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Low and Middle Income Countries

One of ISQua’s Strategic Priorities is to “grow our engagement with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC’s); targeting key areas in which we can make a difference.

To this end, ISQua commissioned a strategic review in 2010 and since then have been working to implement its key goals; which include: 

Annual and Regional Conferences
To focus on key issues in LMIC’s at all conferences, with a specific track covering countries in transition. A dedicated plenary every second year. ISQua held its first Regional meeting in Accra, Ghana in 2013. This highly successful meeting was attended by over 110 delegates. Plans are in place for a repeat in East Africa in 2015. 

Professional Education   
A more intentional effort must be made to enlist individuals working in or with LMIC countries to enroll in ISQua’s Fellowship Programme. Pairing should be done with mentors who are experienced in lower resource settings. 

Technical Advice
Strategic advice and high level technical assistance is likely to be the greatest help for LMIC’s early in their development.  ISQua could pilot and test its ability to respond to a limited number of requests by providing the assistance of very well selected ISQua Board members or other experts to 1-2 countries per year. 
Develop guidelines to assist LMIC’s set up external evaluation organisations. 

Strategic Partnering 
Identify the select few organisations with which ISQua should partner with, to be able to provide reliable support to address issues of disparity in quality of care wherever they exist in the world. 

International Journal   
Two activities could facilitate meaningful engagement and increased access to the Journal for publications from LMIC; 1) for readership, priority could be given to translations of abstracts and select transcripts and 2) the initiation of a “buddy system” for non-native English speakers.  
Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP)
Training and supporting emerging leaders from LMIC is a means of advancing quality and safety in healthcare in those countries through geometric progression. Strategically placed leaders have a capacity to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills to groups of those they are in a position to influence who in turn may transfer knowledge to extended groups. Commence in 2014 by selecting one person to participate in the ELP and expand in 2015. 

Provide 20 scholarships to attend the ISQua Annual Conference. 
Provide 10 scholarships to participate in the ISQua Fellowship Programme 

In General 
Adopt a principle that everything ISQua does should be through a lens of understanding the wide variation in maturity and resourcing regarding quality of care across countries.