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Through the IAP, ISQua assesses:

The below short video gives an overview of each of these programmes:

Health and Social Care Standards

Health and Social Care Standards are assessed against the 4th edition of the Guidelines and Principles for the Development of Health and Social Care Standards.

The ISQua Principles are designed to provide guidance regarding the development, measurement, structure and content of standards as follows:

Principle 1: Standards Development

Principle 2: Standards Measurement

Principle 3: Organisational role, Planning and Performance

Principle 4: Safety and Risk

Principle 5: Patient / Service User Focus

Principle 6: Quality Performance

A standards survey involves self-assessment against the Principles, validated by a desk-top peer review evaluation. 

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Surveyor Training Programme Standards

Surveyor Training Programmes are assessed against the 3rd edition of the Standards for Surveyor Training Programmes.

The ISQua Guidelines and Standards for Surveyor Training Programmes, 3rd edition, has been developed for accreditation and external evaluation organisations that provide training for their own surveyors. The standards reflect the training programme functions of planning, management, delivery, assessment and evaluation as follows:

Standard 1: Programme Planning

Standard 2: Programme Management

Standard 3: Trainee Management

Standard 4: Training Programme Delivery

Standard 5: Assessment of Competence

This is carried out by a self-assessment against the standards and validated by a desk-top peer review evaluation. 

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External Evaluation Organisations

An organisation’s standards must first be assessed and awarded before they can apply or undergo an organisational survey.

In certain circumstances, external evaluation bodies are eligible to apply for organisational survey if they use or have an agreement to use standards which belong to another body, for example, those developed by the Ministry of Health in their country or another accreditation body. Where this is the case there must be a licence or written permission to use them. Where possible, every effort should be made to have these standards assessed.

As part of the ISQua survey, the organisation is evaluated against key business and external evaluation functions as outlined in the 4th edition of the Guidelines and Standards for External Evaluation Organisations as follows: 

Standard 1: Governance

Standard 2: Strategic, Operational and Financial Management

Standard 3: Risk Management and Performance Improvement

Standard 4: Human Resources Management

Standard 5: Information Management

Standard 6: Surveyor Management

Standard 7: Survey and Client Management

Standard 8: Accreditation or Certification Awards

This is carried out by a self-assessment against the standards and validated by an on-site peer review evaluation. 

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