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Presentations from Rio de Janeiro on Sunday 5th October 

Pre Conference 1: Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems 

Making the most of Standards for External Evaluation Programmes

This workshop is aimed at both experienced and novice healthcare staff  who wish to improve patient care. Standards are the cornerstone of all external evaluation programmes and are nto easy to develop, but once done well, can be invaluable. However in this time of complex healthcare systems, do we need a one size fits all  or do we need  multiple sets of standards to cover every eventuality. This informal interactive session will help to answer some of these questions.

Introduction and Objectives
Triona Fortune; IE, David Greenfield; AU

Morning: What is the aim of standards?
David Greenfield; AU

Is it to regulate?
Margaret Banks; AU 

Is it to improve?
Carsten Engel; DK

Can they accommodate resource poor systems?
Nicole Spieker; NL

Panel Discussion
Margaret Banks; AU, Stuart Whittaker; ZA, Nicole Spieker; NL, Carsten Engel; DK, Linda O'Conner; AU

Back to basics
Triona Fortune; IE

How to write external evaluation standards that are achieveable?
Paul van Ostenberg; US

Are standards always evidence based?
David Greenfield; AU

Can standards contribute to enhancing patient/family centred care?
Wendy Nicklin; CA

Panel Discussion
Denise Klavano; CA, Wendy Nicklin; CA, Paul van Ostenberg; US, Carlos Goes de Souaz; BR 

Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL

Workshop 1: Designing the Tools: How to choose the right questionaire
Eugene Nelson; US

Workshop 2: How to engage patients and clinicians for successful implementation
Eyal Zimlichman; IL

​Closing Remarks
Janne Lehmann Knudsen; DK, Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL

Delegates to choose 1 topic and work in facilitated groups
Facilitators: Claudia Jorgenson; US, Jessica Gacki-Smith; US, Carlos Goes de Souza; BR, Anne Hogden; AU, Lena Low; AU

A: How do we writed external evaluation standards that are achieveable?

B: Develop debating points for the proposition: Peer review is a better approach for promoting continuous improvement.

C: Develop an approach to finding the evidence for a patient centred care standard and a patient safety standard.

David Greenfield; AU

Closing Remarks
Triona Fortune; ISQua 

Pre Conference 2: Implementation of Patient Recorded Outcome Measures (PROMs): Key Lessons Learnt

Patient Engagement for better Outcomes 

Janne Lehmann Knudsen; ISQua

Successful use of PROMs in frontline clinical settings: Case Examples
Eugene Nelson; US

Laying down a conceptual framework for a PROMs programme
Eyal Zimlichman; IL

PROMs at the Frontline
2014 Recipient of HAL Award

Systematic collection of PROMs for care and research - moving into 21st century clinical practice
Irene Katzan; US

Implementing PROMs in cancer care - key challenges and lessons learnt
Liv Dorflinger; DK

Panel Discussion
Janne Lehmann Knudsen; DK, Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL, Irene Katzan; UK, Liv Dorflinger; DK

Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL

Workshop 1: Designing the Tools: How to choose the right questionaire
Eugene Nelson; US

Workshop 2: How to engage patients and clinicians for successful implementation
Eyal Zimlichman; IL

​Closing Remarks
Janne Lehmann Knudsen; DK, Eugene Nelson; US, Eyal Zimlichman; IL

Session 3 – Quality in Health Care and Patient Safety in Latin America

Chair: Jose Carvalho de Noronha; BR

Challenges in implementing quality of care programmes in middle income countries

Jose Maria Paganini; AR

Panel: Quality and safety along the continuum of health care: A Latin American Approach
Walter Mendes; BR, Rosa Sunol; ES, Jorge Hermida; EC

Second Panel: Quality of health care and patient safety in Latin America - An evaluative review
Hugo Arce; AREduardo Schnitzler; ARHugo Guajardo; CL, Teresa Tono; CO, Diana Carmen A. N. De Oliveira; BR

Session 4  -  Patient Safety and Quality Tools
Patient Safety tools in the real world: Keys to successful implementation

In this pre-conference session on Safety Tools, participants will learn about how to get Safety initiatives underway, and then spread and maintain them. The interactive session will start with some background on important patient safety issues. Then, through a varied presentation format that will include brief lectures, interactive discussions, and case studies participants will learn how information technology can improve safety, how to implement new interventions and manage change, how to scale up successful  inventions, as well as building a culture of safety that can support this work.

Presentation on Patent Safey and Quality Tools
Allen Kachalia; USDavid Bates; US, Itziar Larizgoitia; WHO, Ezequiel Garcia-Elorrio; AR

Managing knowledge to improve care
Kate Fatta; US, Rashad Massoud; US, Bruce Agins; US

This interactive session will discuss simple rules of managing Knowledge. The presenters will guide participants through the application of two techniques of managing knowledge, storytelling, and speed consulting. Additional techniques of managing knowledge and how they can be used at different stages of an improvement effort will be discussed and resource materials provided for further learning.


 Presentations from Rio de Janeiro on Monday 6th October

Opening Plenary

Quality and Safety along the Health and Social Care Continuum
Dean Julio Frenk; MX 
To view this recorded session Click Here

 Concurrent Morning Sessions

A1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

Aiming for a High Performance Health Care System: Opportunities for Cross-National Learning

Robin Osborn; US – 90 mins

 A2 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions

1924 - The Implementation of Decision Support System for Reducing Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors in Japanese inpatients: The Jade Study

M. Sakuma, Y. Ohta, D. W. Bates, T. Morimoto; JP – 15 mins

1227 - Evaluation of a Pharmacist Managed Warfarin Protocol: Looking Beyond Process Measurements
J. M. Naessens, P. Daniels, D. Manning, J. Moriarty; US – 15 mins

1761 - Off-Hours Admission and Acute Stroke Care Quality: A Nationwide Study of Processes of Care and Case-Fatality
N. Sahlertz Kristiansen, J. Mainz, B.M. Norgaard, S. P. Johsen; DK – 15 mins

1799 - Early warning score, prevention of unexpected deaths - a successful implementation
B. Hesselbo, A. Gram; DK – 15 mins

1175 - Does Clinical Governance Influence Appropriateness in Hospital Stay
A. G. De Belvis, A. Poscia, P. Parente, M. L. Specchia; IT – 15 mins

1400 - Which Really Impacts the Quality of Care for Acute Heart Failure - Hospital Case Volume or Cardiologist Team Size? 

