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Edinburgh 2013

Presentations from Edinburgh on Sunday 13th October 2013

Session 1 - External Evaluation Day/ Accreditation

Consumer Engagement in Accreditation /External Evaluation of Performance; from rhetoric  to reality

This seminar will consider current attitudes and practices around the users of services playing an active and valued role in assessing the performance of a health service provider.  It will do this in the context of significant local events (the Francis Inquiry) and a range of international experiences.

The Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry – implications for patient involvement
Jocelyn Cornwell; UK

Consumer engagement in external evaluation of performance systems: what do we know?
David Greenfield; AU

Patients, we have a plan! From Research to Strategy
John Sweeney; IE 

So what are global innovators doing to turn the rhetoric into reality   

Scotland - 'User engagement in evaluation of performance; from rhetoric to reality
Richard Norris; SC

Europe - The consumer perspective in supervisory practice: from rhetoric to reality
Jooske Vos; NL

The Middle East - From rhetoric to reality Saudi Arabia Health Care System
Dina BaroudiMajdah Shugdar; SA

Asia Pacific - Engaging Consumers in the Healthcare Services in Malaysia
Kadar Marikar; MY

South America - Consumer Engagement in Accreditation/External Evaluation of Performance from rhetoric to reality Brazil and South America
Jose Noronha; BR 

North America - Consumer Engagement HCAHPS
Paula Wilson; US

Systems and Professional Regulation:  is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Regulation of Professionals

Jon Billings; UK, Irwin Fefergrad; CA

Regulation of Systems
Geir Sverre Braut; NO, Jan Vesseur; NL, Anne Mette Dons; DK 

 Pre Conference 2: Patient Engagement and Patient Recorded Outcome Measures

Patient Engagement for better Outcomes

Welcome - 
Patient Engagement and PROMs
Janne Lehmann Knudsen; ISQua,  Barbara Farlow; CA

Shared Decision Making – Why and How ?
Angela Coulter; UK

Building a Patient-Centered Care Environment: Moving from Idea to Execution
Sue Collier; UK

Patient – Centered Care and Technology: Opportunities and Challenges
Jennifer Zelmer; CA 

Engaging Patients for Safety and Quality
Rachel Davis; UK

Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (PROMs)

What are PROMs? Current Approaches; How they may transform healthcare
Nick Black; UK

PROMs at the Hospital Level
Eyal Zimmlichman; US

Use of PROMs for Individual Patients
Niels Henrik Hjøllund; DK

Pre Conference 3 – Tools for Patient Safety and Quality

Patient Safety Tools

Aim: This interactive workshop will focus on building practical safety skills in the larger 
theme of Quality and Safety in Population Health and Healthcare. This session is suitable 
for any health care practitioner and will be facilitated in an informal manner so no one will 
feel left out.

Improving Patient Safety: Essential Processess and Skills
Allen Kachalia; US, David Bates; ISQua, Eyal Zimmlichman; US, Malcolm Daniel; SC

Improving Safety with Health Information Technology
David Bates; ISQua

Preventing Health Care Associated Infections: From Theory to Practice
Eyal Zimmlichman; US

Responding to Adverse Events 
Allen Kachalia; US

The Data Are A Problem: What to do next?
Malcolm Daniel; UK

Quality Improvement Tool 

Aim: This interactive workshop will use a simple exercise to illustrate the principles of 
reliable design. A real-life example of applying reliability science to reduce Ventilator 
Associated Pneumonia (VAP) from NHS Scotland will be presented. The workshop will 
include a review of the fundamentals of reliability science and a discussion on how we can use them in our work to improve patient care.

Applying A Reliable Design Framework to Improve Quality Care For Your Patients 
M. Rashad Massoud; US, Shawn Dick; US, Jason Leitch; SC, Malcolm Daniel; SC

Pre Conference 4  -  Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, Inquiry 

Background of Mid Staffordshire Report
Harry Cayton; UK

Patient response
Gordon Johnston; UK 

Health systems response
Mike Durkin; UK

What are the cultural changes needed?
David Ballard; US

Would mandatory reporting and statutory privilege have made a difference?
Clifford Hughes; ISQua

Session 5 - Quality in Social Care for the Elderly

Transfer of Patient Information between hospital and elderly care home

Carolien de Blok; NL

Transforming Care for the Elderly in Nursing Homes
Janet Haines-Wood; UK

Advance Care Directives... A case study at a care home
Mark Brandon; AU

Elizabeth Pringle; AU 


 Presentations from Edinburgh on Monday 14th October 2013

Opening Plenary

"Mechanisms of Improvement"
Atul Gawande; US

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 Concurrent Morning Sessions

A1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

Improving Healthcare Together: Engaging clinicians in national quality improvement initiatives 
Brian Robson, Kevin Rooney, Jennifer Graham; SC – 90 mins

 A2 - Patient Safety

2500 - The incidence of adverse events in Tuscany: Results from a regional study involving 36 hospitals
S. Albolino, T. Bellandi, R. Tartaglia, A. Biggeri; IT – 15 mins

2608 - Health associated infections: Estimation of costs and financial impact on the US Health Care System 
E. Zimlichman, D. W. Bates, D. Henderson, C. R. Denham; US – 15 mins

2174 - Second victims after adverse events: The need for an International approach 
E. Van Gerven, R. Harrison, C. White, K. Vanhaecht; UK – 15 mins

1799 - Early warning score, prevention of unexpected deaths - a successful implementation
B. Hesselbo, 
A. Gram; DK – 15 mins

1558 - Transforming complex health systems - lessons from Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
P. I. Lachman,
K. Goldthorpe; UK 15 mins

A3 - Improving Population Health

The Long Term Conditions Story
Sir John Oldham;
UK - 45 mins

Why vulnerability matters more than risk: a social epidemiology of patient safety 
Joanne Travaglia, Hamish Robertson;
AU – 45 mins

A4 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

2065 - 
Patients perception of the decision-making process in Danish cancer care
J. L. Knudsen,
 C. Sperling; DK 15 mins 

2442 - From death we learn: a rural New Zealand hospital's experience in involving families in the death review process
S. Blake, A. Lawson, S. Penfold; NZ 15 mins 

2112 - Using patients and staff experiences in co-production for quality improvement in healthcare in the Netherlands
F. De Wit, F. Vennik, I. Raats, K. Grit; NL 15 mins 

