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 Sunday 4th October 

Pre Conference 1: Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems 

The burden of external evaluation: Triona Fortune; ISQua

What do we do with the data? Improving leadership at a National Level:
 Wendy Nicklin; CA

Linking human resource management to quality:
 Christine Dennis; AU

Comparing patient rights in public and private organisations
Kadar Marikar; MY 

Overcoming the burden of audit
Anne Chenoweth; US

Moving to outcome measures: 
Steve Clark; AU

Using technology to measure: 
Thomas Le Ludec; FR

 Pre Conference 2: Using Patient Reported Outcomes to Support Quality Care in Practice

Welcome: Patient Reported Outcome Measures

What are Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and current approaches for using PROs to increase quality in healthcare? Eugene Nelson; US

Integrating PROMIS® into Healthcare Delivery Settings: Bryce Reeves; US

PROs in Cancer Care: Potentials, Experiences and the Way Forward in Denmark: Janne Lehmann Knudsen; ISQua

Patient Activation Measures: Assessing Patient Needs, Supporting Care and Empowering Patients with Longterm Conditions: Helen Crisp; UK

Available tools: ‘Patient Passports’ Planetree’, the ‘Doctella’ App. and ‘How’s your Health’: Susan Frampton; US 

Pre Conference 3: Patient Safety Tools - Morning Session

Clinical Audit as quality improvement process - Lessons from different countries

Speakers: Sandy Middleton; AU, Ulrich Wienand; IT, Baile Moagi; BW, Jake Clements; UK,Steven Bukkems, Catherina Farajian and Esmee Vural; NL, Nancy Dixon; UK, Atef Surour

Pre Conference 4: Patient Safety Tools - Afternoon Session

Sure your improvement effort is really worth it?
Edward Broughton; US


 Monday 5th October

A1  - Improving Care Accounting for Cultural Issues  

Improving Care Accounting for Cultural Issues Cross Cultural Care Quality: East and West Experiences Improving Patient Safety Culture 
Che-Kim Tan and Wui-Chiang Lee; TW, Bryan Sexton; US

 A2 - Health Information Technology 

1745 - The Functionality of the Rapid Response Team Drive System and the Impact on Patient Safety
A. Pirutti, L. Torrano, I. Tortoza, P. Senna Maybaurl; BR

2004 - Using a Computerized Communication Platform as a Tool for Spreading Safety Culture - The Brazilian Patient Safety Program Experience
F. Folco, T. Sotto Mayor, M. M. Damasceno, M. Machado; BR

1402 - Hospital Infrastructure of Information Technology and Physician use of Clinical Practice Guidelines
N. Sasaki, Y. Imanaka, A. Okumura, N. Yamaguchi; JP

1070 - Challenges Facing E-Health Deployment in Nursing Practice from Perspective of Nurses: Qatar as a Case Study
R. A. Al-Huneiti, Z. Al Hanaiti, W. Balachandran; QA & UK

1479 - Assessment of the Readiness to Implement a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) System: A Pilot Study from King Saud University Medical City
Y.S. Amer, A. A. Jamal, M. Baksh, K. I. Aljonaieh; SA

 A3 - Patient Centred Care

Developing Patient-Centred Measures of Outcomes and Cost - 90 minute session
Eugene Nelson; US, Janne Lehmann Knudsen; DK

 A4 - Patient Safety

Caring for Carers - So the can provide high quality care 
Abdelhamid AfanaCarma Bylund and Timothy McDonald; QA

 A5 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety

2164 - A Systematic Approach to Developing Quality Management System in Primary Health Care: Oman Experience
A. M. Tanan; OM

1340 - Quality Improvement Initiatives Tackled by Healthcare Organisations - A 5 Year Review of ACHS Annual Quality Improvement Awards
M. W. Burgess, L. O'Connor, K. Linegar; AU

1828 - What Aspects of Quality Matter to Patients, Professionals and Policy Makers?
H. Crisp; UK

1517 - The Impact of Pay for Performance (P4P) Project for Acute Stroke Quality Assessment
J. H. Yang, G. J. Ha, Y. H. Rhu, M. K. Kim; KR

1683 - Is Quality of In-Hospital Care Associated with 30 Day Mortality among Patients with Hip Fracture? A Nationwide Cohort Study
P. K. Kristensen, T. M. Thillemann, K. Soballe, S. P. Johnsen; DK

 A6 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

1270 - Is Compliance with Hospitals Accreditation Associated with Shorter Length of Stay and Lower Risk of Acute Readmission? - A Danish Nationwide Population-Based Study
A. M. Falstie-Jesen, H. Larsson, S. P. Johnsen, E. Hollnagel; DK

1612 - Revision of the OECI Accreditation and Designation Standards
H. Blaauwgeers, F. Boomsma, M. Docter, M. Saghatchian; NL

1242 - Areas for Improvement Recommended by Hospital Accreditation Process in Japan
T. Yamano, R. Yokoyama, H. Sugawara, Y. Imanaka; JP

1550 - The Quest for Safety and Quality Indicators: Linking Hospital Accreditation Scores and Hospital Acquired Staphylococcus Aureus Infection Rates across 78 Acute Care Hospitals
V. Mumford, D. Greenfield, R. Reeve, J. Braithwaite; AU

1454 - National Accreditation Results Inform System Improvements in Safety
W. Nicklin, J. Mitchell, V. Roman, Q. Hasanaj; CA

A7 - Quality and Safety om Developing Countries 

Lessons learned from the Ebola response: How to improve health care safety and quality 
Neelam Dhingra-Kumar; WHO, Shams. B. Syed; WHO, Rashad Massoud; US, Mondher Letaief; WHO, John Ovretveit; SE, Ahmed Al Mandhari; OM, Kadar Marikar; MY

 A8 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency 

2152 - Association between Regional Health Spending and Health Outcomes after Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Japan: Does Spending More Matter?
Y. Tsugawa, K. Hasegawa, A. Hiraide, A. K. Jha; US

1575 - Designing and Implementing  Best Practice Interventions in the Community: The Spinal Cord Injury and Spina Bifida Pressure Injury Project
J. C. Long, J. W. Middleton, L. Kelly, J. Hsieh; AU

1283 - The Chronic Care Model Improves HIV Patient Care in Uganda
E. Broughton; US

1225 - Evaluation of a Novel Maternal Sepsis Assessment (MASA) Scoring System in Prediction on Intra-Amniotic Infection in Preterm Premature Rupture of Membrane
P. J. Cheng, S. Huang, S. Su, C. Hsiao; TW

2003 - Characteristics of Cardiovascular and Diabetic Health of Workers Participating in Worksite Screening in Ireland
R. Glynn, P. McCarthy, A. Shortt; IE

Sponsored Lunchtime Sessions

Hamad Medical Corporation 
Qatar's State Healthcare System - Delivering Quality Improvement to Reach Excellence

Yosef Al Maslamani; QA

Partners Healthcare International
International Collaboration as a Strategy to Improve Hospital Care: What Works, What Doesn't Work for the Future

Lynn Stofer, Gilbert Mudge, David Barlow and Thomas Beatty; US

AP1 - Patient Safety - Short Orals

1350 - Improving Quality Management Skills Among Leaders - Is Patient Safety Culture Affected?
S. Kristensen, S. Sabroe, P. Bartels, J. Mainz; DK

1555 - The Patient View: Testing Feasibility of the Culturally Adapted Patient Measure of Safety
N. Taylor, E. Hogden, R. Clay-Williams, J. Braithwaite; AU

1600 - The Edidemiology of Adverse Events in ICU Patients in Japan: The Jet Study
Y. Ohta, M. Sakuma, D. Bates, T. Morimoto; JP

1898 - Burnout in Taiwan Hospitals and its Relation to Patient Safety Culture
W. Tzu-Ying, L. Shing, L. Hung-Jung, C. I. Huang; TW

1925 - Visionary Plan for Quality and Patients Safety in Oman: Where Strategic and Operational Plans Meet
A. Al-Mandhari; OM

 AP2 - Patient Centred Care

1122 - What do General Public want to know before Visiting Medical Institutes?
R. Yokoyama, H. Sugawara, H. Kawakita, Y. Imanaka; JP

1365 - Understanding the Care Experiences of People Living with a Chronic Health Condition: A Focus on Sickle Cell Disease
A. Tallett, S. Chakravorty, G. Sathyamoorthy, J. James; UK