N. G. Saski, H. Ikai, K. Fushimi, Y. Imanaka; JP - 15mins

A3 - Patient Centred Care

Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Patient Involvement in Patient
Peter Walsh, Stephen CampbellJane O'HaraSally GilesJonathan Boote; UK- 45 mins

A4 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

1280 - The Influence of the Hospital Accreditation on Quality and Hospital Management in Taiwan
W. C. Lee,
 S.Liao, H. J. Lin, T. H. Su; TW – 15 mins

1921 - Do Short-Notice Reviews Remove the 'Staged' Reality of Surveys?
R. Marthinsen; DK – 15 mins   

2446 - A New Program for the Sustainability of High Quality Care to Further Improve Accredited Hospitals: An Analysis of First-Year Achievements in the Cost-Containment Era
Y. Imanaka, H. Sugawara, M. Imamura, H. Kawakita; JP – 15 mins  

2390 - From a Ripple to a Tidal Wave one year on: Driving Improvements in Safety and Quality through a National Accreditation Scheme
M. Banks
; AU  – 15 mins

1642 - International Hospital Accreditation for a Public General Hospital in the Great Sao Paulo

L. V. Gaspary, S. A. P. Sousa; BR - 15 mins

 A5 - Education and Research

Quality Improvement Methods adapted for LMIC: The Goodbye Bacteraemia Campaign in the Latin American Region
Viviana Rodriguez, AR, Jafet Arrieta; MX, Pedro Delgado; VE –  90 mins

A6 - Learning with Developing Countries

National Programme for Patient Safety: The Brazilian Content

Shams Syed; WHO, Regina Ungerer; WHODiana Carmem Nunes; BR, Luciana Yumi Eu; BR – 90 mins

 A7 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

1466 - 
Clinical Governance in Telehealth: The Present has caught up with the Future

M. E. Robinson; AU  – 15 mins

1244 - Role of Web-Based Nationwide Medical Adverse Event Reporting System in Planned Clinical Investigation System on Patient Death in Japan
S. Ushiro, H. Sakai, J.Inoue, K. Nomoto; JP – 15 mins

1588 - Health Technology Assessment as a Tool to Increase the Quality of Investment in Health Information Technology
P. Jest,
 K. Kidholm, C.D. Pedersen, J. Risom; DK – 15 mins

1452 - The Costs Associated with Implementing Electronic Health Records in Hospitals
S. P. Slight, C. Quinn, D. Bates, A. Sheikh; US/UK – 15 mins

1405 - A Novel Electronic Nursing Information and Documentation System Impacts Nurse Workflows

B. Redley, M. Botti, K. Coleman, J. Considine; AU - 15 mins

 A8 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons/Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

When everybody wins - maximising staff engagement in improvement

Helen Crisp & Jane Jones; UK – 45 mins  

1899 - Utilising Advantageous Risk Management and Performance Improvement Techniques
G. Smith, S. Clark; AU – 15 mins

2340 - Can Management by walk rounds in a University Hospital Improve Quality? Deployment and Results for the First 18 Months
A. Ourahmoune, G. Dessard-Choupay, A. C. Rae, P. Chopard; CH - 15 mins

 A9 - Integrated Care

1369 -
 Prevalence and Potential for Integrated Care with Remote Patient Monitoring in Canada
B. Gheorghiu, J. Zelmer; CA – 15 mins 

2228 - Apply Clinical Alert System to Reduce In-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: Multidisciplinary Team Integrated Care
W. L. Liu, S. C. Vong, H.C. Huang, C. J. Chen; TW – 15 mins 

2295 - Community Assets and Health Outcomes: New Models of Change
M. Tait, S. Rippon, J. Foot, T. Hopkins; UK – 15 mins

2550 - The Critical Conceptual and Practical Issues of the Integrated Care Co-ordination Pilot (CCP) in Hungary
P. Gaal, E. Sinko; HU – 15 mins

Lunchtime Session and Short Orals

Special Lunch Session
How Physical Environment Reduce Harm, improve satisfaction and lower costs
Paul Barach; AU

AP1 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems - Short Orals

1324 - 
Using Hierarchical Linear Modelling for Patient Safety Culture Growth Curve and Related Factors in Taiwant: A 5 Year Longitudinal Study
H. J. Lin, 
T. Y. Wu, S. Liao, T. H. Su; TW – 5 mins 

1916 - Introduction of SBM-R, Internal and External Verification System Improves Quality of Health Care in Malawian Health Facilities
E. S. Gumbo, T. Rashidi, L. Useni; MW – 5 mins 

1568 - Effect of Implementation of Specialty Hospital Designation (Medical Cost & Length of Stay)
D. W. Jung, H. J. Yoon, N. S. Lee, S. I Kim; KR – 5 mins  

1692Where do Healthcare Organisations Excel? - An Analysis of Outstanding Achievement Ratings
L. O'Connor, D. Jones, L. Low, K. Linegar; AU - 5 mins

 AP2 - Patient Centred Care

2382 - 
Enable Intra-hospital Safe Tranfser of Patient

C. Y. C. Chan, H. K. C. Lam, A. O. K. Lee, S. Mun Lei; HK – 5 mins 

1876 - Quality Improvement in the Education of Doctors of Pharmacy in the United States
A. L. Hincapie, T. Warholak, V. Arya; US – 5 mins 

2209 - Implementation of Sexually Transmitted Infections - Korean Guidelines and Related Factors: An Analysis of the Sales Funnel Approach
H. J. Jeong,
 H. Jo; KR – 5 mins

2052 - Savic - Advanced Heart Failure Support Course: A New Teaching Methodology for Acute Heart Failure
M. F. Canesin, M. T. Oliveira Jr, A. C. P. Barretto, A. C. Carvalho; BR – 5 mins  

2436 - From Global Policy to Local Action: Implementing WHO Multi-Professional Patient Safety Curriculum Guide in Thailand
P. Limpayalert; 
A. Supachutikul, S. Tassniyom, N. P. Plaizier; TW/WHO – 5 mins   

1368 - Analysing the Association of Hospital-Level Quality Performance Indicators
M. Morgan, A. Schoen, V. Cheng, M. A. Counte; US – 5 mins 

 AP3 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy "Quality Maintaining Cost Efficiencies" 

1861 - Protocol Management: Assistance and Financial Results
R. M. G. P. Macedo, R. F. D. Silva, W. N. Issa, L. B. Taveira; BR – 5 mins 

2008 - Improving Cost-Effectiveness and Quality of Care by HIRA's Claims Review 
J. Koo, 
 Y. Baek, M. Lee, K. Ham; KR – 5 mins   

1216 - How Hospitals Responded to a Financial Incentive to Improve Quality: A Qualative Analysis of the French Hospital Pay-For-Performance Experiment
A. Girault,  A. Fourcade, P. Loirat, E. Minvielle; FR – 5 mins 

1695 - How Frontline Manager Learning  and Development Influences Governance and Leadership
A. Kellner, S. A. Lawrence, K. Townsend, D. Greenfield; AU – 5 mins 

1408 - Safety Culture Assessment and Leadership
T. A. Listyowardojo, S. Leyshon, M. Lyons, M. Pytte; NO – 5 mins 

AP4 - Health and Social Care for Older Persons

1829 - 
Post-operative Progression of Isolated Myocardial Revascularisation Surgery in Young and 80 Year Old Patients

P. G. M. B. Silva, D. L. Ramos, N. S. Lasta, V. A. Fernandes; BR – 5 mins 

1483 - E-Health Technologies for Ageing Citizens: First Hints of Acceptance Factors in Italy
L. Buccoliero, E. Bellio; IT – 5 mins 

1541 - Change in Quality and Behaviour of Medical Service Before and After the Introduction of Pilot Program of Korea Case Payment System (KCPS)
S. M. Lim, M. Y. Ko, M. Y. Kim, Y. J. Moon; KR – 5 mins  

2085 - The Impact of Social Factors on Re-admission for Older Adults
M. Centeno, C. Fullerton, D. Ballard; US – 5 mins 

 AP5 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions "For Medication Errors"

Optimising High Risk Medication in 16 Dutch Hospitals

E. Van Der Schrieck-De Loos, L. M. Hanff, S. J. Troost, J. J. P. Van Groenestijn; NL – 5 mins 

2523 - Drug - Drug Interaction Alerts Focused on Prevention of Serious Injuries in a Hospital Setting: The Prevalence of Over-rides and Prescriber Determinants
T. Eguale, D. L. Seger, S. P. Slight, D. W. Bates; US – 5 mins 

2438 - Reducing Medication Errors in Mental Health Community Settings
T. Vasquez; AU – 5 mins 

2530 - Understanding Junior/Trainee Nurses in Relation to the Administration of Anti-Cancer Drgs and Immunotherapy Process
D. M. S. Okada, Y. B. Q. Oliveira, A. J. Barretto, L. G. Silva; BR – 5 mins

1235 - Incidence and Outcome of Inappropriate In-Hospital Empiric Antibiotic Therapy for Severe Infection: A Systematic Review
K. Marquet, A. Liesenborgs, A. Vleugels, N. Claes; BE – 5 mins 

 AP6 - Patient Centred Care "Experience"

2233 -
 Associated Factors Related to Poor Patient Engagement in Hospital Care

L. Y. E. Wong, W. L. A. Cheung, H. K. C. Yam, S. F. Lui; HK – 5 mins 

1095 - Development of a Patient Reported Experience Measure for Transition: Assessing Young Adults' Experiences of Transferring from Paediatric to Adult Healthcare Services
A. Tallett, B. Hopwood; UK – 5 mins 

1128 - Satisfaction Survey: A Patient Centred Quality Improvement Tool
A. S. Al Qahtani, F. M. Messahel; SA – 5 mins  

A10- Governance Leadership and Health Policy

1217 - 
What Powers do Hospital Middle Managers Hold in Influencing Clinical Staff on Quality and Patient Safety?

A. Parand, S. Dopson, C. Vincent;UK – 15 mins

1306 - Driving Ownership & Accountability as the Cornerstone of Patient Safety Strategy
D. S. Mujumdar, A. Lim, S. C. Quek, S. Ang; SG – 15 mins

1661 - Policy Development at National Level: The Australian Open Disclosure Framework
M. Banks, l. Slawomirski, G. Bedford, S. Allen; AU – 15 mins 

2322 - Linking Patients to Providers for Performance Assessment: The Effects of Attribution Method on Provider Performance Measures in a Large Primary Care Practice
J. Naessens, P.Ramar, L. Benetti, K. Bunkers; US – 15 mins

1917 - The Most Important Dimension of Quality to Health Workers in a Large Teaching Hospital in Ghana
E. H. Otchi, P. K. Amoo, K.K. Marfo; GH  – 15 mins

A11 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions

Learning from Large Scale Systems Transformations
Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU, Cliff Hughes; AU, Sir Liam Donaldson; UK, David Mayer; US – 90 mins

 A12 - Patient Centred Care

1518 - Enhancing Quality Measurement with Electronic Healthcare Records

T. Hernandez-Boussard, S. Tamang, N. Shah; US – 15 mins

1793 - How Do Staff Engage With Feedback From Their Patients About Safety And Quality? Lessons Learned From A Multi-Centre Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
L. Sheard, J. O'Hara, R. Lawton, G. Armitage; UK – 15 mins

1378 - Fool's Gold Or A Pot Of Gold At The End  Of The Rainbow?: The Potential Outcomes Of The Patient-As-Professional Role To Deliver Patient Centred Care
D. Greenfield, R. Phillips, A. Short, P. Dugdale; AU – 15 mins 

2170 - Communicating With Non-Speaking Patients: An Interview Study Exploring Current Practices In Swiss Intensive Care Units
T. Manser, P. Immoos, P. Massaroto, P. Vanek; CH – 15 mins

Engaging Patients and Families in Refining an Innovative Patient-Centred Care Intervention to Enhance Patient Experience
Ronen Rozenblum; US – 15 mins  

 A13 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

Jumpstarting and Sustaining Quality in Developing Countries

Nicole Spieker; NL, Martin Ngari; KE, Charles Kandis; KE,  Nathaniel Otoo; GH, Njide Ndili; NG – 90 mins
To view recorded session Click Here

 A14 - Education and Research

1478 - 
Return To Theatre For Elective Hip And Knee Replacements: What is the Relative Importance of Patient Factors, Surgeon and Hospital?

