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Specialist Certificates

ISQua’s Specialist Certificates allow learners to focus on particular areas of interest in healthcare quality and safety. Each Certificate is a 40-hour online course and participants have 12 months from registration to complete the programme.

ISQua offers Specialist Certificates in the following areas:


The course comprises the following topics in respect to person-centred care, patient engagement, patient experience and patient satisfaction:

Introduction to key domains, concepts and definitions.

 Role of leadership, culture and infrastructure.
 Global and policy context (strategies, approaches, patient voice networks and patient councils).

 Organisational challenges with respect to ethics, policies, advocacy and continuum of care.
 Engaging persons in designing, delivering, improving and making decisions about their care.
 Key principles to enhance care for people.

 Measurement: how do we know we are making a difference?
 Transparency of data in healthcare.

 Innovative approaches in partnering with patients.

 Research awareness including methodological issues and evaluation.

This practical course covers:

 First-hand experiences in partnering with patients to understand and improve the care delivered.

 The importance of patient engagement, rationale and terminology.

 Roles and responsibilities of senior management in successful implementation of person-centred care.

 The application of measurement tools and techniques.
 Co-designing processes with patients to improve care delivery.
 Core care areas that benefit from patient engagement expertise including shared decision-making, medical home and chronic care, self-care management and “Choosing Wisely” initiatives.
 Techniques and tools for engaging employees and point-of care staff.
 Use of technology to impact on person-centred care and engaging people in their healthcare.
Innovative programmes and care designs.

The course includes:

 Types of external evaluation methodologies and assessment.

 Principles of surveying.

 Audit process.

 Assessment methodologies.

 Surveyor basic competencies and performance expectations.

 Roles and tasks of the assessor and decision-maker throughout the surveying process.

 Frameworks required for writing, developing and assessing standards.

 Preparation for survey and survey reliability.

 Key challenges associated with external surveying.

 Cultural sensitivity challenges in the context of surveying process.

 Survey report writing and interpreting.

 How to include patients in surveying.

Please be advised that completion of this course does not qualify an individual to work as an ISQua surveyor nor does it qualify an individual to work as a surveyor with an external evaluation organisation. Individuals interested in becoming a surveyor should contact an external evaluation organisation directly to learn about the requirements to become a surveyor with their programme. 

Specialist Certificates fees

Standard fee
 Credits Duration   Cost Eligibility
 40 12 months €350 Applicants from High Income (HI) and Upper Middle Income (UMI) Countries

Fellowship Participants
 Credits Duration Cost Eligibility
 40 12 months €250 Active Fellowship Programme Participants

Standard LMIC rate* 
Credits Duration Cost Eligibility
40 12 months €175 Applicants from Low and Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC)
Fellowship LMIC rate*
Credits Duration Cost Eligibility
 40 12 months  €125 Active Fellowship Programme Participants


*ISQua offers 50% discount to participants who were born in and currently work in low income and lower middle income countries as ranked by the World Bank. Applicants must upload the first page of their passport and letter from their employer to verify they qualify for this discount.

** The fee quoted is the fee for each Specialist Certificate.