2531 - The measurement of patient experiences – the relationship between delivered health care service and patient experienced satisfaction
M. T. Sandager,
 M. Freil , J. L. Knudsen; DK  15 mins

 A5 - Accreditation and External Evaluation Systems

Challenges And Systems Around Mutual Recognition and Labour Mobility
Tom Ferris; SC, Peter Trainor; CA, Michael Greco; AU –  90 mins

A6 - Education in Safety and Quality

Changing clinician behaviour
Ulfat Shaik; US 45 mins

Regulating Health Practitioners – Common challenges across Health Systems
Martin Fletcher
; AU, Ginny HanrahanIE, Marc SealeUK – 45 mins

 A7 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

1674 - 
Safe care essentials: Rapid mapping of healthcare quality and safety gaps to prioritize interventions in resource-restricted settings

P. van Ostenberg, T. Rinke de Wit, N. Spieker, S. Hudani; US, ZA, NL & KE  15 mins

2223 - Impact of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) based, in-house radiation monitoring system on timeliness and accuracy of reading the radiation dose for the first time in a Country in the developing world
N. Syed Mansoor, S. Syed M, T. Abdul H , Z. Masseh UZ; PK 15 mins

2526 - 30 day and one year hospital re-admissions in Argentina: burden, mortality and cost. Evidence from a multicentre study of a Transitional Country
J. T. Insua,
 R. Villalon; AR 15 mins

1365 - Pressure ulcer prevalence in four Indonesian hospitals: Feasibility study of the LPZ measurement in Indonesia
Y. Amir, R. Halfens, C. Lohrmann, J. Schols; NL 15 mins

 A8 - Health Information Technology

Will Digital Health Technologies Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Transform Healthcare?
John Ovretveit; SE – 45 mins   

Scotland’s approach to e-health including telehealth and telecare
George Crooks; SC – 45 mins 

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 A9 - Measuring Service Performance  and Outcomes

1464 -
 Feasibility of local clinical quality assessment in primary care: developing and testing review criteria for depression and osteoporosis national guidelines 
J. Cook, M. Lambert, M. Eccles, R. Foy; UK 15 mins  

2417 - What proportion of high-cost patients’ inpatient spending is preventable?
K. E. Joynt, A. A. Gawande, E. J. Oray, A. K. Jha; US 15 mins  

1662 - Evaluating quality indicators for physical therapy in primary care
M. Scholte, E. Hendriks, R. Nijhuis-van der Sanden, J. Braspenning; NL – 15 mins

1821 - Are data from national and other large scale user experience surveys used in local quality work? A systematic literature review
M. Haugum, K. Danielsen, H. H. Iversen, O. Bjertnaes ; NO 15 mins

2179 - Power of the NHS patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) programme to improve quality
E. A. Lingard, S. J. Mcinerney, M. F. Lambert; UK 15 mins

Lunchtime Session and Short Orals

A10 - Publishing your paper: a special session featuring editors from ISQua Journal & New England Journal of Medicine
Eric Schneider; ISQua, Arnold Epstein; US

A11 - Accreditation Research Workshop 
David Greenfield; AU, Triona Fortune; ISQua, Stuart Whittaker; SA, Reece Hinchcliff; AU

AP1 - Patient Safety - Short Orals

1364 - 
Day of week of procedure and 30 day mortality for elective surgery: national retrospective study

P. Aylin, R. Alexandrescu, E. Mayer, A. Bottle; UK 5 mins  

1988 - Preventing errors in the administration of parenteral drugs: the results of a four-year national patient safety program
C. De blok, J. Schilp, C. Wagner; NL 5 mins   

1900 - Patient safety and gaps management by registered nurses
A. Jones, M. J. Johnstone, M. Duke; AU 5 mins

0004 - Safe Surgery Safe Lives 
N. A. Abu Bakar; MY – 5 mins 

0005 - Hospital Survey of Patient Safety Culture in 5 hospitals in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria supported by Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria
L.U. Ogbonnaya; NG - 5 mins

1454 - Patient safety risks and patients treated by multiple specialties 
R. Baines, M. de Bruijne, M. Langelaan, C. Wagner; NL

 AP2 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcome

2508 - 
Benchmarking the performance of surgeons using patient-reported outcome measures

M. Boyce, J. Browne; IE 5 mins 

2519 - National implementation of hospital quality and safety indicators: results after 6 years
F. Capuano, R. Derenne, M-A. Le-Pogam, C. Grenier; FR 5 mins 

2397 - Predictors of readmission in heart failure: the effects of survival, length of follow-up and cause of readmission
A. Bottle, 
 P. Aylin, D. Bell; UK 5 mins  

2144 - Measuring the co-production of health in consultations for people living with long-term conditions
A. X. Realpe, l. Wallace, A. Adams, J. Kidd; UK 5 mins 

1044 - Establishing a patient safety indicator in anaesthesia does it matter?
D. Baroudi; 
SA 5 mins 

2183 - Development of a pan-Canadian quality scorecard for academic health sciences centres 
A. Forster, C. Backman; CA – 5 mins 

 AP3 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

1282 - 
Can networks support quality improvements in healthcare?
M. Tait, H. Crisp; UK – 5 mins 

1154 - Building a national approach to learning from adverse events through reporting and review
N. Feilden, 
 M. Aggleton, J. Long, l. Hamilton; UK – 5 mins  

1533 - New models for pay for performance for health care quality improvement
M. Trisolini; US – 5 mins   

1514 - Social capital and quality management systems in European hospitals
H. Pfaff, O. Ommen, A. Hammer; DE – 5 min

1529 - Leadership in health care and patient safety
S. Audette; CA 5 mins   

AP4 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

1664 - 
Using a child-friendly survey to obtain feedback about the hospital experience of young inpatients

A. Tallett, B. Hopwood; UK – 5 mins 

1450 - Transforming health system for people living with chronic conditions; what can be done in HIV chronic care, Tanzania experience
J. Kundy; TN – 5 mins 

2258 - Use of patient and family interviews  to assess  potential causes of readmission for heart failure, acute myocardial infraction, and pneumonia 
C. Fullerton, M. Centeno, D. Ballard; US – 5 mins 

1610 - Cancer patients’ experiences with the health care – do patients with comorbidity have different experiences?
C. Sperling, M. Sandager, J. L. Knudsen; DK – 5 mins

1307 - The patient experience of treatment burden in stroke management
K. Gallacher, C. R. May, P. Langhorne , F. Mair; UK – 5 mins 

