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Please ensure that you have downloaded and reviewed the Guidelines and Principles for the Development of Health and Social Care Standards.
If you are interested in having your Standards accredited by ISQua, please answer the below questions:

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1. Do you have a planned approach to the development of standards?
2. Are your standards tested and evaluated as part of the development process?
3. Is there a transparent system (for organisations and surveyors) for measuring or rating an organisation’s performance?
4. Has your measuring or rating system been evaluated by organisations and surveyors?
5. Do your standards include organisational planning?
6. Do your standards include management and governance?
7. Do your standards include the requirement for a risk management framework?
8. Do your standards include measures to protect the safety of patient/service users, staff and visitors?
9. Do your standards focus on the treatment and/or care of patients/service users?
10. Do your standards reflect the continuum of care?
11.Do your standards require regular monitoring and improvement of the quality of services?
12. Do your standards require performance processes and outcomes to be measured?