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By ISQua Thursday. May 7, 2020

Recorded Webinar: How is COVID-19 impacting patients and their care? Featured

Dr Susan Frampton, Rhonda Williams and Marita Bossers-Nabben of Planetree International joined us for a live discussion on Staying Person-Centered During Pandemics: Finding the balance of patient and caregiver safety with compassion.

During this rapidly evolving and unprecedented pandemic, healthcare teams are working tirelessly to provide optimal care for patients and to safeguard their communities.


As the situation becomes more serious in some regions, many healthcare organizations are reassessing their customary approach to their patient and person-centered practices, such as family presence and visitation, and imposing additional restrictions that limit potential exposure of patients, staff and others to the virus.


The way that healthcare staff communicate with patients and families at this stressful time can either calm fears or increase anxiety.


This webinar explored the practice changes patients and caregivers are experiencing, the unintended consequences of these restrictions, and evidence-based suggestions for how to remain patient-centered while also protecting the safety of all.


Watch the Recording:



About the presenters

Dr. Susan Frampton is President of Planetree International, a non-profit advocacy and membership organization working with an international healthcare network to implement comprehensive person-centered models of care. Dr. Frampton, a medical anthropologist, has authored numerous publications, including the three editions of Putting Patients First, contributed to opinion pieces in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune, and served as lead author on the 2017 National Academy of Medicine’s Harnessing Evidence and Experience to Change Culture.

Dr. Frampton’s work is focused on establishing evidence-based structures and practices for organizational excellence in patient and person-centered care, summarized in the global certification framework presented in BMJ Open Quality 2019;8:e000737. doi:10.1136/ bmjoq-2019-000737citation.

She speaks internationally on culture change and the patient experience, and was honored in 2009, when she was named one of “20 People who Make Healthcare Better” by Health Leaders Magazine. 


Rhonda Williams, VP of Engagement Strategies for Planetree International, is a healthcare leader, published author, speaker, and coach.

She is a Registered Nurse and holds a double Master’s Degree in Nursing and Business Administration with professional experiences as Chief Clinical Officer and CEO.

With nearly two decades of experience in the post-acute healthcare sector, Rhonda now uses her leadership experience to engage with organizations to achieve a consistently exceptional patient experience. 


Marita Bossers works as an executive director of Planetree. Her focus areas in Europe are The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Latvia. With Planetree, she believes in care like you’d want your loved ones to receive. Planetree sets people in health care organizations in motion to provide such care and to optimally connect those who give and those who receive it. Everything we do at Planetree is aimed at ensuring that care is experienced as excellent care and that it is given with pleasure. Planetree is a non-profit organization.

In previous positions, Marita has worked on the business side of healthcare organizations as well as in the field of real estate for healthcare. This background assists in the development of organizations to achieve strategic goals in partnership with clients and employees. The Planetree Framework is a compass to support development.

Marita is a public speaker and published many articles in healthcare media. She is a strong believer in the use of gamification to enhance the skills of professionals, next to more traditional ways of learning. For example, in 2019 her team started using Escape Rooms as an innovative and successful method of building teams and learning about partnership and person-centered healthcare.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic Marita started participating in an international project to prevent Covid-19 patients and their families against Post-Intensive Care Syndrome in by introducing a digital Post-Intensive Care diary.



Please visit ISQua’s COVID-19 Research Page for up to date research, recordings, information and guidance from around the world. We are constantly updating this resource. 

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