1135 - Implementing a new work process to screen for kidney impairment in patients at the accident and emergency (A&E) pharmacy to prevent over-dosages in patients with impaired kidney function. 
H. T. Pang, H. H. M. Cheen , Y. C. Lee; SG – 5 mins 

 AP5 - Quality & Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

1305 - Designing a PHC oriented health system performance model and balanced scorecard for the lac region; Perspectives and challenges from a multi-stakeholder engagement by PAHO

A. Edward, R. Holder, G. Almeida, S. Urrutia; US – 5 mins

2257 - A performance standards based quality improvement approach can form a basis for an externally verified recognition system
A. S. Nurhussien, H. Gibson; ET 5 mins 

2233 - Radiology electronic order entry for correct patient and procedure identification and improved quality in patient care for all admitted patients in a tertiary care teaching hospital in the developing world
M. Yusuf, S. M. Sohail, R. Baig, K. Shahid; PK – 5 mins 

2133 - Process for quality improvement of reception in health facilities in Cote d'ivoire
D. Sess, J. Aka, G. G. Tiahou; CI – 5 mins 

1768 - A new approach to reducing the waiting time of patients in a secondary referral hospital: A campaign to keep doctors’ appointments with their patients
H. J. Paek, D. K. Kim, S. Cho, M. L. Han; KR 5 mins 

 AP6 - Education in Safety and Quality

2640 - 
A knowledge system for improvement: Interventions and a conceptual framework to translate knowledge into healthcare improvement

A. Wales; UK – 5 mins 

1436 - Educating the Australian public on the importance of accreditation
S. Clark; AU – 5 mins 

2243 - Effectiveness of the team resource management promoting program on hospital teamwork climate in Taiwan
C. M. Lo, H. H. Liao, P. C. Wang, W. C. Lee; TW – 5 mins 

1473 - Rethinking capacity building for evidence-based quality improvement: towards developing multilevel capabilities in practice
R. Kislov, H. Waterman, G. Harvey, R. Boaden; UK – 5 mins

2498 - Professional characteristics and educational outcomes associated with underperforming general practitioners referred to a regional clinical support group
K. Devlin, D. Sutherland, M. Kelly, P. Bowie; UK – 5 mins

1608 - An evaluation of clinical leadership program in regional health service, Victoria, Australia
J. E. Ibrahim, C. Young; AU – 5 mins 

A12 - Governance Leadership and Health Policy

2428 - 
Sustaining long term healthcare quality improvement: lessons from the English National Health Service North East transformation system

J. Erskine, M. Castelli, D. Hunter, A. Small; UK 15 mins

2542 - Implementation of quality management systems: the role of hospital (management) boards
D. Botje, N. S. Klazinga, R. Suñol, C. Wagner; NL & ES 15 mins

2493 - Western Sydney IHD surgery stream: achieving timeliness of access through collaboration and leadership 
K. Hill, D. Turner; AU – 15 mins 

1548 - Pay for performance in the US: the transition from promising concepts to national progress
L. M. Greenwald; US  15 mins

2078 - Understanding team effectiveness in clinical networks: a mixed-methods case study
D. E. White, J. M. Norris, l. Beverley, K. Zwicker; CN 15 mins

A13 - Patient Safety

Hospitals as highly reliable organisations: Examples from Intensive Care settings
Daniel L. Cohen; US, Malcolm Daniel; SC 45 mins

How to secure better outcomes from person-centred care
Adrian Sieff, Ewan King, David Tomson; UK – 45 mins

A14 - Improving Population Health

2638 - 
Association of avoidable hospital admission rates and prevalence - a methodological approach of prevalence adjustment

S. E. Droesler, S. Knorr, C. Scheidt-Nave, M. Weyermann; DE – 15 mins

2134 - Tele-monitoring and readmission risk 
N. D. Shah, M. Centeno, C. Fullerton, D. Ballard; US – 15 mins 

1477 - Replication of a new, evidence-based preventative health trainer service for people at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes
A. Betzlbacher, S. Cotterill, l. K. M. Summers; UK – 15 mins   

1457 - The effect of health promotion program intervention for high risk of hypertensive and hypercholesterolemia in middle aged and elderly population
M. P. Wu, T. C. Wang, S.F. V. Wu; TW 15 mins

2206 - Integrated transitional care model and risk stratification
M. Centeno, C. Fullerton; US 15 mins  

 A15 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

WHO: Engaging patients for safe, high quality and people-centered health services: challenges and possibilities

George Boo-Linn;
US, Susan Frampton; US, Margaret Murphy; IE, Kadar Marikar; MY, Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier; WHO – 90 mins

 A16 - Accreditation and External Evaluation

1147 - 
Can a model of pathway peer review assure quality and offer good value for money?

D. Patel, H. Crisp; UK – 15 mins 

2121 - Accreditation survey reliability: techniques to achieving a credible survey outcome
L. Low,  J. Braithwaite, D. Greenfield; AU 15 mins  

1654 - Evaluation of the first completed accreditation cycle in Danish hospitals
C. Engel, K. A. Nielsen, C. Ibsen, A. M. Falstie-Jensen; DK 15 mins 

2037 - Self-assessment – what do users think?
M. Brandon, V. Crawford; AU 15 mins 

2210 - Employee resistance and change agent role during accreditation process: a case study of a Saudi public hospital
F. Bawazir; SA – 15 mins  

A17 - Education in Safety and Quality

1208 - 
Building quality & safety attributes in systems-based practice for enhancing residents' competency

D. S. Mujumdar, S. Archuleta, S. Ang, S. C. Quek; SG – 15 mins

1702 - Applying the trigger review method after a brief educational intervention: potential for teaching and improving safety in GP specialty training?
C. De Wet J. Mckay, M. Kelly, P. Bowie; UK – 15 mins

1702 - Applying the trigger review method after a brief educational intervention: potential for teaching and improving safety in GP specialty training?
C. De Wet J. Mckay, M. Kelly, P. Bowie; UK – 15 mins

1424 - A novel, national approach to building capacity and capability in healthcare quality improvement in a resource constrained environment
G. Walsh, O. Mullally, D. Vaughan, P. Lachman; UK/IE 15 mins

1354  - Reducing suicide risk: Making mental health services safer
A. Wimberley,  J. Malcolm; UK – 15 mins

