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IAP Governance

Board Accreditation Committee (BAC)

The Board Accreditation Committee (BAC) is a sub-committee of the ISQua Board who are responsible for the governance and policy development of the accreditation and other external evaluation activities of ISQua. The Board has delegated responsibility to the BAC for the following activities:

  • Approving accreditation (and other external evaluation) awards;
  • Appproving IAP standards; and
  • Approving IAP assessment methodologies.

Therefore, the BAC review all IAP reports and make the final decision regarding accreditation. 

Board Accreditation Committee (BAC) Members

Chair ISQua Board member: Cliff Hughes (Australia)

ISQua Board representatives: Yuichi Imanaka (Japan) and BK Rana (India)

Chair of the Accreditation Council (AC): Stephen Clark (Australia)

AC member: Carsten Engel (Denmark)

The term of office of Committee members, so long as they hold the qualifications and competencies for office, is three years. 

Accreditation Council

The role of the Accreditation Council (AC) is to advise and / or make recommendations to the BAC on matters relating to the IAP and accreditation / external evaluation related issues. This may include standards, policies, procedures and practice.

An institutional member of ISQua that conducts an external evaluation programme that is ISQua accredited or in the process of obtaining accreditation, is entitled to nominate a representative to the Council. Appointment of members and approved persons is agreed by the Board Accreditation Committee on the recommendation of the Council. Members are entitled to remain as long as they hold the qualifications for office and remain recommended by the BAC. 

Accreditation Council (AC) Members

Chair: Stephen Clark, Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), Australia

Deputy Chair: Carsten Engel, Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare (IKAS), Denmark

Harish Nadkarni, National Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), India

Ann Wunsch
, Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, Australia

Bruno Lucet, Haute Authorité de Santé, France

Asmita Gillani, Accreditation Canada, Canada

Michael Murray, Diagnostic Accreditation Program, College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Wang, Pa-Chun, Joint Commission of Taiwan

Jacqui Stewart, The Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA), South Africa

Kadar Marikar, Malaysian Society for Quality in Health, Malaysia

Kees van Dun, The Netherlands Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals (NIAZ), The Netherlands

Lena Low, The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Australia

Moyra Amess, CHKS, United Kingdom

Jose Noronha, Brazilian Association for Accreditation of Systems and Health Services (ABA), Brazil

Paul Chang, Joint Commission International, United States of America

Salma Jaouni, Health Care Accreditation Council, Jordan

Yuichi Imanaka, Japan Council for Quality Health Care, Japan

Rubens Covello, IQG, Brazil

Thiago Constancio, Consórcio Brasileiro de Acreditação, Brazil

Fabio Leite Gastal, Organização Nacional de Acreditação, Brazil

Instituto Brasileiro para Excelência em Saúde, Brazil


Eric de Roodenbeke, International Hospital Federation

David Greenfield, University of Tasmania

Shams Syed, World Health Organization

ISQua Accreditation Council - March 2016
Back row L to R: Paul Chang, Bruno Lucet, Nancy Yamauchi, Triona Fortune, Salma Jaouni, Carsten Engel, Lena Low.
Front row L to R: Kadar Marikar, Danielle Dorschner, BK Rana, Steve Clark, Kees van Dun