HIV Care Services through Quality Improvement Collaborative in Namibia (Abstract no. 0035)
Apollo Basenero, J. Neidel, D. Ikeda, B. Agins

Using National Core Standards as a Catalyst for Quality Improvement in South African Health Establishments (Abstract no. 2600)
Winnie Moleko
S. Mndaweni, T. Magoro; ZA 

Designing of Disaster Risk Management Accreditation Standards in Iranians Hospitals (Abstract no. 2190)
Masoumeh Abbasabadi, H. Khankeh, A.M. Mosadegh Rad; IR

Surgical Team Cooperation and Compliance with WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in a Tertiary Hospital, Vietnam (Abstract no. 2517)
Phan Thi Hang,
L.B. Ngoc, L.T. Thao Nguyen, N.H. Thai Duong; VN

Implementation of the Brazilian National Patient Safety Program at Public Hospitals: A Qualitative Evaluation (Abstract no. 2211)
Barbara Caldas;
BR, E.-L. Aveling; US, M. Portela; BR

C3A - Traditional and Western Medicine

Cross-Talk Between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Healthcare Quality

Speakers: Hung-Jung Lin, Chung-Ching Chio (Session leads), Tzong-Bor Sun; TW, Chi-Ho (Vincent) Chung; HK
C3B - Traditional and Western Medicine 

Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine in Medical Education and Clinical Training
Chii-Jeng (Mark) Lin, Sunny Jui- Shan Lin, Chia-I Tsai, Chien-Jung Lin; TW
C4 - The Future of Quality and The Next Frontier (15 Minutes)

Establishment of an Intelligence Decision Support System for Inpatient Quality and Efficiency to Enhance the Data-Driven Management in a Medical Centre in Taiwan (Abstract no. 2630)
Jih-Shuin Jerng, P.-J. Hsu, C.-Y. Chou, S.-T. Huang; TW

Complexity Science: The Next Frontier for Improving Quality and Safety in Healthcare (Abstract no. 1699)
Kate Churruca, L. Ellis, J. Long, J. Braithwaite; AU

Using a National Registry and Structured Collaboration to Improve the Care of Children and Young People with Diabetes (Abstract no. 1798)
Tricia Woodhead, F. Campbell, K. Muszynska; UK

Welearn: A Person-Centered and Interprofessional Educational Program Wherein Patients, Students and Professionals Learn Together (Abstract no. 2404)
Thomas Willem Vijn, H. Wollersheim, J. Kremer, L. Fluit, NL

How Safe is mHealth? Concerns about Patient-Facing Mobile Health Applications and their Consequences (Abstract no. 1534) 
Saba Akbar;
US E. Coiera, F. Magrabi AU
C5A - The Person

Building Organisational Capacity for Patient Engagement: Lessons Learned from Four National Patient Engagement Collaboratives

Speakers: Jennifer Buckley; CA
C5B - The Person

Shared Decision Making: A Practical Approach to Unlocking Person Centred Care
John Brennan; IE, Gail A. Nielsen; US
C6 - The Person (15 Minutes)

Facing the Challenges of Genetic Testing: Family Member Experiences (Abstract no. 1466)
Ashley Crook,
 A. Hogden, V. Mumford, D. Rowe; AU

Patients Engagement Strategy: 10 Years, Step by Step at French National Authority for Health (Abstract no. 2617)
Joelle Andre-Vert,
V. Ghadi:, B. Lucet, C. Grenier; FR

Barcodes Benefit Patients and Caregivers - A Review of Published Case Studies (Abstract no. 2473)
Tania Snioch;

Analysis of Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) Reviewing Score Among Three Fields of Experts (Abstracts no. 1816)
Bi-Jiuan Wu, H.-H. Liao, P.-C. Wang, C.-L. Shih; TW

Patient Involvement as Expert in Healthcare Workers Practices: A First Assessment in a French University Hospital (Abstract no. 1336)
Lucie Malloggi
, Y. Mallet, P. Jarno, L. Moret; FR

C7 - Patient Safety 
WHO: Patient Safety for Enabling Health Systems to Achieve Effective Universal Health Coverage
Neelam Dhingra-Kumar, WHO and Nor'Aishah Abu Bakar; MSQH
Nor'Aishah Abu Baker; MY, Neelam Dhingra-Kumar; WHO, Manvir Jesudasan; MYKawaldip Sehmi; IAPO, Peter Lachman; ISQua, Ezequiel Garcia-Elorrio; AR
C8 - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable (15 Minutes)