1971 - Why wait so Long? Improving Door-to-Exit Time at an Urban Primary Care Facility in Ghana

E. H. Otchi, K. Marfo, P. Amoo, R. Lamptey; GH

 AP3 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety 

1092 - Defensive Medicine in Italy: A Nationwide Survey
M. Panella, C. Donnarumma, C. Rinaldi, F. Leigheb; IT

1144 - A Randomized Controlled Study of the Effectiveness of Pharmacy Quality Commitment - A Standardized Continuous Quality Improvement Program in Community Pharmacies
C. Chinthammit, M. T. Rupp, T. Modisett, T. Warholak; US

1395 - Value Based Purchasing: Understanding Major Components of the Hospital Patient Experience
M. A. Counte, M. Morgan; US

2198 - Examining Health Care Culture and Attitudes to Quality and Safety Issues

B. St. Clair, D. Greenfield, A. Georgiou; AU

 AP4 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries 

1528 - Adaptation and Implementation of an Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline for Management of Heart Failure in a University Medical City
W. Alhabeeb, M. Abdelraheim Titi, Y. Sami Amer, N. Mohammed Rabea; SA

1562 - The Role of Government in Fostering Health Care Quality Improvement in Low-Resource Settings: Experience from Uganda
H. Kisamba, M. Ssendyona; UG

1670 - The Role of PHC Supervision in Continuous Quality Improvement: Results from an Evaluation Conducted in 96 Health Facilities in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
D. Jacobs; US

2176 - Systematic Review of Patients' Views of the Quality of Primary Health Care in Sub-Saharan Africa
D. S. Ogaji, P. Bower, G. Daker-White, S. Giles; UK

A9 - Improving Care Accounting for Cultural Issues

1423 - Assessing the Effects of New Methods on the Results of Quality and Risk Management in French Comprehensive Cancer Centers
G.Sieradzki, A. De Jesus, H. Esperou, C. Bussy; FR

1433 - Dark Side of Culture: Influence of Cultural Factors on Hand Hygiene Behaviour among Health Care Workers in Intensive Care Units of Korean Hospitals
H. S. Jo, H. J. Jeong; KR

1512 - Cultural and Practical Barriers for the Implementation of Rehabilitation Guidelines Across Sectors
L. Morso, P. Qvist; DK

1996 - The Development of a Clinical Protocol for the Prevention of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in the Brazilian Culture Reality

F. Folco, T. Sotto Mayor, M. M. Damasceno, M. Machado; BR

 A10 - Health Information Technology

A10 - Reducing Hospital Mortality: How Can A Hospital Review Deaths to Improve Quality and Safety?
John F. Helfrick, Allen Kachalia, Jennifer Beloff; US

 A11 - Patient Centred Care

1937 - The Perspectives of Patients with Complex, Long-Term Pathways: A Mixed Method Analysis in Light of Recommended Practice
G. K. R. Berntsen, D. B. Gammon, A. Hoyem, C. Ruland; NO

 A12 - Patient Safety

1522 - Treatment Injuries in Danish Public Hospitals 2006 - 2012 
J. Tilma, M. Noergaard, K. L. Mikkelsen, S. P. Johnsen; DK

1791 - One Fourth of Unplanned Transfers to a Higher Level of Care are Associated with a Highly Preventable Adverse Events: A Patient Record Review in Six Belgian Hospitals
K. Marquet, N. Claes, E. De Troy, A. Vleugels; BE

2014 - Is there an Association between Patient Safety Incidents and Practice and Organizations in Primary Care?
P. Michel, A. Mosnier, M. Kret, J. Brami; FR

1286 - Application of Knowledge gained through Adverse Event Reporting System and No-Fault Compensation/Peer-Review System on Clinical Death Case in Japan
S. Ushiro, M. Sakaguchi, H. Sakai, J. Inoue; JP

 A13 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety 

Involving the Public in Patient Safety Research: Benefits and Challenges -
Bryony Dean Franklin, Seetal Jheeta, Charles Boucher; UK

 A14 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

Session 1: Integrating Healthcare Facilities Licensing and Accreditation: Qatar's Approach to Quality Improvement 
Speakers: Aisha Abdulla Al-Aali; QA, Sebastien Audette; CA