M. Loeffler, A. Bottle, P. Aylin; UK – 15 mins 

2283 - The Epidemioogy of Operation Related Adverse Events in Inpatients: The Jet Study
Y. Ohta,  M. Sakuma, D. W. Bates, T. Morimoto; JP – 15 mins   

1155 - Distance Learning Program for Staff of the Dominican Ministry on Quality Health Services
H. E. Arce, D. S. Gayol; AR – 15 mins 

2344 - Using a Novel Online Learning Method to Respond to Adverse Event Data and Supplement Quality Improvement Programs
J. Helfrick, T. Shaw, M. Ryan, H. Bowen-Brady, E. Brown; AU – 15 mins

 A15 - Learning with Developing Countries

2354 - 
Association Between Patient and Hospital Admission Factors and Adverse Event Occurrence in the Brazilian Prevalence Study of Adverse Events

A. L. B. Pavao, W. Mendes, M. Martins, C. Travassos; BR – 15 mins

2220 - Strengthening Systems to Improve Nutrition Care, Support and Treatment in Malawi: Results from Balaka and Karonga Districts
L. E. HayaA. Stern; MW – 15 mins

2259 - A Three-Year Trend of Hospital Performance in Afghanistan: Results from a National Assessment Applying the Balanced Score Card
A. Edward, K. Osei-Bonsu, C. Branchini, G. Burnham; AF – 15 mins

1870 - Prevalence of Potentially Inadequate Medication (PIM) Among Elders in an Academic Hospital of a Transitioning Country
A. Fajreldines, J.T. Insua; AR – 15 mins

1532 - The Cost-Effectiveness of Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health Care: Results from Mali and Uganda
E. Broughton,  C. Namajji, A. Coly, E. Karamagi-Nkolo; US – 15 mins

A16- Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

Improving Patient Safety: Simulation of Adverse Outcomes and Human Factors

Douglas Slakey,Ned CosgriffIngemar Davidson, James Korndoffer; US – 90 mins

 A17 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons 

1339 -
 Medication Management in the Oder Adult: Thinking Outside the Pill Box
M. Centeno, C. Fullerton, D. Ballard; US – 15 mins

1188 - Adult Social Care Survey Feasibility Study
K. Flott, E. Ainley, R. Humphries; UK – 15 mins

2570 - Prevalence of the Prescribing of Potentially Inappropriate Medication to Elderly in Korea: A Nationwide Claim Data Based Study
H. L. Jeon, J. Park, D. S. Kim; KR – 15 mins

1719 - Experiences of Care, Quality and Safety in Aged Care Homes: The Views of Health Professionals and Residents and their Families
A. Hogden, D. Greenfield, D. Debono, J. Braithwaite; AU – 15 mins

ISQua's International Resident Quality Safety Initiative
John Sweeney; ISQua – 15 mins

A18 - Integrated Care

The Stakeholders' Perspective: Quality in Medicine in Transitional Post-Communist Countries
Tomas DolezalHana Konecna, Eva SramkovaMiroslav VernerCZ – 90 mins 

Afternoon Plenary

Integrated Care and Multimorbidity: The Challenges
Stewart Mercer, UK

PowerPoint Slides 
to view this recorded session Click Here


Presentations from Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday 7th October

 Breakfast Session

Special Breakfast Session

The Commonwealth Fund and The 2015-16 Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice 

Robin OsbornUS

 Morning Plenary

Brazilian Partnerships with Africian Countries as part of WHO/APPS
Paulo Buss; BR

Quality and Safety accross the Healthcare Continuum
Teresa Tono; CO
To view Teresa's recorded session Click Here

International Accreditation Awards
Triona Fortune; ISQua 
To view the Awards Click Here

Concurrent Sessions 

 B1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

1873 - 
Pharmacy - Prohibiting the Provision of Incentives for Prescription Drug Sales that put Rewards Ahead of Health Interests

K. Gustavson, B. Nakagawa, D. Kipp; CA – 15 mins

1526 - Where there are no Data: Measuring National Coverage of use of Uterotonics for the Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage
J. M. Smith, J. Ricca, V. Dwivedi, J. Varallo; US – 15 mins

1902 - Merging Four Organisations into One - Lessons and Challenges
S. Clark; AU – 15 mins

2527 - Do Community Healthcare Quality Indicators of the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Improve Health Outcomes?
R. Calderon-Margalit, D. H. Jaffe, O. Manor; IL – 15 mins

B2 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions

Diagnostic Error in Medicine

Mark Graber; USGordon Schiff; USPat Crosskerry; CA – 90 mins   

B3 - Patient Centred Care

Engaging patients and the community for people-centred health services - why is it important for universal health coverage?

Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier; WHODenice Klavano; CASue Sheridan; USNuria Toro Polanco; WHO – 90 mins 
To view this session recording: Click Here

B4 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

1905 - 
A Glass Half Full or Half Empty? Perspectives from the Frontline About Accreditation Survey Reliability

A. Hogden, D. Debono, D. Greenfield, J. Braithwaite; AU – 15 mins

1410 - How to Secure the Benefits from Re-Licensing Doctors: A United Kingdom Perspective
H. Crisp, D. Patel, J. Archer; UK – 15 mins

2338 - Moving from Structure and Process to Outcomes
D. J. Wright; AU – 15 mins 

1111 - Introducing Quality Account in the French Accreditation Process
B. Lucet; F. Berard, T. Le Ludec, Y. Morice; FR – 15 mins 

2509 - Measuring-Up: How do Social Services Agencies Fare Against Health Care Institutions?
F. Sauve; CA – 15 mins 

B5 - Education and Research 

1515 - 
Making Every Moment Count: Quality Improvement in Action for Doctors in Training
E. VauxUK –  15 mins

1196 - Patient Handover - PhD Report

I. M. D. Siemsen; DK - 15 mins

1531 - The Design and Delivery of a Curriculum to Improve the Outcomes of Patients with Kidney Disease (ESRD) in Vietnam

D. Slakey, I. Davidson, J. Korndoffer; US - 15 mins

2070 - Incidence and Nature of Injuries Due to Medical Care in Japan: The Jet Study 

T. Morimoto, M. Sakuma, Y. Ohta, D. W. Bates; JP/US - 15 mins

1117 - Clinical Care Improvement Training Program (CCITP) 
S. Akshaya; QA - 15 mins

 B6 - Learning with Developing Countries

Improving quality of and access to health care in Latin America 

Ezequiel Garcia Elorria; ARJafet Arrieta; MXJorge Hermida; ECJ. Nelson; – 90 mins 

B7 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment/Integrated Care

Learning from Greg's Journey: Continuity of Care and Digital Health
Jennifer Zelmer and Ward Flemons; CA –  45 mins

2443 - Electronic Health Records for Health Service Improvement: Patient and Public Hopes and Concerns in the UK 
C. Papoutsi, C. Marston, J. Reed, D. Bell; UK - 15 mins

2439Development of Public Disclosure on Hospitals Quality 
S. Goubet, S. Cohen, C. Grenier; FR - 15 mins

 B8 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons

Economic evaluation of implementing a continuous monitoring system in a medical-surgical unit

Wui-Chiang Lee; TW, Yuichi Imanaka; JP, B. K. Rana; IN – 45 mins 

1591 - Amber Care Bundle: Improving Patient Centred Decision Makin Where Recovery is Uncertain
A. Hopper; S. Shouls, I. Carey; UK – 15 mins 

1536 - Improving the Quality of End of Life Care for Hospital Patients Whose Recovery is Uncertain - An International Approach
B. King, A. H. Walker, C. Hughes; AU – 15 mins