A18 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

Improving Quality in Nations; The Role, Responsibilities and Contributions of Government
Enrique Ruelas
; MX, Carol Ann Marshall; SASodzi Sodzi-Tettey; GH 90 mins 

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 A19 - Health Information Technology

2544 -
EMR-based medication adherence metric markedly enhances identification of non-adherent patients 
R. Balicer, S. R. Singer, M. Leibowitz, M. Hoshen; IL 15 mins

1219 - The relationship between quality of care and choice of clinical computing system: Retrospective analysis of family practice performance under the UK’s quality and outcomes framework
E. Kontopantelis, I. Buchan, D. Reeves, T. Doran; UK – 15 mins

1742 - Use of cloud computation and business intelligence knowledge management technologies to establish the Taiwan clinical performance indicator platform 
W. T. Wu, P. C. Wang, C. H. Cheng, S. l. Guo; TW – 15 mins

1890 - Empowering of pregnant women by making them report their own primary clinical record in a web-based system 
K. M. Lyng, M. Simonsen, H. K. Hegaard; DK – 15 mins

2100 - Preparing the yellow card scheme for SNOMED CT encoded data
D. Truran,  D. Hansen, P. Barrow, P. Mozzicato; AU, US & UK – 15 mins

A20 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcomes

Measuring Deaths – Saving Lives

Peter ChristieSimon MacKenzieRoger BlackSC – 90 mins 

Afternoon Plenary

"Scotland’s Quality Journey"
 - PowerPoint Slides  
Jason Leitch; SC – 50 mins

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Presentations from Edinburgh on Tuesday 15th October 2013

 Breakfast Session

Special Breakfast Session

Health Foundation Breakfast Session:  Why do we need to be scientific about improvement
Helen Crisp; UK

 Morning Plenary

"Quality and Efficiency - Improving both with the workflow enabled Hong Kong wide Clinical Management System" - PowerPoint Slides
NT Cheung; HK  

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"Big Data Approach to Improve Quality and Patient Safety (QPS)" - PowerPoint Slides
Jack Li; TW  

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Concurrent Sessions 

B1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

2478 - Testing approaches for getting knowledge into action

K. Ritchie, A. Wales; UK 15 mins

2307 - Multiple simultaneous accreditations: a new challenge for accrediting agencies
S. Clark; AU 15 mins

1617 - The aging of population and physician mal-distribution: a longitudinal study in Japan
K. Matsumoto, K. Seto, T. Kitazawa, T. Hasegawa; JP 15 mins

2628 - The development of an evidence-based, patient-centred, provider-informed and organizationally aligned Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
P. Mckernan, E. Leung; CA 15 mins

2102 - The role and potential of human resources departments in healthcare organisations
D. Pereira, D. Greenfield, G. Ranmuthugala, J. Braithwaite; AU 15 mins  

B2 - Patient Safety

1351 - Prevalence, patterns and predictors of nursing care left undone in European hospitals: results from the multi-country cross-sectional RN4 Cast study
D. Ausserhofer, 
S. De Geest, R. Schwendimann; CH 15 mins  

1543 - Patient safety rules in operating room: exploring rule-related factors associated with levels of compliance
A. Vacher, 
J. Trichereau, J.C. Ardouin, Y. Auroy; FR – 15 mins 

1223 - Unplanned transfers from sub-acute to acute care: time to move patient safety beyond acute care
J. Considine, 
M. Street, B. O' Connell, B. Kent; UK – 15 mins 

1528 - The epidemiology of medication errors in the neonatal intensive care units in Japan: The Jade Study
M. Sakuma,
Y. Ohta, H. Ida, T. Morimoto; JP – 15 mins 

1889 - The nature of preventable hospital deaths: an approach to determining the underlying causes
H. Hogan, 
F. Healey; UK – 15 mins 

B3 - Improving Population Health

Care Track Australia: the levels of appropriate care in Australia and the international implications
Jeffrey Braithwaite, Bill Runciman; AU – 90 mins 

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B4 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

1645 - CVDecide shared decision support tool for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease: Feasibility study and implementation plans

L. Penn, J. Colquhoun, M. Lambert , R. G. Thomson; UK – 15 mins   

2276 - Patient experience of a home-based cardiac rehabilitation program using mobile phones
M. Varnfield, M. Karunanithi, D. Hansen; AU – 15 mins 

1551 - Testing accelerated experience-based co-design: a qualitative study of using a national archive of filmed patient experience interviews to promote rapid patient-centred quality improvement - for further details please contact: adunne@isqua.org
L. Locock, G. Robert, S. Vougiuokalou, A. Boaz; UK – 15 mins

1985 - Developing and running a system for data collection of patient satisfaction and experiences in Norway
T. Dimoski; NO – 15 mins 

1670 - An analysis of breast cancer websites’ ability to meet patient information needs
E. Warren, K. Footman, C. Knai; UK – 15 mins 

B5 - Accreditation and External Evaluation Systems

Regulating social care; the good, the bad and the ugly
Robbie Pearson; SC, Mark Brandon; AU, Dermot Parsons; NI –  90 mins

 B6 - Education in Safety and Quality

2633 - Patient safety education- creating a tipping point 

A. Hain, H. MacLeod; CN – 15 mins 

2614 - Developing knowledge brokers to get knowledge into practice for healthcare quality
A. Wales, A. Thain; UK – 15 mins 

1795 - The effectiveness of the 5-tier project-based learning model on staff engagement in healthcare services
L. F. Chan, V. Mok, A. Or , A. Cheng;  HK – 15 mins 

2057 - A natural experiment using case studies to generate hypotheses about the place of learning communities in the implementation of improvement science in the NHS
J. Gabbay, A. Le May,  J. Klein, C. Connell; UK – 15 mins    

B7 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

Designing and Implementing Results at a Large Scale: Lessons from LMICs
Sodzi Sodzi-Tettey; GH, Shamik Trehan; IN, Bruce Agins; US, Pierre Barker; US –  90 mins

B8 - Health Information Technology

1204 - Economic evaluation of implementing a continuous monitoring system in a medical-surgical unit

S. P. Slight, C. Franz, D. W. Bates, E. Zimlichma; US – 15 mins 

1236 - Progress in Japanese nationwide medical adverse event reporting system in 2012
Shin Ushiro; JP – 15 mins 

1736 - Under-reporting of falls and fall injuries in hospital incident reporting databases: Capture-recapture analysis of fall event data in Australian acute hospitals
A. Barker, C. Brand, R. Morello; AU – 15 mins 

