Earning Credits

Earning Credits

The ISQua Fellowship Programme works on a credit point basis. For each activity that is completed, a certain number of credit points are awarded.  

The table below lays out the activities that learners can undertake for the programme and the number of credits awarded for each activity.

In the first year, learners must complete:
- 4 modules (10 credits per module)
- 10 credits of ISQua content (choose from webinars, case studies, publication reviews and partner activities under any track)
- 10 credits of electives (activities can include attending conferences, presenting at conferences, publishing books and articles, further education courses etc. Webinars, case studies, publication reviews and partner activities also count towards this requirement).

In year 2 and beyond, learners can submit any activities (elective or ISQua) for credits.
Activity  Mandatory Activity/
Supporting Documentation
Credits  When will points be awarded
Conference attendance Certificate of attendance / conference badge with date displayed for any conference of any duration. 2 After upload
Conference presentation Copy of invitation letter / programme for any presentation of any duration at any conference. After upload
Publication  Link to book or article / publisher reference. After upload
Further education Certificate of completion for / delivery of any further education course of any duration /any ISQua partner courses / surveys). 2 After upload