The Future of Regulation - Improving Health and Social Residential Care
John Sweeney; ISQua – 15 mins   

B9 - Measuring Service Performance  and Outcomes

1605 - Re-admission to a Different Hospital - Risk Factors and Impact on Length of Stay  
N. Flaks-Manov, E. Shadmi, H. Bitterman, R. Balicer; IL –  15 mins

1720 - Providing Individual Placement and Support Through an Integrated Employment Program for People with Serious Mental Illness: Clinical and Community Services in Collaboration

M. Petrakis, T. Swadling, K. Higgins, Y. Stirling; AU - 15mins

1656 - Can a Mental Health Service Really Change its Spots? - Lessons from a Successful Service Transformation Project 

J. Black, H. Glover; AU - 15mins

2105 - Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Improving Quality of Life for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial with Embedded Process Evaluation 

M. SchoultzI. Atherton, R. Kyle, A. J. Watson; UK - 15 mins

Special Lunch Session and Short Orals 

DNV Special Lunch Session

Person Centred Care - Co-creating A Healthcare Sector For The Future
Katia Nogueira Hill & Renato Couto - 60 mins

BP1 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems "Methodologies"

1705 - 
Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates as an Indicator of Hospital Accreditation: A Longitudinal, Comparative Study of 96 Australian Hospitals

D. Greenfield, V. Mumford, D. Debono, J. Braithwaite; AU – 5 mins  

1380 - Internal Auditing as a Measure of Quality Assurance in the Accreditation Cycle
C. M. Van Dun, F. Van Der Jeijden; NL – 5 mins   

1156 - Instrument Validated for Assessment of the Nursing Service in Brazil
L. B. Feldman, I. C. K. O. Cunha, M. D'Innocenzo; BR  5 mins

1664 - Impact of Peer Accreditation Upon Safety and Quality of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Centres in Argentina
M. G. Alauf, J. Blaquier, M. Horton, S. Papier; AR – 5 mins 

2038 - Trauma Distinction: Porviding a Framework for Trauma Systems, Getting the Right Patient to the Right Place at the Right Time
B. MacDonald, D. Sarakbi, T. Taulu, P. Poirier; CA – 5 mins 

BP2 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

2227 -
 Prospective Monitoring of Complaints and Feedback

R. Tsui, E. Li, C. Cheung, I. Kan, P. Wong; US – 5 mins  

1678 - Realising the Transparency in Pharmaceuticals Distribution via Establishment of RFID Tag Information Linkage System
T. H. Kim; KR – 5 mins

1214 - Use of a Serial Pop Up Data Capture System to Monitor Adherence to Back Pain Guidelines
P. Qvist, L. Morsoe; DK – 5 mins   

BP3 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions "Culture, The Challenges"

1522 -
 Patient Safety Culture in International Healthcare Organisations - What are the Challenges

C. Menger, S. S. Ahmed, S. Audette, M. Manso; CA – 5 mins    

1582 - The Role of Incident Reporting in Monitoring and Learning from Error: An International, Multi-Centre, Qualitative Study
A. M. Howell, L. Hull, N. Sevdalis, A. Darzi; UK – 5 mins   

2111 - Identifying Safety Culture Improvements: The Need for Developing Nurses' Critical Thinking Skills
M. J. Pumar-Mendez,  A. Wakefield, M. Attree; ES/UK – 5 mins 

2183 - Connecting for Improvement: The Value of Networks, Collaboratives and Communities of Practice
H. Crisp
, M. Tait, F. Sullivan; UK – 5 mins 

 BP4 - Improving Population Health and Efficiency

1947 - An Interoperable Model to Bridge Systems Working in Silos

A. Khamisani, H. U. Rehman; PK – 5 mins

1627 - Care Pathways' Assessment & Benchmarking: The French Experience on Myocardial Infarction with St. Elevation (STEMI)
C. Grenier, L. Banaei-Bouchareb, M. Gloanec, F. Capuano; FR – 5 mins  

1481 - Reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers - Obtaining the Objective Through a Combined Regional and Local Efforts 
T. E. Sejr,  C. G. Fabricius, D. Bagger, I. Ronberg; DK – 5 mins 

1139 - Rapid Improvement Exercise in an Academic Medical Centre to Improve the Physical Safety of Psychologically Disturbed Patients 
B. Mohankumar; SG – 5 mins  

 BP5 - Patient Centred Care "In Partnership"

1222 - 
NHS Scotland Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative: It's all about People and Relationships!
S. Maher, D. Harley, G. Adkins; UK – 5 mins 

1412 - Supporting Patients to be Active Participants in Anticoagulant Medication Safety
Y. Jani, J. Carthey, E. Ward, S. Hallet; UK – 5 mins  

1434 - Evaluating Patient Participation in Interdisciplinary Medical Ward Rounds
B. Redley, D. Campbell, S. Barnes, K. Stockman; AU – 5 mins    

1795 - A Study on Enhancing Caring Abilities of Family Members of Patients Transferred from a Medical Intensive Care Unit by Means of Discharge Planning
B.R. Lee, S.-Y. You, D.-S. Kim, C.-M. Park; KR – 5 mins     

 BP6 - Brazil Session - "Patient Safety Solutions"

2524 - 
Risk Assessment in Perioperative Admission Process

A. L. Mirancos, V. L. Borrasca, P. G. Scudeller, S. A. Ferreira; BR – 5 mins

2587 - Electronic System for Management of Care in a Committee of Wound Therapy
R. P. S. Coda, S. C. Conceicao, R. C. L. Silva; BR – 5 mins 

1853 - Implementation of International Patient Safety Goals in a Brazilian Public Hospital
N. M. P. Andrade,
 A. P. Santos, E. A. Ramos, L. V. Gaspary; BR – 5 mins  

1316 - Root Cause Analysis During Patient Handovers and Suggestions for Improvement on University Hospital in Brazil
M. M. Melleiro, M. M. Pena, A. T. Braga, M. V. G. Pereira; BR – 5 mins 

2374 - Patient Safety Climate: Perceptions of Brazilian Professionals
S. Cassiani, K. Zaho, M. Rigobello, R. Carvalho; BR – 5 mins 

1390 - Connectivity on Risk Monitoring - A Safer Way to Patient Care
M. A. Dias, C. H. Goes De Souza; BR– 5 mins

B10 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

“Hospital on Trial”– Court Room Drama 

Patricia Snell, Adrian Hopper, Eamonn Sullivan, Corrine Slingo, Louise Wiltshire, Alice Oborne; UK – 90 mins
To view recorded session 
Click Here