Session 2: Advances in quality improvement over the last two - three decades
Speakers: Andrea Gardini; IT, Rosa Sunol; ES

 A15 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

2240 - Measuring Pediatric Quality of Care in Rural Clinics: A Multi-Country Assessment in Cambodia, Guatemala, Zambia and Kenya
A. Edward, K. Dam, J. Chege, A. Ghee; US

1281 - Triangulating Data on Improved Quality Outcomes of Obstetric Care in Mozambique's Model Maternities
J. Ricca, M. D. L. Vaz, M. Anjos, E. Necochea; US

1386 - A Framework for Improvement of the Quality of Care at the Primary Care Level
M. Letaief, M. A. Ardakani, S. Siddiqi; EG

1311 - A Multi-Faceted Intervention to Improve Quality of Clinical Records at Primary Care Level
O. H. Mahomed, S. Asmall, S. Naidoo, M. Taylor; ZA

1319 - Standards of Nursing Practice a Cornerstone of Quality Safe Patient Care: Examining the Challenges of Establishing a Standard of Practice in a Greenfield Hospital in Qatar
M. Boyd, V. Buchannon; QA

 A16 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency 

Session 1: Disaster Preparedness: What's really required? - 45 minute session
Paul Biddinger; US, Paul Welford; QA

Session 2 - : Good Group Governance: Effective use of quality and patient safety systems and data for hospital networks 
John Sweeney, Oonagh Gilvarry, Feargal McDowell and Mairead Murphy; IE

Afternoon Plenary

Developing "Sticky" Technology for Patient Engagement
David Bates; ISQua


Tuesday 6th October

 Morning Plenary 

Building a Culture of Accountability
David Marx; US
Book available
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 B1 - Improving Care and Accounting for Cultural Issues

1852 - Increase of Adverse Events Notifications: A Change in Institutional Culture 
A. Pirutti, G. Ruiz Cruz; BR

1841 - Clinical Protocol of Sepsis Early Detection Developed for Brazilian Culture Reality
T. Sotto Mayor, M. Machado, M. Damasceno, F. Folco; BR

B2 - Health Information Technology

Session 1: eHealth and Quality of Care -
Hans C. Ossebaard; NL

Session 2: Adverse Drug Events and the need for Health Information Technology in an Academic Hospital in Saudi Arabia 
Hisham Aljadhey; SA

B3 - Patient Centred Care

1658 - Risk Management: From Controls to Resident Advancement in Irish Designated Centres
O. Gilvarry, J. Sweeney, M. Murphy; IE

1485 - Towards an HIV-Free Generation: Putting the Needs and Values of HIV-Positive Mothers and their Babies at the Forefront of their Care
T. Nsubuga-Nyombi, E. Karamagi-Nkolo, M. Namwabira, J. Draru; UG

1173 - Performance of Patient & Family Rights in Malaysian Accredited Public and Private Hospitals
Y. T. Poh, K. Marikar; MY

 B4 - Patient Safety

Session 1: European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ) 
Jean Bacou, FR, Erica de Loos; NL, Lena Mehrmann and Jasna Mesaric; HR

Session 2: Global Tracheostomy Collaborative
David Roberson; US

 B5 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety

The Clinical Union Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) - A Transformation Journey in Healthcare Improvement And Patient Safety - 90 minute session
Reham Hassan; QA, Barbara Corning Davis; US, Sajith Gopalkrishna Pillai; QA, Duncan Phillips; US

 B6 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation 

1328 - A Qualitative Study of Unannounced Surveys in Public Hospitals in Denmark: The Experience of Hospital Staff and Surveyors
A. G. Junge, G. S. Rasmussen; DK

1765 - Stakeholder views of the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards: Perspectives from the New World
D. Greenfield, A. Hogden, D. Debono, J. Braithwaite; AU

1720 - Implementation of Internal Quality Audit (IQA) in a Private Hospital in Hong Kong
T. T. Pang, S. F. Wong; HK

 B7 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

Look at the role of different strategies to improving Healthcare 
M. Rashad MassoudAmanda Ottosson; US

 B8 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency 

1543 - The Impact of Client and Family-Centred Care on the Accreditation Canada Standards Development Process
W. Nicklin, D. Dorschner, T. King, L. Phillips; CA