2444 - Changes in medication administration errors following the implementation of electronic medication management systems in hospitals
J. I. Westbrook, l. Li; AU – 15 mins   

1967 - Bolton relapse project, using mobile phones to prevent relapse
J. Aulton, G. Mallinson, R. Kalnina; UK – 15 mins  

B9 - Measuring Service Performance  and Outcomes

Integrating Proactive Risk Assessment  and Quality Management Systems: An Imperative for Patient Safety  

Patricia Gray; US, Paul Huntly; SG, Karen Timmons; US, Deborah Weller; US –  90 mins

Lunch Sessions and Short Oral Presentations

BP1 -  Patient Safety

1565 - Sampling hospital deaths for review to identify patient safety issues

J. M. Naessens, J. M. Huddleston, M. G. Johnson, J. A. Hickman; US – 5 mins   

1825 - Ethnic differences in adverse events in dutch hospital care? A record review study
F. Van Rosse, M. C. De Bruijne, M - l. Essink-Bot, C. Wagner; NL – 5 mins   

1557 - Improving the quality of interprofessional postoperative handover into the recovery room
B. Redley, M. Botti, T. Bucknall; AU – 5 mins   

1355 - The impact of inconsistent implementation of safety procedures among physicians on staff nurse compliance with hospital safety procedures
M. J. Pumar-Méndez, A. Wakefield, M. Attree; ES – 5 mins 

2074 - Identification of patient in hospital sector imaging state Sumaré
A. Pirutti; BR – 5 mins 

2180 - Determining the important characteristics of quality monitoring and feedback to improve anaesthetic care
D. Dlima, J. Moore, G. Arnold, J. Benn; UK – 5 mins   

BP2 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcome (National Approaches to QM)

1867 - Access to coronary artery bypass graft surgery under pay for performance: Evidence from the premier hospital quality incentive demonstration

A. Epstein, K. E. Joynt, A. K. Jha, E. J. Orav; US – 5 mins 

1292 - Early death rate in acute promyelocytic leukemia as an indicator for assessing the “system centered” quality of health care
L. Degos; FR – 5 mins   
2367 - Variation in surgical readmissions and relationship to quality of surgical care
T. C. Tsai, K. E. Joynt, A. A. Gawande, A. K. Jha; US 5 mins  

1193 - Temporal variation in surgical mortality within French hospitals
A. Duclos, S. Polazzi, S. Couray-Targe, M. Carty; US & FR – 5 mins    

1241 - Clinical pathways as a quality improvement tool in optimising length of stay of patients undergoing laparotomy for non-malignant gynaecological disorders
A. N. Thang, N. S. B. Mohd Saini, C. L. P. Koh , P. D.O Thangaraju; SG – 5 mins 

1509 - Is a quality indicator biased by a cold climate? –in-hospital mortality in acute heart failure patients
N. Sasaki, H. Ikai, K. Fushimi, Y. Imanaka; JP – 5 mins  

BP3 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

1757 - The future projection of cost of illness of lung cancer in Japan

K. Haga, K. Matsumoto, T. Kitazawa, T. Hasegawa; JP – 5 mins  

1910 - Improvement of teamwork perception of nursing staffs in observation room of emergency department with team resource management
W-H. Lee, H.-C. Wang, S.-C.  Hsiang, J.-H. Chuang; TW – 5 mins     

1560 - Improving decision-making in cancer multidisciplinary team meetings: prospective longitudinal evaluation of a multi-component intervention over 1,421 patients 
B. W. Lamb,  J. S. Green, C. Vincent , N. Sevdalis; UK – 5 mins  

2412 - Conversion to for-profit status and its impact on access, quality, and outcomes in US  hospitals
K. E. Joynt
, E. J. Orav, A. K. Jha; US 5 mins  

1284 - Possibly fewer donors due to decreasing hospital mortality rates
E. Vorstius kruijff, M. D. Vos, R. Slappendel; NL – 5 mins  

 BP4 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

1891 - Relationships between the implementation of quality management strategies and patient-reported experience in European hospitals

O. Groene, O. A. Arah, R. Sunol; ES & UK – 5 mins   

2443 - Patient involvement for clinical practice guidelines in Japan
A. Okumura, M. Yoshida, N. Yamaguchi, M. Group; JP – 5 mins  

2558 - Outsourcing family care to migrant carers? Lessons for quality improvements in care around-the-clock 
A. E. Schmidt,  J. Winkelmann, R. Rodrigues, K. Leichsenring; AT – 5 mins

2593 - What do families are willing to do about patient safety during children hospitalizations in Argentina? 
E. Garcia Elorrio, N. Dackiewicz , S. Rodriguez, C. Gonzalez; AR – 5 mins    

2184 - Patient views on links between quality of care and health information technology use
J. Zelmer, C. Leaver; CN – 5 mins      

2150 - Assessing surgical ward round quality and impact on variability of patient outcomes
P. Pucher, R. Aggarwal, A. Darzi; UK – 5 mins    

BP5 - Improving Population Health

1251 - Strengthening community systems to increase uptake and retention of PMTCT services in Tanzania

R. Bright, R. Shrestha, E. Hizza, A. Lupembe; TZ – 5 mins      

2145 - Four year follow up on adult pneumococcal vaccination rates since the introduction of new vaccination program in Clalit health services 
A. Cohen, S. Vinker, D. Comaneshter, H. Bitterman; IL – 5 mins   

2563 - Hygiene standards in republic of Ireland and northern Ireland hospitals - investigation of continuous improvement
M. Murphy, O. Gilvarry , J. Sweeney; IE – 5 mins      

2436 - Understanding barriers to medication adherence and needs for drug information in the hypertensive and/or diabetic patients: quantitative and qualitative approaches
B.R. Lee, S.-Y. You, D.-S. Kim, C.-M. Park; KR – 5 mins    

1870 - Measuring the impact of public-private partnerships
C. M. Besthoff, Y. D. Dlugacz, M. De Geronimo, M. T. Carney; US – 5 mins   

2546 - Unwarranted use of broad-spectrum antibiotics: call for action
R. Balicer, M. Low, R. Raz, H. Bitterman; IL – 5 mins     

 BP6 - Accreditation and External Evaluation Systems

1330 - 
A ‘buoyancy aid’ for accreditation 
M. Amess A. Al-Dahma; UK – 5 mins      

2101 - Implementing nation-wide mandatory accreditation standards: Lessons from the Australian experience
R. Hinchcliff, D. Greenfield , M. Banks, J. Braithwaite; AU – 5 mins     

1322 - Accreditation preparation – which implementation methods had high impact in the organization and has the accreditation preparations contributed to a change in attitude to quality improvement?
J. Lerke,
 M. N. Andersen, B. Schou; DK – 5 mins  

2349 - Apollo accreditation program (AAP): a web based JCI* standards compliance management tool
R. S. Uberoi, I. Kaur, S. Dewan, A. Sibal; IN – 5 mins 

2026 - Building an accreditation system for peer recovery support services: the faces & voices of recovery journey
T. Hill, E.  Burden, T. R. Zastowny; US 5 mins   

2017 - Revalidation in the UK: the Janus face of medical regulation?
J. Archer, S. Nunn, S. Regan de Bere; UK – 5 mins    

BP7 - Health Information Technology

2455 - 
Patient vulnerability in the Australian health care system:  a spatial modeling approach

H. Robertson, N. Nicholas, J. F. Travaglia; AU 5 mins

1306 - The challenges of developing a relevant and practical online asthma resource
D. Morrison,
 S. Wyke, N. C. Thomson, F. S. Mair; UK – 5 mins

1905 - Cross-strait emergency medical service CS-EMS (79595) 
H. T. Lee, Y. S. Huang, M. Huang; TW – 5 mins

1314 - National health insurance information system and its impact on healthcare quality in Korea
J. Yoon, B.K. Yi, D-J Choi, J. S. Lee; KR – 5 mins

B11 - Governance Leadership and Health Policy

“Hospital on Trial”– A Court Room Drama 
Patricia Snell, Adrian Hopper, Mark Kinirons, Eamonn Sullivan, Corrine Slingo, Louise Wiltshire,  Steve Walters, Alice Oborne, Paul Tunstell;
UK –  90 mins

To view this recording please Click Here

B12 - Patient Safety

Lessons learned in accelerating patient safety across countries and cultures through WHO “change models 

Benedetta Allegranzi; WHO, Shams Syed; WHO, Kadar Marikar; WHO, Pierre Barker; WHO - 90 mins

B13 - Improved Population Health

1863 - Improving population health using quality improvement to embed public health interventions in the local health system

S. A. Green, K. J. Phekoo, C. Howe, R. Barnes; UK – 15 mins   

1309 - Tobacco treatment outreach to disadvantaged smokers 
J. Haas, E. Park, J. Linder,  N. Rigotti; US – 15 mins    

1696 Engaging vulnerable and diverse communities in health services plan 
J. O’Neill, L. Lucier,  S. Meagher, J. Yip; CA – 15 mins   

2599 - Identifying patients for care coordination efforts
J. M. Naessens, L. R. Haas, H. C. Heien, P. Y. Takahashi; US – 15 mins 

2541 - Diabetes: turning the curve to reduce mortality and hospital admissions through joined up action
J. R. Bullivant
, N. Joule, J. Clarke, A. Corbett-Nolan; UK - 15 mins

B14 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

"Getting to the Third Curve - Experience, Engagement and Co-Production  
Ros Moore
SC, Ronen Rozenblum; US, Gordon Johnson; SC – 90 mins

B15 - Accreditation and External Evaluation

Accreditation in India – The NABH experience
Narottam Puri
– 30 mins

1372 - Does hospital accreditation promote high performance in human resource management practice?
A. Kellne, D. Greenfield, S. Lawrence, K. Townsend;
AU – 15 mins    

2427 - Establishing a national healthcare accreditation system in a middle-income country: the Jordan experience
A. Cico, E. Chappy; 
JO – 15 mins   

0007 - Politics, people and pragmatism: Developing national standards for healthcare quality and safety in the context of economic austerity
J. Billings, D. Mulholland;
UK – 15 mins   

B16 - Education in Safety and Quality

"Scotland’s approach to education for quality"
Malcom Wright; SC – 45 mins

Educating the social care workforce – developing content and engagement in Australia and UK
Russell Bricknell, Mark Brandon; AU – 45 mins

 B17 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

1508 - Clinical Guidelines: perception and use in Afghan paediatric and obstetric hospitals 
H. Graham, M. Tokhi, A. S. Salehi, A. Edward; AF - 15 mins

1484 - Barriers and facilitators of institutionalization of quality improvement in Niger 
M. A. Boucar, A. Coly; US – 15 mins 

2550 - Investigating healthcare professionals‘ reporting intention of medical incidents
S. Y. Hsieh, l. Chen; TW – 15 mins 

1493 - How do staff perceive a newly introduced accreditation program?
M. Alkhabbaz
, A. A. Hassan, V. Doyle; UK & KW – 15 mins 

1041 - Establishing a unique, integrated, independent National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) in Bahrain: a potential model for healthcare regulation
G. E. Nelson, U. O’Rourke, T. Cilgi; BH – 15 mins 

 B18 - Health Information Technology

Exploiting the potential of digitised health data: Opportunities and challenges
Aziz Sheikh;
UK – 45 mins

Learning from International Experiences: Benchmarking the use of Digital Solutions for Health
Jennifer Zelmer
; CA, Ashish Jha; US, Elettra Ronchi; OECD – 45 mins 

B19 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcomes

2115 - International cardiac surgery benchmarking study: Evaluation of cardiac and valve replacement procedures to drive improvement
C. Jorgenson; 
US – 15 mins

1954 - Relationships between the implementation of quality management strategies and clinical outcomes in European Hospitals
R. Sunol, O. A. Arah, C. Wagner, O. Groene;  ES, US, NL, UK – 15 mins

2083 - Israel's national program for quality indicators in community healthcare – trends and international comparisons
D. Jaffe, 
O. Manor; IL – 15 mins

2559 - Improved performance assessment through a health data navigator
J. Winkelmann, 
M. M. Hofmarcher; AT – 15 mins 

1980 - Development of a suite of indicators for quality improvement in maternity care
H. E. Knight,
 D. Cromwell, J. Van der Meulen, I. Gurol-Urganci; UK – 15 mins 

 Afternoon Plenary

"It is simply murder - How we communicate and improve the value of the quality movement?"

