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Overview of the Joint Fellowship in Healthcare Quality & Safety

「品質專家群計畫(Joint Fellowship Programme)」是由國際健康照護品質協會(ISQua)、亞洲健康照護品質協會(ASQua)與台灣財團法人醫院評鑑暨醫療品質策進會(台灣醫策會)共同開發及合作,專為台灣及華人地區之醫療照護人員所設計之健康照護品質及安全課程。

「品質專家群計畫」為雙語課程,其內容涵蓋世界各地議題,並透過與亞洲夥伴合作,提供中文課程以降低語言隔閡。 透過「品質專家群計畫」,您將可獲得國際認證的資格,亦即FHQS (Fellowship in Healthcare Quality and Safety) 的頭銜。


The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) along with our partners from the Asian Society for Quality in Health Care (ASQua) and JCT are delighted to be able to announce a Joint Fellowship in Healthcare Quality & Safety (FHQS) specifically designed for Taiwanese and Chinese healthcare professionals.

This joint initiative is a truly international qualification, comprising as it does an amalgamation of content from different parts of the world. Bi-lingual content from ISQua and content in Chinese from our Asian partners ensures that the barrier of language is removed for those participants who speak only Chinese.


How does it work?


In order to achieve the Fellowship, you must attain 60 credit points over a period of not more than 12 months.  

What will I be studying?

Both ISQua and JCT have contributed content to this programme.  The JCT Content and a proportion of ISQua Content is available in Chinese.  The rest of the ISQua Content is available in English.





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