Patient-Related Inequalities in Quality of Hip Fracture Care: Are we Closing the Gap? (Abstract no. 2442)
Pia Kjær Kristensen, A.-M. Falstie-Jensen, S.P. Johnsen; DK

Time to Care: A Meta Narrative Review of the Parental Experience of Hospitalisation with a Child with Intellectual Disability (Abstract no. 1844)
Laurel Mimmo, 
R. Harrison; AU

Improving Pediatric Early Warning Systems from Clinicians’ Perspective it’s all About the People (Abstract no. 1327)
Joris Fuijkschot, J. Draaisma; NL

Empowering Nurses and Parents to Talk: Bringing Handover Back to the Bedside (Abstract no. 1848)
Laurel Mimmo, F. Usherwood,  J. Lee, G. Crouche; AU

Implementing Inclusive Standards for Persons with Disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ensuring Every Patient Counts (Abstract no. 1206)

Ahmed Novo, B. Goralija, Z. Kravic; BA

12:00 - 13:30  Lunchtime

12:30 - 13:30  The Frontiers of Improvement in Healthcare Workshop
Speakers: Julie Reed, Daljit Hothi; UK
12:45 - 13:30 Follow on from Breakfast Session: Falling Through the Cracks: Inspiring Change Through Powerful Storytelling
Ward Flemons, Kristin Fraser, Irina Charania, Teri Price; CA
12:40 - 13:30 E-Poster presentations and Lightning Talks

CP1 - Data for Improvement

Can a Care Bundle Prevent Surgical Site Infections? (Abstract no. 1420)
Hui Wen Kuo
, Y. L. Chen, H. C. Chung, Y. C. Chuang; TW

Is There an Effect of Coaching Nurse Unit Managers to use Pain Management Indicators in a Surgical Department at a Tertiary Care Hospital? (Abstract no. 2004)
Aimad Ourahmoune, A.-C. Rae, D. S. Courvoisier, P. Chopard; CH

Employee Satisfaction Benchmarking: Based on the Result of Employee Satisfaction Survey Trial (Abstract no. 1445)
Ray Yokoyama
, M. Hashimoto, T. Hasegawa, Y. Imanaka; JP

Patient Inventory - An Improvement Method for Capacity Analysis and Problem Identification (Abstract no. 2621)  
Jan Mainz
, S. Valgreen Knudsen, S. Paaske Johnsen; DK

CP2 - Innovations and Improvements in Low-Middle Income Countries

Leveraging Technology to Provide Quality Clinical Care in Rural Settings (Abstract no. 2362)
Pichumani Parthasarathi
; IN
Increasing Access to Cardiac Care in Eastern Africa: Lessons from Kenya (Abstract no. 1178)
Rainer Uwe Hilgenfeld
, N. Niloufer; IN, S. Masinde; KE, W. Morgan Darwin; US
Improving Knowledge and Practice of Incident Reporting Through Education at a Tertiary Maternity Hospital in Viet Nam (Abstract no. 2633)
Phan Thi Hang,
D. Ngoc Trang,  H. N. Phuoc, P. N. Doan Trang; VN

CP3 - The Person

Social Support & Resilience Among Refractory Epilepsy Patients Preparing for Resective Surgery (Abstract no. 1737)
Patti Shih
, F. Rapport; AU
Poh Suriani, T. Thai Lian, Y. Huei Chen; SG

Robyn Clay-Williams, N. Taylor, P. T. Hsuen, J. Braithwaite; AU
CP4 - Patient Safety

Improve Effective Environment Cleaning Above 80% (Abstract no. 2337)
Lam Jane Ne,
Kelvin Ch'ng; MY
Effectiveness of Care Bundle for Reducing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia in Taiwan (Abstract no. 1416)
Chia Pei Lin
, Y. Lun Chen, C. Ming Lee, L. Jung Chien; TW
Patient Safety in Refractory Epilepsy Service Delivery (Abstract no. 1225)
Frances Rapport
, P. Shih, V. Mumford, G. Herkes; AU

Improving Dispensing Process by Reducing Filling Error Incidents Using Quality Assurance Model (Abstract no. 2040)
Ahmad Shukri Saidatul Sheeda
; MY
The Usage Rate of “Surgical Safety Checklist” in Turkey (Abstract no. 2503)
Öznur Özen
, H. Aksoy, D. Tarhan, A. Öztürk; TR

13:45 - 14:45

Concurrent Sessions (C10 - C18)
C9A - Innovations and Improvement in Low and Middle Income Countries

Improving the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care: Integrated Whole Team On-Site Mentoring in Afghanistan
Speakers: Farzana Maruf; AF 