Robert Brook; US

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"Hello Healthcare: Uniting healthcare professionals to sending out an open invitation to patients" PowerPoint Slides 
Beth Lilja;

To view this recorded session please Click Here


Presentations from Edinburgh on Wednesday 16th October 2013

Breakfast Session

Breakfast Session:
"WHO - Injection safety – achievements so far and challenges"
Speakers: Benedetta Allegranzi; WHO, Marc Koska; UK

Morning Plenary

Uncharted Territory: Quality in Treating Complex Patients: Bridgepoint's Transformative Solutions
Speaker: Marian Walsh; CA  Notes for Presentation

To view this recorded session please Click Here

C1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

Professional Autonomy and Social Expectations
Speaker: Hirobumi Kawakita; JP 30 mins

Experience in implementing domain-focused standards in conjunction with department-focused standards in a resource-poor setting
Speaker: Stuart Whittaker; SA 30 mins

When  Governments get interested in Quality
Speaker: Lena Low, Karen Linegar; AU – 30 mins

C2 - Patient Safety

A Continuum of Design for Patient Safety Research
Speakers: Oliver Anderson, Jonathan West, Susanna Walker, Merilee Briggs; UK – 90 mins
C3 - Improving Population Health

1700 - 
Health services of a rural community in Kenya by enhancing community-facility linkages
I. C. Mwamuye, M. Mwaniki, D. Amolo, Y. Tawfik; US 
15 mins

1452 - Enhancing access of health services for most vulnerable children, through quality improvement technique in community settings: A case of Bagamoyo district- Tanzania 
F. P. Nyagawa, K. Sono , J. Mussanga, E. Kamote; TZ 
15 mins

1367 - Raising the quality of care: An impact evaluation in Afghanistan   
P. Zainullah, Y. M. Kim,  E. Bazant, K. Yari; AF,
US 15 mins

2547 - Setting the grounds to improve quality and humanise healthcare: The case of Mozambique 
I. A. Nhatave,
MZ – 15 mins

1370 - Mambulance: An innovative intervention to reduce maternal deaths in rural Manafwa and Mbale districts of Uganda  
A. Mohanty; 
US – 15 mins

 C4 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

Alive and Clicking – using the patient voice to drive safety and improvement via social media
Speakers: Paul Hodgkin; UK, Michael Greco; AU 45 mins

Integrating Human Factors Engineering and the Patients’ Voice into Patient Safety and Risk Reduction Programs
Speakers: Terry Fairbanks, Carole Hemmelgarn, Kelly M. Smith, David B. Mayer; US – 45 mins

C5 - Accreditation and External Evaluation Systems

Debate: "Within health care and social care, accreditation leads to safer patient care and improved outcomes" 
Speakers: Edward Kelly; WHO, Sir John Oldham; UKWendy Nicklin; CA, Mark Brandon; AU, Sodzi Sodzi-Tetty; GH – 90 mins

To view this recorded please
 Click Here

 C6 - Education in Safety and Quality

Building capacity and capability for healthcare improvement

Speakers: Anthony Staines; CH, Susan Went; SC, Gerry Marr; SC – 90 mins

C7 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

 How are safety and quality linked with Universal Health Coverage?
Speakers: Hernan Montenegro; WHO, Shams Syed; WHO, Anuwat Supachutikul;THClaudia Travassos; BR– 90 mins

 C8 - Health Information Technology

A Roadmap for Patient Safety in E-Health

Speakers: Vahé A. Kazandjian; US, Anastasius Moumtzoglou; GR, Anastasia N. Kastania; GR – 90 mins

 C9 - Measuring Service Performance  and Outcomes

OECD-NSF and ESF Initiatives on Smarter Models of Care
Speakers: Elettra Ronchi;
OECD, Michael Rigby; IE, Claudia Pagliari; SC – 90 mins

Special Lunchtime Session and Short Oral Presentations 

Special Lunchtime Session

C10 – An International Peer - Review of the Norweigan Board of Health Supervision
Speakers: Anne Mette Dons, Jan Vesseur

C11 – WHO: Leaders Guide to Patient Safety and Quality of Care 
Speakers: Bruce Barraclough; AU, Agnes Leotsakos; WHO
View the Recorded Session

C12 Reach patient and family activated escalation of care: 12 months on and the sky did not fall  
K. Luxford, A. Gal, C. Hughes; AU

CP1 - Patient Safety

2271 -
 Patient participation in their care: fact or fiction
A. M. Malik, S. Clinco; BR 5 mins

2262 - Enhancing quality through standardization
B. Ho, J. Liu, K. Wong , C. Tong; HK 5 mins

2094 - Medication matters – giving our patients their medicines safely
C. Swift, S. Ballard-Smith; UK 5 mins

1380 - Find the gap: Understanding where we can improve our management of clinical deterioration
C. Kelly, l. Hamley, M. Sandford, J. Weir-Phyland; AU 5 mins

2650 - Promoting healthy and safe living for individuals and their caregivers through exercise 
C. Brookman, O. Maharaj; CA 5 mins

 CP2 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcome (Innovation in QI)

1510 - 
Proceed (preconception care for diabetes in Derby): An integrated model
P. King; 
UK 5 mins

1107 - Quality of life in nursing homes following the group-living principle. A pilot study measuring the quality of life from the subjective perspective of dependent-living elderly
A. Simon; 
DE 5 mins

2033 - If you build it they will come" engaging clinicians and teams in quality system improvement 
B. King, 
W. Jamieson, C. Pain, C. Hughes;AU 5 mins  

1118 - The quality and pattern of care since the mandatory application of DGR payment system in Korea
N. Y. Kim, M. S. Shin, M. G. Kim, C. U. Park; KR- 5 mins

CP3 - Education in Safety and Quality

2021 - 
The Sheffield Microsystem Coaching Academy (MCA): building improvement capability into the workforce of Sheffield’s healthcare system

P. J. Richmond; UK 5 mins    

2317 - Conformance - the challenge of health care providers
D. J. Wright, S. Shepherd; UK 5 mins   

1906 - The association between computerized prescriber order entry and medication errors in government owned hospitals in the united states: an analysis of voluntary medication error reports
H. J. Jeong, J. M. Franklin, L. Morlock; US 5 mins    

2429 - Cleaning up the paper trail- our best clinical notes in open view
G. Lambe,
 N. Linnane , I. Callanan, M. Butler; IE 5 mins    

