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ISQua Surveyors

At the heart of the IAP are the ISQua Surveyors. Their role is to validate an organisation’s self-assessment and independently assess their level of achievement, supporting this assessment with a written report containing clear and specific findings, commenting on strengths, areas of best practice, and identifying improvements that can be made to further comply with ISQua standards and drive improvements in the quality and safety of the service being provided.

ISQua Surveyors work with health and social care external evaluation organisations around the world. Many have experience at a senior level, within accreditation or other external evaluation organisations, relevant to the IAP such as standards development, delivery of organisational external evaluation or development and implementation of surveyor training programmes, while others have formal auditor or surveyor qualifications.

Once appointed, ISQua Surveyors have their appointment reviewed every three years thereafter or if a change in employer occurs. ISQua Surveyors are required to notify ISQua if a change in employer occurs and can continue to participate in surveys for a further two years.

To learn more about our current ISQua surveyors please click on their individual profiles below.


  • Anand R

  • Anita Harris

  • Ann Wunsch

  • Anne Chenoweth

  • Assaf Al-Assaf

  • Barbara Donaldson

  • Bernadette MacDonald

  • BK. Rana

  • Brian Johnston

  • Bruno Lucet

  • Carlos Goes de Souza

  • Carsten Engel

  • Cathy Cummings

  • Claudia J Jorgenson

  • Conny Menger

  • Danielle Dorschner

  • David Hamer

  • Dawn Skidmore

  • Deborah Jones

  • Donna Anderson

  • Edward Chappy

  • Elizabeth Pringle

  • Elma Heidemann

  • Fabienne Menot

  • Freek van der Heijden

  • Gary Smith

  • Gilles Lanteigne

  • Girdhar J. Gyani

  • Hein Muller

  • Helen Healey

  • Hugo Eduardo Arce

  • Ingrid Fairlie

  • James Robblee

  • Jan Mackereth-Hill

  • Jim DuRose

  • Judith Sullivan

  • Kadar Marikar

  • Kirsten Peddie

  • Lena Low

  • Linda O’Connor

  • Lisa Cochrane

  • Loretta Yam

  • Margarida Franca

  • Maria Carolina de Toledo Sivieri Moreno

  • Maria Centoni

  • Martin Beaumont

  • Nancy Chisholm

  • Neeraj Lal

  • Parvez Ahmad

  • Paul Chang

  • Paul Richards

  • Paul van Ostenberg

  • Pawan Kapoor

  • Peter Frendin

  • Philomena Mitolo

  • Rabab Diab

  • Ravindran Jegasothy

  • Ricardo Otero

  • Rosa Sunol

  • Sajid Ahmed

  • Sanjeev Singh

  • Steven Wilson

  • Susan Yates

  • Thaira Madi

  • Tricia Doré

  • Triona Fortune

  • Ulla Knudsen

  • Virginia Mathews