1525 - Working with a Cascade Approach to Monitor and Evaluate HIV Chronic Care Outcomes
G. Aluma, K. B. Kasule, M. Muhier; UG

1272 - Healthcare Quality Improvement through Indicator Linkage Management Service (ILMS) on the National Health Insurance Service in Korea
K. S. Bae, J. S. Yoon; KR

1336 - Reducing Surgical Intercase time using the Lean Single Minute Exchange of DIE (SMED) Approach for Primary Knee and Hip Arthroplasties
L. Vaillancourt, O. Fichet, L. Perreault, G. Moreau; CA

1969 - Kenya: Impact of Systematic Evidence Based Quality Management on Maternal and Neonatal Health in Kenya
M. Marx, M. Nafula, H. Richter-Airijoki, J. Szecsenyi; DE

Lunch Sessions

Healthcare Research for Quality and Safety Professionals: study design, implementation and translation 
Yu-Chuan (Jack) Li; TW, David Greenfield, Anne Hogden, Deborah Debono; AU

Sidra Sponsored Session Building a Data Driven Safety Culture 
Julio Silva; QA

BP1 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

1431 - Attitudes of Hospital Staff and Surveyors towards Unannounced Hospital Surveys: Primary Reporting of Survey Results
K. B. Simonsen, M. B. Jensen, G. S. Rasmussen, L H. Ehlers; DK

1839 - A Study on the Tendency of Performance for Hospital Accreditation Surveyors in Taiwan
S. W. Lin, Y. Ping, S. Y. Chen, C. I. Huang; TW

2010 - Identifying the Knowledge Resources that Accrue from the Participation of Peer Surveyors in the Survey Workforce
J. A. Lancaster; AU

1695 - Hospital Accreditation: The Role of Organisational Design Factors, Market Intensity and the Association with Hospital Performance
V. Wardhani; ID

1948 - Quality of In-Hospital Care Before, During and After Accreditation: A Nationwide Study
S. B. Bogh, E. Hollnagel, S. P. Johnsen; DK

2230 - A Review on the Awareness and Impact of Hospital Accreditation in Korea
S. H. Suk, Y. Y. Jung, I. T. Park; KR

BP2 - Patient Safety

1459 - The Global Trigger Tool: A Systematic Review of the Methods Used and Outcomes Reported
P. Hibbert, C. J. Molloy, T. D. Hooper, J. Braithwaite; AU

1582 - Ensuring Safe Transfer of Medical Discharge Information from Hospital to the Community
C. Kelly, J. Samers, H. Booth, M. Van Beveren; AU

1707 - Transforming Healthcare in Qatar: Hamad Medical Corporations Strategy for Delivering Best Care, Always
C. H. Pain, D. J. Vaughan, M. Hassan Abdulla, J. Ali A. A. Al Ajmi; QA

 BP3 - Patient Safety

1232 - Construction-Related Power Outages in a Cardiac Hospital
J. A. Robblee, M. Cleland, T. Zakutney; CA

1935 - FS-Systemet: Developing a System for Data Collection of Diabetes Mellitus in Norway
T. Dimoski; NO

2008 - A Seven Years Assessment, Following Implementation of a Computerised Incidents Reporting System in Geneva University Hospital (HUG)
A. Ourahmoune, S. Vallon, P. Chpard; CH

1254 - Cohesive Initiates to Reduce Consumption of Medicine and Ensure Optimal Pharmacological Treatment
M. Bertelsen, A. Hertz; DK

 BP4 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency

1191 - The Pareto Principle for Quality Improvement (QI) Initiatives: Indicator-Based QI System as Key to Clinical Assessments and Priority Setting in Tanzania
S. Kubaj, M. Marx, B. Ngoli, E. Nangawe; DE, TZ

1456 - Improving Care for Patients with Non-Communicable Diseases in Georgia is Cost-Saving
E. Broughton; US

1055 - Effect of Prenotification by Emergency Medicine System on the Stroke, Collaboration between Ambulances and Emergency Departments, a New Experience of Kaohsiung City,Taiwan
S. C. Hung, W. H. Lee, C. T. Kung, Y. J. Liu; TW

 BP5 - Health Information Technology

1255 - How EHealth can Improve Quality and Safety of Intersecotral Care? A Survey Based Study
M. Holderried, S. Vosskuehler, F. Holderried, V. E. Schoch; DE