CP4 - Accreditation and External Evaluation Systems

1036 - 
Developing a health accreditation program for remote communities

K. Linegar, L. O'Connor, L. Low; AU 5 mins   

2154 - Developing a national accreditation standard and instrument for community health center in Indonesia to improve quality and safety for patient care and community health care programs
T. Kuntjoro, T. Mohamad, l. Koerniawati, H. Djasri; ID 5 mins    

1651 - Contribution of feedback and internal control to meet the requirements 
G. Sieradzki, B. Lucet, F. Berard, T. Le ludec; FR 5 mins    

2525 - Self-assessment as a tool in the Danish social sector accreditation programme
L. J. Soerensen, H. Qvist, M. G. Axelsen; DK 5 mins   

2103 - Involving consumers in healthcare through accreditation programs
R. Hinchcliff, , P. Carswell, D. Greenfield, J. Braithwaite; AU 5 mins   

2421 - The role of accreditation in improving healthcare governance in Lebanon- successes, limitations and lessons learnt
R. Zahar; LB 5 mins  

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions 

 C13 - Governance Leadership and Health Policy

2242 - 
Adopting hospital based health technology assessment in EU 

J.B. Wasserfallen, AdHopHTA Working Group; CH & ES - 15 mins

2565 - Support effective governance through a quality management information system
B. Doyle,  P. Fagan, M. Brookfield, D. Roche; IE - 15 mins

1278 - A board monitor to recognize malfunctioning professionals
R. Slappendel, M. De Vos, M. Smit; NL - 15 mins

1098 - Changing behaviour: Educating leadership via dashboards
Y. Dlugacz, C. Sweetapple, M. Degeronimo; US - 15 mins

 C14 - Patient Safety

2332 - 
Piloting the PRASE (patient reporting for a safe environment) intervention

J. O'Hara, R. Lawton, G. Armitage, l. Sheard; UK 15 mins

1368 - Pharmacist-led effect of medication reconciliation in acute care transitions of 12 Dutch Hospitals  
E. M. Van der Schrieck-de Loos, P. M. Van den Bemt; NL 15 mins

2128 - Restraint minimization project
H. Lee, K. Tang , I. Mak , M. Wong; HK 15 mins

1525 - Promoting culture of safety through the implementation of a standardised peer review process
M. Reznek, B. A. Barton; US 15 mins  

C15 - Improving Population Health

Quality and Safety in Public Health - Recorded Session
Speakers: Carol Tannahill, Phil Hanlon; SC - 60 mins

C16 - Patient and Family Experience, Engagement and Co-production

2054 - A proactive patient-centred care model improved hospitalized patients experience and satisfaction in Denmark
M. Lisby, D. W. Bates, R. Rozenblum; US 15 mins

1461 - Patient centred care – using real time patient experience to confirm the value of a partnership approach to care and treatment
J. Sheppard, S. Thomson; AU 15 mins

1287 - ‘Navigation’ to support shared decision making for patients with a high grade glioma (HGG). A qualitative evaluation
S. Shepherd,
 l. M. Wallace, B. Hacking, S. E. Scott; UK 15 mins

C17 - Accreditation and External Evaluation

2023 -
 The power of accreditation data to inform system improvements in quality and safety: Strengths and opportunities for improvement identified from the Accreditation Canada national and jurisdictional reporting program
W. Nicklin, 
B. Macdonald, J. I. Mitchell; CA 15 mins 

1385 - Quality Systems Assessment (QSA) - ticking the box or improving care?
W. Jamieson, 
B. King , C. Pain, C. Hughes; AU – 15 mins 

1356 - Accreditation: 4000 “recommendations for improvement”: Do they make a difference? 
A. Depaigne-loth, 
V. Mounic , M. Makhoukh, X. Chen; FR – 15 mins  

1640 - Reinforced quality healthcare through nation-wide hospital accreditation in Taiwan 
J. H. Chuang, 
H. C. Wang, H. C. Yang, J. Y. Lin; TW  15 mins    

C18 - Education in Safety and Quality

2426 - How can we bring together the worlds of quality improvement and implementation science?
T. Shaw, 
D. McGregor, T. Robinson, N. Rankin; AU 15 mins    

1602 - Integration of patient safety incident into high-fidelity, simulation-based team
S. H. Hung, S. l. Guo, C. H. Wang, P. C. Wang, TW 15 mins 

1787 - Assessing the applicability of airline pilot selection measures for surgeons
L. Vankan, 
D. De Korne,  J. Kesteloo, F. Hiddema; NL 15 mins    

1893 - Learning to make a difference: Enabling UK core medical trainees to learn and develop quality improvement skills that offer real benefits to patients
E. Vaux;
 UK 15 mins    

C19 - Quality and Safety in Transitional and Developing Countries

2228 - 
Quality under question: Assessing the success rate of perma catheter (PERMACATH)insertion for procedures carried out in the radiology department in a tertiary care JCI accredited teaching hospital in the developing world
A. Rajani, S. Syed M , T. U. Haq , A. Bilal; PK 15 mins

1549 - The effects of a training program on the health professionals for maternal and new born care in the Kingdom of Swaziland
C. C. Chung, G. C. Yeh, S. C. Kou, C. M. Chen; TW 15 mins

1331 - Implementation of accreditation standards in international healthcare organizations –  are challenges for small and large organisations different? 
S. S. Ahmed, C. A. Menger;  CA 15 mins

1113 - Maternal, neonatal and reproductive health care: developing and implementing a quality improvement system for outpatient services in Kenya
L.  Musyoka, H. Prytherch, M. Nafula, J. Szecsenyi; DE 15 mins

C20 - Health Information Technology

Innovation and Systems Change 
Speaker: Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU 60 mins

C21 - Measuring Service Performance and Outcomes

1070 - 
Vanguard referral network: using a mentoring approach to build self-motivation to

D. Suryaningsih, E. Iswandi; IN - 15 mins

2636 - From Board to Bedside – creation and implementation of a Quality Innovation Fund (QIF) at St. Michael’s hospital
C. Hayes, E. Leung, P. Mckernan; CA - 15 mins

2595 - Deming cycle is ticking over: the problem of  recurrent adverse events and the introduction of the "no fly" policy in the radiation treatment process management
E. G. Lenaerts,  M.Delgaudine, P. Coucke; BE - 15mins

1308 - An automated system for reporting and classifying adverse events in a cardiac surgical population
J. A. Robblee, M. Bourke; CA - 15 mins

Closing Plenary 

Social Circumstances and Health
Speaker: Harry Burns; SC 

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