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What is the International Accreditation Programme (IAP)?

ISQua’s International Accreditation Programme (IAP) provides a mechanism for external evaluation and standards setting organisations to assure themselves that their standards, their surveyor training programmes and that they themselves, as an external evaluation organisation, meet international best practice requirements and to demonstrate this to their clients, funders and other stakeholders. 

To learn more about the IAP please watch the following video where Triona Fortune describes the IAP and the benefits of participation. 

The IAP Process

ISQua’s IAP process is based on a framework of standards for continuous improvement, which utilises self-assessment and independent peer review. Each of the programmes are based around a 4 year cycle incorporating continuous assessment.

To be eligible for assessment, by ISQua, an organisation, or part of the organisation, must be a recognised external evaluation body within the health or social care sector. Their aim should be to improve the quality of care for the public by providing external evaluation services based on quality standards and related services that support performance improvement. The organisation may address specific clinical or specialist areas or services. ISQua must assess and award at least one set of standards, before the organisation is surveyed.

In certain circumstances, external evaluation bodies are eligible if they use standards that have been developed by another body, for example, the Ministry of Health for the country or by another accreditation body. Where this is the case, there must be a licence or written permission to use them. Where possible, every effort should be made to have these standards assessed.

To learn more about the IAP Process, please view this short video. Alternatively, please click on the individual steps which are located below.

The IAP Process

  • Is the IAP the correct programme for you?

  • Application Form

  • Survey Dates

  • ISQua Collaborate

  • Technical Review

  • Final Submission of Self-Assessment

  • The Survey

  • Internal Quality Assessment

  • Factual Review

  • Validation Panel

  • Accreditation Decision

  • Continuous Assessment

ISQua’s activity does not constitute an accreditation within the meaning of Article 2 (10) of Regulation (EC) NO. 765 / 2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 July 2008. ISQua bases its evaluation of bodies and standards exclusively on privately set standards, and they do not comprise an assessment or accreditation by public authorities.