1482 - Practical Approaches and Demands for Promoting the Utilization of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Japan
A. Okumura, N. Yamaguchi, M. Yoshida; JP

1759 - Incidence and Variation of Discrepancies in Reporting Chronic Conditions in Australian Hospital Administrative Data
H. Assareh, H. M. Achat, J. M. Stubbs, K. Hill; AU

 B9 - Improving Care Accounting for Cultural Issues 

Session 1: Using a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Improve Patient Care 
Taroub Harb Faramand; US

Session 2: Play, Preparation and Pre-Anaesthesia: Developing Quality Experience for Children and Families 
Toni Crowell-Petrungaro; Rosalie F. Tassone; QA

B10 - Health Information Technology

Session 1: Digital Hospital: A French National Program to develop Health Information Technology (HIT) Implementation and by the same to Potentiate Quality and Safety 
Bruno Lucet; FR

2208 - Strengthening Patient Safety through the Traceability Management System with Serial Number of Pharmaceutical  Products on a real time basis
D. J. Choi, E. J. Cha; KR

1690 - Say "Hello" to the Camera: Using simulation to test a Video Telehealth System and train Healthcare Professionals to develop rapport with Callers
R. Clay-Williams,N. Taylor, M. Baysari, D. Zalitis; AU

 B11 - Patient Centred Care

Towards people-centred and integrated health service approaches: how to better integrate the patients', families' and communities' perspectives? - 90 minute session
Nuria Toro Polanco; WHO, Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier; WHO, B. K. Rana; IN, Karin Jay; US, Dato Azman Abu Bakar; MY, Elom Otchi; GH, Ezequiel Garcia-Elorrio; AR, Philippe Michel; FR
B12 - Patient Safety 

2133 - Executive Patient Safety WALKROUNDS Enhance Patient Safety Culture and Empower Staff Records
K. A. Mohamed, B. Alhouri, A. Mustafa, M. Janahi; QA

1486 - Minimising Post-Operative Risk through use of a Post-Anaesthetic Care Tool (PACT)
M. Street, N. M. Phillips. B. Kent; AU

2050 - Engagement for Patient Safety: Umbrella Strategies for Thai Patient Safety Program
P. Limpanyalert, S. Kunaratnapruk, A. Supachutikul, N. P. Plaizier; TH

2044 - The meaning of Patient Safety Culture for Patient Outcomes - Is the glass half empty or half full
S. J. Brandis, S. Schleimer; US

B13 - Education and Research in Safety and Quality

1641 - The Implementation of the Diarrhoea Alert System for Antibiotics-Related Diarrhoea: The Jade Study
M. Sakuma, T. Nakamura, D. W. Bates, T. Morimoto; JP

1617 - The Effect of Citizenship Status on Satisfaction with Healthcare Services: Implications for Policymaking in Qatar
S. M. Khaled, H. F. Abdul Rahim; QA


B14 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

Session 1: QH Accreditation: Can we construct a unique recognition system for Healthcare Quality? 
Susana Lorenzo; Manuel Vilches; ES

Session 2: Working together with other Accrediting Organizations - 45 minute session
Anne Chenoweth; Holly Rapp; US 

 B15 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries
1434 - Failure mode and effect Analysis (FMEA) for Implementation of Clinical  Practice Guidelines at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Saudi Arabia
A. M. I. Babiker, Y. S. Amer, H. A. A. Wahabi, K. A. Alswat; SA

2184 - Implementation of Quality Assurance Program (QAP) in Sudanese Hospitals: Lessons Learned
H. Awadalla; SD

 Afternoon Plenary 

Medication Safety - problems, solutions and challenges 
Bryony Dean Franklin; UK


Wednesday 7th October

Morning Plenary  

Quality of Outcomes of Graduate Medical Education 
Tom Nasca; US

 C1 - Improving Care Accounting for Cultural Issues

Session 1: Improving Healthcare Quality: Impact of transplanting an established medical school to enhance a healthcare system and the community it serves - 45 minute session
Javaid Sheikh; QA

Session 2: Qatar's social health insurance and using insurance as a driver for quality - 45 minute session
Husein Reka; QA