B11 - Patient Safety

2370 - 
A Novel Method of Adverse Event Detection can Accurately Identify Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Events from Electronic Health Record Data
C. M. RochefortA. Verna, D. Buckeridge; CA - 15 mins

1464 - Understanding Patient Safety Vulnerabilities of Electronic Prescribing Systems 

S. P. Slight, M. Amato, D. W. Bates, G. Schiff; UK/US - 15 mins

1253 - Transfer Between Hospitals as a Predictor of Delay In Patients With Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer 

A. K. Fallesen, M. Lachina, E. Jackobsen, A. Green; DK - 15 mins

2168 - The Use of the N95 Respirator for the Prevention of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (MTB) Transmission: A Clinical Audit at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital, Botswana 

T. K. Masupe, M. Selemogo, G. Tawana; BT - 15 mins

2361 - Evaluating a Patient Safety Learning System in an Outpatient Department in Beijing 

C. Liu, W. Liu, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang; AU - 15 mins

B12- Patient Centred Care

Experience in establishing a Patient and Family-Centred Care Model

F. S. Furtado Gerolin; BR – 15 mins  

1165 - Development of New Models for Collection and use of Patient Experience Information in the NHS
J. King, K. Flott, E. Gibbons; UK – 15 mins

1912 - Shifting to the New Paradigm: Creating Patient Centred Diabetes Care for young adults with Type 1 Diabetes
J. Wiley, R. O. Day,  J. R. Greenfield, J. Braithwaite; AU – 15 mins 

1193 - Implementing Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Cancer Care
L. Dorflinger, N.H. I. Hjollund, J. L. Knudsen; DK – 15 mins 
B13 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

How do we know care is safe? Safety measurement and monitoring

Jonathan BamberUKCamila Lajolo; BR – 45 mins

Being Among The Best: Challenges for International Accreditation in Brazil
Jose de Lima Valverde Filho; BR - 45 mins

B14 - Education and Research

The Value of Research and Publication in a Peer Review Journal

Eric Schneider; US – 90 mins

                                      B15 - Learning with Developing Countries

1520 - Challenges in Implementing International Standards in Brazilian Hospitals - are they Different?
S.S. Ahmed, C. Menger, S. Audette, M. Manso; CA/BR - 45mins

2156 - Establishing a National Health Accreditation Agency: A Challenge for Tunisia
S. B. Y. Majoul, S. Zeghal, M. N. Ben Salem, M. S. Ben Ammar; TN - 45mins

2476 - 
Regulation of Quality within Health System Reform for Universal Healthcare Coverage 
C. A. Marshall, A. Jitsing; ZA - 15 mins

1256 - Development and Implementation of a National Organisational Assessment to Build Sustainable Quality Management Programs in Low and Middle Income Countries
J. Bardfield, B. Agins, M. Geis, R. Birchard; US - 15 mins

B16 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

The Creative Step in Patient Safety 
Jonathan West, Hawys Tomos; UK - 90 mins

 B17 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons

2084 -
 Improving the Flow of Frail, Older People Along the Emergency Care Pathway
J. Jones; UK – 15 mins

2473 - Organizational And Financial Assessment Of Palliative Care In Switzerland: How To Provide Palliative Care In A Fragmented Health Care System
O. Kessler, M. Wachter, A. Bommer, G. C. Gentile; CH  15 mins 

1542 - Development of Cost-Effectiveness Management Tool for Korean Traditional Medicine Area (To Prepare Aged Society)

Y. Yang, M. Rho, E. Hwang, J. Sung; KR - 15 mins

1823 - The Impact of the Disease-Specific Care Program for Heart Failure

D. V. S. Rinaldi, P. G. M. B. Silva, D. J. Ribeiro, M. Y. Okada; BR - 15 mins

B18 - Integrated Care

2115 - 
Integrated Performance Measurement into every level of care: What does it mean in your Organisation? Is your Organisation ready?

Catherine M. Besthoff; US – 90 mins

 Afternoon Plenary

ISQua Awards

Reizenstein Award 
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Fellowship Awards
 to view the Awards please Click Here

Health Technology Assessment and Quality of Health Services
David Banta; NL - 45 mins
To view David's recorded session please Click Here


Presentations from Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday 8th October

Morning Plenary  

Getting to Patient Centred Care and Better Outcomes by Engaging Patients as Partners - From Direct Care to Policy Making

Sue Sheridan; US - 50 mins
To view this recorded session Click Here

Poster Awards
Triona Fortune; ISQua & Helen Crisp; UK
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Concurrent Sessions

 C1 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

Does, and how does, health reform drive quality and safety? Evidence from 30 countries
Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU, Yukihiro Matsuyama; JN, Russell Mannion; UK, Julie Johnson; AU – 90 mins

C2 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions

Why don't we have black boxes in the operating th
Dirke F. de Korne; SG, James F. Calland; USSir Liam Donaldon; WHO – 90 mins
C3 - Patient Centred Care

Humanizing the Patient Experience: Initiatives improving quality outcomes across the care continuum

Susan Frampton; USClaudia Garcia de Barros; BR, Alice Mwongera; KE, Karin Jay; US – 90 mins
To view this recorded session Click Here

 C4 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

1351 -
 Assessing the Effectiveness of the Clinical Indicator Program to Improve Patient Care
G. Cadwallender, L. O'Connor, L. Low, B. Collopy; AU – 15 mins

1848 - Employees' Perceptions Over Quality Actions in an Excellence Accredited Institution
E. Neermann, M. F. Gayoso Neves, S. Feitosa, A. M. Braguini; BR – 15 mins

1785 - Is Accreditation Status Associated with Patient Mortality? A Nationwide Population-Based Study 

A. M. Falstie-Jensen, H. Larson, E. Hollnagel, S. P. Johnsen; DK - 15 mins

1992 - Contributing to System Improvement: The Value of National Accreditation Data

W. Nicklin, B. MacDonald, J. Mitchell, V. Roman; CA - 15 mins

1287 - The Relationship Between Accreditation and Patient Safety Culture - A Follow Up Study in Taiwan 

C. M. Lo, S. Liao, H. J. Lin, T. H. Su; TW - 15 mins

C5 - Education and Research

Understanding and advancing safety in primary care

Itziar Larizgoitia; WHO, David Bates; USStephen Campbell; UKHernan G. Gaitan-Duarte; CONicole Spieker; NL – 90 mins

 C6 - Learning with Developing Countries

2182 -
 Enabling a Learning Approach for Collaborative Quality Improvement in India
S. Deka; IN – 15 mins

2231 - A Framework for the Development of a National Continuing Care Strategy: The Qatari Experience 

N. Dymond, I. Seoudi, M. Al-Raisi; QA - 15 mins

Improving patient safety through a strengthened regulatory framework: The Kenyan experience 

Njeri Mwaura; KE - 15 mins

1445 - Improvement Quality and Safety in Delivering Radiology Services through Innovative Technology Solutions in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in the Developing World 

S. M. Sohail, M. Yusuf, Z. Sajjad, A. Rajani; PK - 15 mins

1777 - Contribution of the Medical Education for Reproductive Health Quality Service 

V. Reis, G. Dussault, C. McCallum, B. Chilundo; US - 15 mins

C7 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

2407 - 
Prevalence and Causes of Wrong Time Medication Administration Error at Tertiary Care Hospital , Karachi, Pakistan
S. T. Kirmani, S. Kagazwala, S. Ahmed; PK - 15 mins

1092 - Experience with a Smart Labelling System to Improve Medication Safety in the Operating Room 

S. B. Ang, W. C. Hing, S. Y. Tun, U. Narasimhan; SG - 15 mins

1171 - Study of Effective use of the Nigeria National Pharmacovigilance Tool by Healthcare Professionals for Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions in Nigerian Teaching Hospitals 

R. Okechukwu, O. Emelumadu, P. Adogu, G. L. Chaojie; NG - 15 mins

2121 - Network Organisation of Care Reduces Mortality for St Elevation Acute Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) in the Outskirts of Sao Paulo 

A. H. P. Barbosa, C. M. R. Alves, A. C. Moreno, A. C. C. Carvalho; BR - 15 mins

1557 - Using Dur System: Immediate Notification and Prevention of Forbidden Drugs 

W. S. Cha, C. U. Kim, Y. H. Lee, Y. E. Hur; KR - 15 mins

 C8 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons

1391 -
 Proactive Tobacco Treatment Outreach to Disadvantaged Smokers
J. Haas, J. Linder, N. Rigotti, E. Parks; US - 15 mins

2277 - Development and Validation of a Frailty Model for Acute Medical Care 

J. T. Y. Soong, A. Poots, D. Bell; UK - 15 mins

2408 - Co-Creating a Path Forward: Testing the Method of Open Space Technology with a Vulnerable Population 

J. Milne, R. Leitner, J. Johnson, A. Funke; AU - 15 mins

2255 - How do Professionals in Long Term Care Settings Identify Patients with Dementia as in Need of Palliative Care 

J. Van Riet Paap, E. Mariani, Y. Engels, M. Vernooij-Dassen; NL - 15 mins

 C9 - Integrated Care

Patient Safety across the Continuum of Care: A focus on risks in the ambulatory setting
Tejal Ghandi; US – 90 mins

Special Lunchtime Session and Short Oral Presentations 

Special Lunchtime Session

From evidence to action: New WHO policy to ensure safe injection practices 

Selma Khamassi; WHO, Christiane Raparini; BR - 45 mins

CP1 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems "Global Experience"

1487 -
 An Integrated Approach to Quality Assurance and Patient Safety through Regulatory Mechanism: The Lithuanian Experience

J. Galdikas; LT  – 5 mins

1198Analysis of Taiwan Health Check-Up Program Certification - 2011 to 2013
H. L. Lin; H. Y. Wu, C. H. Hsu, R. T. Cheng; TW – 5 mins

1625 - Multidimensional Healthcare Quality Assessment in Portugal
A. M. de Silva, S. C. Vaz, E. Coelho, E. Board Direction; PT – 5 mins

2426 - Accreditation as a Driving Force for Changes in the Health Care Organisation: A Vision of Health Care Professionals
V. Reyes Alcazar, M. Herrera Usagre, J. A. Carrasco, R. De Burgoes Pol; PT – 5 mins

 CP2 - Governance, Leadership and Health Policy "Clinical"

1484 -
 Facilitating Effective Governance of National Healthcare Strategy Projects using Information Technology
I. Seoudi;
N. Dymond, M. Al-Raisi;  QA – 5 mins

1694 - Improving Healthcare Quality through Team Engagement: A Qualitative Study with Multidisciplinary Clinicians
D. Pereira, 
D. Greenfield, G. Ranmuthugala, J. Braithwaite; AU – 5 mins

1207 - Breast Cancer Data Quality at the Population-Based Cancer Registry of Sao Paulo: Implications for Health Planning 
D. P. D. Silveiral, 
E. Artmann; BR – 5 mins  

1693 - Engagement in Engineered Change: Preliminary Findings from Alberta's Strategic Clinical Networks
J. M. Norris, D. White,K. Mrklas; CA - 5 mins

1792 - Oral Anticogagulation Quality Control Among Inpatients: Digging into the Data
I. WelleV. Rollason, J. Desmeules, P. Chopard; CH - 5 mins

1847 - Quality Culture: Using "Quality Improvement Projects" Methodology to Create Quality Culture and Sustain Competitive Advantage in Radiology Services 
S. M. Sohail, Z. Sajjad, A. H. Tasneem, M. A. Khan; PK - 5 mins

CP3 - Health and Social Care for Vulnerable Persons

2315 -
 Disease Prevention Activities in the Harmful Living Environment of a "Slum" - The Health and Community Centre of Villa 21-24, Buenos Aires as an Example

S. Datlinger-Kofler, B. Florian; AR – 5 mins  

2265 - Developing Quality Indicators as a Tool for Improving the Organisation of Palliative Care Services
J. Van Riet Paap, M. Vernoij-Dassen, K. Vissers, Y. Engels; NL – 5 mins 

1212 - Pre-Empting Future Needs of Adults with Intellectual Disability: A Pilot Project to Assess Complex Health Needs in Children and Adolescents with Intellectual Disability
J. Milne, J. Johnson, N. Silove; AU – 5 mins  

 CP4 - Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions "Clinical"

1629 -
 Having a Structured and Facilitated Approach to Developing Programme Theory: A Qualitative Study to Identify the Technical and Social Functions of the Action Effect Method

J. Reed, L. Issen, D. Bell; UK – 5 mins  

2068 - Co-Designing Local Patient Safety Interventions: Is Using the TDF Feasible, Acceptable and Effective?
R. Lawton, N. Taylor, B. Slater, M. Mohammed; AU – 5 mins 

2317 - Nursing Staff Teamwork at Kafr El Dawer General Hospital, Egypt
R. A. Mosallam, A. S. Tolba, H. Z. Abd El-Kader; EG – 5 mins

2450 - Monitoring Clinical Indicators: A Methodology to Improve Quality of Care and Patient Safety
G. S. Lakhani, Sohail Habib, Q. F. Panjwani; PK – 5 mins 

