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Workshop for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety held in Mozambique

The Ministry of Health, Mozambique (MISAU) and the Health Service Executive, Ireland (HSE) organised a workshop on quality improvement and patient safety from 15 - 19 August 2016 in Maputo, in collaboration with Irish Aid and ISQua. As CEO of ISQua and Co-Director of the Leadership and Quality Programme in Ireland, Peter Lachman was asked to facilitate the workshop. 

This workshop was the first step in an ambitious eight-month plan of training for sustainable capacity development in Quality Improvement (QI) in Mozambique. 

Fourteen hospital participated with teams of between 3 and 8 persons; all teams included at least one doctor, one nurse and one administrator and were senior hospital staff, mostly at Director level.

The participants were organised in their hospital teams; and following teaching on QI concepts and methods, they worked together in their teams planning projects related to the quality issue they wished to address.  

The hospitals identified the following issues for their projects:

  1. Improve administration of drugs in HIV and TB department
  2. Improve writing of prescriptions by doctors in Paediatric Dept.
  3. Improve communication between doctor and patient
  4. Improve accuracy of medical records
  5. Reduce emergency waiting time
  6. Reduce unexpected mortality in hospital
  7. Reduce waiting time for non-urgent gynaecology patients
  8. Reduce emergency waiting time for under-5 children
  9. Reduce waiting time for emergency patients with chronic diseases (HIV)
  10. Reduce neo-natal mortality
  11. Reduce number of patients discharging themselves from Psychiatric hospital

The participants engaged enthusiastically and displayed commitment to learning how to improve quality and safety of care for their patients within the available resources.  Peter was very impressed at the ability of the participants to learn new QI concepts and develop excellent project plans. 

Team spirit was one of the striking features of the workshop.

Following the August workshop ongoing support will be provided to the hospitals, facilitated by communications using Skype & WhatsApp. There will be a second workshop in November and a final workshop in March 2017 at which the participants will present their projects. Participants were informed that those who also attend the second and third workshops will receive a certificate of training from ISQua.    

​You can read the full report here: