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Sinead McArdle

African Forum for Quality Improvement in Healthcare

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

ISQua's CEO, Peter Lachman, was the keynote speaker at the first AFRIQHER conference in Accra, Ghana, earlier this month.

Update from Peter Lachman

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I have been doing a lot of travel to Africa recently, on behalf of ISQua. During February I visited Ghana, South Africa and Mozambique, before returning to Dublin for the bi-annual ISQua Board face-to-face meeting and retreat.

Report from ISQua President, Wendy Nicklin

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

The ISQua Board met in Dublin, Ireland from 4th - 6th March 2018. What did we accomplish on your behalf?

New year with ISQua CEO Update January 2018

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I would firstly like to wish each of you a very happy new year and wish you the best for the coming year. We achieved a lot in 2017 and plan to build on these achievements in 2018.

The role of the ISQua Fellowship in my professional growth by Nilufar Rakhmanova, MD, MPH, Advisor for Quality Improvement, FHI 360, Washington D.C., USA

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

I embarked on an ISQua Fellowship in 2014, and I continue to benefit from this relationship in my quality improvement journey that has virtually taken me to various health quality programs around the globe. I maintain my fellowship because it truly gives me an edge as I work with colleagues to improve the quality of health services.

CEO Update - Reflections on 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

It has been a very productive year for ISQua with the consolidation of what we do and the growth of new areas of activities. During the year we have aimed to implement our strategy to be the leading international organisation in the field of quality and safety.

ISQua Expert & Board Member Jeffery Braithwaite reports on his time in China

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |



Board Member and Professor of Health Systems Research at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia, Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite, attended the International Foresight Leading CN healthcare Summit 2017 and the 100th Anniversary of Peking Union Medical College in Beijing, China between 16-18 June 2017, representing ISQua. 

CEO Update July 2017

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |



As we approach the Board elections I thought that I would review the key roles of members in ISQua. Members are the core of the society, which aims to bring together like-minded individuals and organisations to transform healthcare for the better.

Report on IPAF & KZNDHC Conference

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

The first conference on the 19th May 2017 was the Health Policy Reform by the National IPA Foundation. We heard presentations and debates on the need to re-engineer healthcare. The need for a new 

structure under the stewardship of the National Health Insurance (NHI).

Update from CEO June 2107

By Sinead McArdle | Sep. 7, 2018 |

At this time of the year, we are looking forward to the conference in a 3 months’ time and to the election of the new Board.

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