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By ISQua Monday. May 11, 2020

Webinar Recording: The emotional toll of COVID-19: consequences for healthcare staff and patients Featured

Prof Kris Vanhaecht, Prof Albert Wu, and Prof José Joaquín Mira Solves, leaders in the topic of 'Second Victim', joined us for a webinar to dicuss the emotional toll of COVID-19, and its consequences for healthcare staff and patients.

Our speakers discussed the data from recent studies on the welfare of healthcare workers during the pandemic, the consequences of emotional distress on staff and patients and the ways to mitigate psychological and emotional trauma.


Suggested Pre-watching: (What is a Mangomoment?) (Do Mangomoments have a positive impact on the care taker?)


About the Speakers:


Prof Kris Vanhaecht, KU Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy (Leuvens Instituut voor GezondheidszorgBeleid LIGB), Belgium

Prof Albert Wu, Professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, International Academy of Quality and Safety in Health Care

Prof José Joaquín Mira Solves, Alicante-Sant Joan Health Department. Miguel Hernández University. Elche, Spain


Watch the Recording Now:


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