C2 - Health Information Technology

1928 - Build Cloud Computing and Intellectual Decision System to Enhance the Efficiency of Healthcare Management in Northern Medical Centre in Taiwan
M. Cheng-Hsien, L. Fu-Man, T. Jin-Sheng, C. Wen-Hsin; TW

1636 - A Study on the effect of Major Indicators on Health and Treatment and Efficiency
E. Bae; KR

1794 - Evaluation of a Continuous Quality Monitoring and Feedback Initiative to Improve Quality of Anaesthetic Care
J. Benn, G. Arnold, D. D'Lima; UK

1563 - Applying the MSQH Electronic Assessment Tools for Hospital Accreditation Surveys helps to Improve the Effectiveness of Survey Report
R. Osman, K. Marikar; MY

2199 - An Internet Platform Based Toolbox for Healthcare Quality Management
S. Sax, S. Abelfoni, A. Plueschke, I. Omogi; DE

 C3 - Patient Centred Care

Accelerating the Implementation of Person-Centred Care 
Darshan Patel, Helen Crisp, Adrian Sieff; UK

 C4 - Patient Safety 

1546 - Building pews into the Healthcare System for Paediatric Patients of 5 Dutch General Hospitals via the European Union Network for Patient Safety and Quality of Care
E. Van Der Schrieck-De Loos, L. V. D. Steeg, S. V. Schoten, C. Wagner; NL

2247 - Prioritization of Patients in See and Treat Front Line Areas by Experienced Staff and Creating Majors in Minor;s Area for Timely Patient Management. A New Concept Busy ED.
S. Anjum, Y. Sharma, Y. Mohammad; QA

 C5 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety

The Hospitalist in Holland: Bridging the gap on Quality and Safety 
Arthur Bouwman, Justin Drupsteen, Marjoein Schouten, Catharina Farajian and Esmee Vural; NL

 C6 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

1766 - Cohesion and Diversity bring Opportunity: A Survey of the Critical Elements, Strengths and Challenges to an Australian Primary Care Accreditation Program
D. S. Debono, D. Greenfield, A. Hogden, J. Braithwaite; AU

1245 - Hospitals Accreditation Program in Romania. A Review of the First Experiences in Implementing Accreditation at National Level
V. Cepoi, I. N. Iacob, I. Ilisei, G. A. Militaru; RO

1989 - The New Model of Highly Intensive Acute Hospital Inspections in England: Purpose, Process and Impact
K. Walshe, R. Addicott, A. Boyd; UK

 C7 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

1661 - Lean Journey in Endoscopy Unit
A. Sayegh, Z. Mneimneh; LB

1911 - Patient Safety in Sao Paulo State Hospitals: Preliminary Findings
A. M. Malik, L. Schiesari, M. L. Zanardo, R. R. Graf; BR

2166 - The Relationship between Patient Safety Culture and Patient Safety Indicators: Four Years' Follow Up in Taiwan
C. M. Lo, Y. L. You, S. Liao, H. J. Lin, J. Hsu; TW

1986 - Patient Safety Situational Analysis in a Developing Country: The Case of a large Teaching Hosptial
E. H. Otchi, C. Bannerman, C. O. Peprah, R. Esena; GH

 C8 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency

Health Promotion: Finding Mission in Omission
Maria J. Pumar-Medez, Olga Lopez-Dicastillo, Agurtzane Mujika; ES

 C9 - Patient Safety

1507 - Patient Safety in Danish Cancer Care After Primary Treatment – Attention Is Highly Neede
A. H. Christiansen, H. Lipczak, J. L. Knudsen; DK

1460 - Combinational effects of clinical area and Healthcare Workers’ Job Type on the Safety Culture in Hospitals 
H. J. Jeong, B. J. Song, E. A. An, S. Y. Kim; US

1975 - How Scientific is the Plan-Do-Study-Act Method? Comparisons of the Scientific Method and its application in chemistry and in Healthcare
J. E. Reed, C. McNicholas; UK

CP1 - Patient Safety
1369 - Inpatient Participation in Medication Safety: A Qualitative Study
S. Garfield, S. Jheeta, C. Norton, B. D. Franklin; UK

1914 - Quality and Safety in Telehealthcare Services 
D. Baltruks, A. Corbett-Nolan; UK