2429 - A Snapshot of the Indications for Flexible Cystoscopies in a UK District General Hospital
K. Gordon, N. Moini, N. Bevins, R. MacDonagh; UK – 5 mins  

CP5 - Learning with Developing Countries

1406 - 
Using Quality Improvement to Improve Follow Up of Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) Clients for HIV Prevention: A Review of Ten Health Facilities in Eastern Uganda 

J. T. Ssensamba, J. Byabagambi, H. Megere, M. Pamela; UG - 5 mins

2442 - Essential Medicines Selection and the Global Burden of Disease in Brazil 

T. A. Figueiredo, J. M. D. A. Schramm, V. L. E. Pepe; BR - 5 mins

1419 - Leveraging Knowledge Managment Techniques to Improve Improvement Programs in Low and Middle Income Countries 

K. Fatta; US - 5 mins

2337 - First use of Maldi-Tof for the Identification of Bacteria at Hospital Principal De Dakar (Senegal, West Africa)

B. Fall, B. S. Ba, F. Fenollar, D. Raoult; SN - 5 mins

2394 - Re-engineering the Process of Document Management 

A. Khamisani, H. U. Rehman; PK - 5 mins

2347 - Prevalence Study of Adverse Events in Brazilian Hospitals (Ibeas-Brazil): Analysis of Adverse Events Impact and Severity  
A. L. B. Pavao, W. Mendes, C. Travassos, M. Martins; BR - 5 mins

CP6 - Patient Centred Care "Using Information To Improve"

2451 - 
Clinical Practice Guideline - Based Information Tool for Patient and Public 
A. Okumura, M. Yoshida, N. Yamaguchi; JP - 5 mins

1184 - The Effects of Fasting in Muslim Patients Taking Warfarin
Y. F. Lai; SG - 5 mins

2023 - Risk Management to Support the Adoption of Person-Centred Care 
E. Turk, S. Leyshon, M. Pytee; NO - 5 mins

1163 - Status of Health System Responsiveness & Consumer Right in Public Health Sector in Bangladesh 
M. A. Hasan, S. M. Musa; BD - 5 mins

1387 - Innovative Approaches to Gender Integration Using The Science Of Improvement To Improve Patient Care 
E. R. Silva, T. Faramand, M. Ivankovich; US - 5 mins

1250 - Digitalised Tracking Maternal and Infant Care (E-baby) in Health Promotion - Taiwan Experience 
S. B. Yong, K. D. Yang, C. C. Lo, P. H. Hsu; TW - 5 mins

 C10- Governance Leadership and Health Policy

1201 - 
Surgical Mortality During Summer Vacation 
A. Duclos, P. Caillet, C. Payet, J. C. Lifante; FR - 15 mins

2021 - Evaluating the Value for Money of Implementation of a National Maternity Strategy: A Mixed-Methods Approach
W. L. Palmer; UK - 15 mins

2424 - More than 10 Years of Quality Assessment of Bariatric Surgeries in Private and Public Hospitals
R. Yahalom, D. Dicker, D. Comaneshter, S. Vinker; IL - 15 mins

 C11- Improvement Science and Patient Safety Solutions

1292 -
 High Reliability and Consistency of End of Day Operating Room Cleaning using Remote Video Auditing with Feedback

J. O'Hara, R. Lawton, G. Armitage, l. Sheard; UK – 15 mins

1209 - Effectiveness of Systems Changes Suggested by Simulation-Based Root Cause Analysis of Adverse Surgical Outcomes  
J. R. Korndorffer, C. L. Martin, D. P. Slakey, E. R. Simms; US – 15 mins

1340 - Enhanced Communication Between Hospital/Clinic and Community Pharmacy to Idenitfy Error on Prescription Through Nationwide Pharmaceutical Near-Miss Event Reporting System
S. Ushiro, K. Nomoto, H. Sakai, J. Inoue; JP – 15 mins

 C12 - Patient Centred Care

1772 - 
Computer Tablets can Empower Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy Treatment
S. Johnsson, C. Wilde Bjorling; SE - 15mins

1809 - Creating a Simulated Environment of Home to Improve Neonatal Family Home-Care Ability

T. Y. Wei, H. Y. Su, M. L. Kuo, L. C. Chen; TW - 15 mins

2334 - Evaluation of Nursing Bedside Handover for Evidence of the Use of a Structured Handover Framework and Patient Participation 

K. Lewis, D. Bolster, T. Bucknall; AU - 15 mins

C13 - Accreditation and External Evaluations Systems

"Internationalization" of accreditation standards: A collaborative model to improve care

Rubens Covello; BR, Wendy Nicklin; CA - 60 mins
To view this recorded session Click Here

 C14 - Education and Research

2348 -
 An Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach to the Brazilian Legislation on Drugs

A. F. Pedrazzi, C. M. Silveira, E. R. Siu, A. G. Andrade; CA – 15 mins

1399 - Clients' and Providers' Perspectives of PMTCT Services in Tanzania
R. Bright, S. Smith Lunsford, E. Hizza, A. Lupembe; US – 15 mins

1868 - New Research Tool for the Diagnois of Safety Culture 
G. P. Espino; BR – 15 mins   

C16 - Comparative Effectiveness in Health Information Technology and Health Technology Assessment

Patient Registrries initiatives European Joint Action (PARENT Project): a contributing factor to a high quality, efficient, cross-border delivery of health services

Yannis Skalkidis; GR – 60 mins    

C17- Health and Social Care for Vulnerable and Older Persons

Psychosocial aspects of Frailty

Alex Kalache; BR , Jose Ricardo Jauregui; AR – 60 mins

C18 - Integrated Care

2535 -
 Implementation of the Dutch Guideline Cancer Rehabilitation in the Netherlands
B. Gijsen, M. Velthuis; NL– 15 mins

1828 - Rapid Response Team (RRT): Characteristics of Yellow Code Attendances in a Hospital  Specialised in Cardiology 

N. S. Lasta, B. I. Akinaga, P. G. M. B. Silva, C. Gabrilaitis; BR - 15 mins

2419 - Implementation of a Cancer Survivorship Care Plan in Nurse-Led Cancer Follow-Up Care in Three Hospitals in the Netherlands 

J. Hellendoorn, S. Lunter, B. Gijsen; NL - 15 mins

2536 - Comparison of the Patient Perspective and the Clinical Perspective in an Integrated Rehabilitation Pathway 

L. Henriksen, P. Qvist, L. Morso; DK - 15 mins

Closing Plenary 

General Practitioners: the boundary specialists

Martin Marshall; UK 
To view this recorded session Click Here - 50 mins