C9B - Innovations and Improvement for Low and Middle Income Countries

Strengthening Regulation of Health Professionals Education in Ethiopia: Program Learning of A USAID Funded Project 
Daniel Dejene; ET 

C10 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy (15 Minutes)

Organisation Level Quality Processes in Public Hospitals: Findings from the Deepening our Understanding of Quality in Australia (DUQuA) Project (Abstract no. 2324)
Robyn Clay-Williams, N. Taylor, P. Ting Hsuen, J. Braithwaite; AU
Indicator Linkage Management System (ILMS) and Physicians’ Prescription Patterns (Abstract no. 2308)

Eui-Hyeong Byeon, J. Kim, W. Han, M.-S. Shim; KR

Determinants of Readiness and Sustainability for Improvement Initiatives Within Public Hospitals: Systematic Mapping Review and Delphi Study (Abstract no. 1345)
Sharon Williams; UK

C11 - The Future of Quality/The Next Frontier
Innovation Metrics: The Next Frontier Beyond Quality
Leslie Wainwright; US

C12 - The Person
What Matters to You? Learning from an International Movement
Speakers: Anders Vege; NO, Shaun Maher; SCOT
C13 - Education Through Learning and Sharing (15 Minutes)

Developing A Culturally Relevant Quality and Innovation Distinction Track for Residents in Training (Abstract no. 1769)
Manjari Lahiri, A. Santosa, S. Mujumdar, T.K. Lim; SG

Bringing Together Academia and Policy-Joint Master Program in Social Protection in Cooperation Between National Economics University, Vietnam, Universitas Indonesia and Heidelberg University, Germany (Abstract no. 2584) 
Svetla Loukanova; DE, B. Hidayat; ID, T. Long Giang; VN, M. Marx; DE

Dynamics of Peer Learning in Medical Department — Journal and Case Sharing Club (Abstract no. 2055)
Ting Fung Wong, 
T.L. Sze-to, K. Wai, P.O. Lei; HK

C14 - Primary and Community Based Care (15 Minutes)

Construction of Integrated Model of Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke (Abstract no. 0031)
Li QiD. Li, H. Chen, X. Xie; CN

Decrease Door-to-Needle Time (DNT) of Acute Ischemia Stroke with Quality Control Cycle, the Practice of Multidisciplinary Team within a Medical Alliance in South China (Abstract no. 0032)
W. Zhou,
Zhong Ji, P.-l. HU; CN                          
Reducing the Incidence of Moderate/Severe Malnutrition in Gastric Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy (Abstract no. 0033)
Qiangian Mou; CN

Optimization of Personalized Precise Treatment of Patients Suffering with Severe Bone Defects through 3D Printing Technology (Abstract no. 0034)
Yang Sun; CN

C15 - Patient Safety (15 Minutes)

Quality Improvement Project to Reduce the Adult Urinary Tract Infection in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang (Abstract no. 2247) 
Thurairajah Govindasamy,
S. Mustakim, S.S. Firdaus Khan, A. Shunmugarajoo; MY

Practices of Environment Improvement for Patient Safety in the Radiation Therapy (Abstract no. 2170)
Seung Hoon Chae;

"Hands off the Patient Until you Know Everything you Need to Know!" (Abstract no. 1196)
Paul Hunstead,
W. Stephen; AU

Formative Evaluation to Enhance Physician Training and Engagement in Patient Safety (Abstract no. 2101)
Nancy Koh
, B. Casey, R. Newton, R. Wagner; US

C16 - Quality and Safety for the Vulnerable
Making the Invisible Visible: Enabling Vulnerable People to Live in the Community After Long Inpatient Stays in Mental Health Facilities – Lessons from Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan
Chair: Jennifer Weldon; AU
Speakers: Deborah Hoban; AU, Helen Killaspy; UK
C17 - External Evaluation
External Evaluations can Inform How and Why Quality Initiatives in Health Care Work
Lars Morsø, Lene von Bülow, Katrine Prisak Pedersen; DK
14:45 - 16:00 Closing Plenary and Awards 

Closing Plenary
ISQua Poster and Reizenstein Awards (10 Minutes)

Case Studies in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries: Health Systems Improvement Across the Globe – Success Stories from 60 Countries (60 Minutes)
Speaker: Jeffrey Braithwaite 

President's Closing Remarks - Wendy Nicklin; ISQua (5 Minutes)

*Please note that the programme is subject to change, and will be updated continuously until the conference. If you have any comments or questions in relation to the programme, please contact Eleanor Keegan ekeegan@isqua.org (Events Coordinator).