 CP2 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety 

1351 - Enhanced Training Aimed at Improving Patient Safety & Overall Quality
J. Kim, M. Kim, J. Lee, S. A. Lee; KR

1514 - What is the Nature of Online International Healthcare Quality and Safety Education and how do Healthcare Professionals Perceive its Effectiveness?
Y. Susla; IE

1710 - The Instrumental Role of the National CPD Program in Promoting the Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in Qatar’s Healthcare System 
S. Aboulsoud, H. Elbanawy, C. Campbell, J. Gordon; QA

1824 - Effective use of Feedback for Professional Learning and Quality Improvement in Healthcare: A Sociotechnical Perspective Derived from
Qualitative Case Studies

D. D’Lima, J. Benn; UK

 CP3 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

1579 - Increasing Community Tuberculosis Case Detection in an Urban Setting. A Community Led Intervention 
M. Muhire, H. Kisamba, T. Nyombi, E. Karamagi Nkolo; UG

2163 - Positive Influence of Accreditation on Patient Safety Culture – A Follow up
Study in Taiwan

C. M. Lo, Y. L. You, S. Liao, H. J. Lin, C I Huang; TW

 CP4 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries

2018 - Patients for Patient Safety: Public Participation in Thailand Health-Care

P. Limpanyalert, S. Kunaratnapruk, A. Supachutikul, N. P. Plaizier; TH 

C10 - Health Information Technology 

Patient Centred Care using Digital Health Technologies and Clinical Registers: examples and evidence and progress towards a learning health system for co-care
Speaker: John Ovretveit; SE

 C11 -  Patient Centred Care

1548 - Reconceptualising Patient-Centred Care: The Role of Family Carers 
A. Hogden, D. Greenfield, P. Nugus, M. Kiernan; AU

1687 - Empowering Patients, What Interventions Work for Chronic Patients? Results of an Overview of Systematic Reviews of Patient Empowerment Interventions
C. Orrego, M. Ballester, L. Perestelo, R. Sunol; ES

1638 - The Consent Form: Enabling or Disabling Patients’ Active Involvement?
C. Stavropoulou, C. Doherty, M. Saunders; UK

 C12 - Patient Safety

Positive and Safe: An English approach to reducing the need for Restrictive Intervention 
Part 1  Part 2
Ben Thomas, Dave Atkinson; UK

 C13 - Education and Research in Quality and Safety 

1076 - Becoming a “Second Victim” in Health Care, Pathway of Recovery after Adverse Event 
M. Panella, C. Donnarumma, C. Rinaldi, F. Leigheb; IT 

1719 - The Characteristics of Falls in Hospitalized Patients in a Regional General Acute Hospital in Hong Kong 
P. Y. V. Chan, C. K. A. Chu, H. Y. H. Cheung, K. S. Tang; HK

1624 - Epidemiology of Medical Errors Among Inpatients in Japan: The Jet Study
T. Morimoto, Y. Ohta, M. Sakuma, D. W. Bates; JP

1985 - Quality Improvement in the Education of Doctors of Pharmacy in the United
States: A Project Update 

T. L. Warholak, J. Cooley, A. Hincapie; US

 C14 - Accreditation, Regulation and External Evaluation

The Next Frontier in Patient Safety - using bar codes to reduce the burden of External Evaluation
Claudia Jorgenson; US, Thomas de Rijdt; BE, Tania Snioch; BE, Paul vanOstenberg; US

 C15 - Quality and Safety in Developing Countries 

From engaging for patient safety to empowering for people-centred and quality universal health coverage: what will it take?
Denice Klavano; CA, Elom Otchi; GH, Kadar Marikar; MY, Huda Amer Al-Katheeri; QA, Supachai Kunaratanapruk; TH, Mondher Letaief; WHO 

 C16 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency 

1524 - Improving Timely Access to ART among TB/HIV Co-Infected ART Naive Clients: Successes from High TB/HIV-Burden Kampala City, Uganda
C. Namajji, M. Muhire, H. Kisamba, E. Karamagi Nkolo; UG

1955 - Improving Population Health: Comparison between Complementary & Alternative Medical Care (CAM) and Conventional Medical Care in India
S. Mohapatra; SA

Afternoon Plenary 

Culturally Tailored Communication with Patients and Families
Jazieh Abdul Rahman; SA