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Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) www.ihi.org is an American organisation offering quality continuous improvement educational courses for quality and safety in health care professionals. Over the past five years, IHI has offered their students online education in a form of 22 one-hour courses. To date, over 100,000 students have participated in these courses.

ISQua is delighted to announce that participants in  ISQua’s Fellowship Programme participants can gain complimentary access to all these IHI online courses and, on completion, be granted credit points towards their Fellowship award. In addition, Fellowship participants will be awarded an IHI Certificate on fulfilment of IHI course requirements.

Outline of IHI online courses available to our Fellowship participants

Patient Safety
PS 100: Introduction to Patient Safety
PS 101: Fundamentals of Patient Safety
PS 102: Human Factors and Safety
PS 103: Teamwork and Communication
PS 104: Root Cause and Systems Analysis
PS 105: Communicating with Patients after Adverse Events
PS 106: Introduction to the Culture of Safety
PS 201: Partnering to Heal: Teaming Up Against Healthcare-Associated Infections
PS 202: Preventing Pressure Ulcers
Improvement Capability
QI 101: Fundamentals of Improvement
QI 102: The Model for Improvement: Your Engine for Change
QI 103: Measuring for Improvement
QI 104: The Life Cycle of a Quality Improvement Project
QI 105: The Human Side of Quality Improvement
QI 106: Mastering PDSA Cycles and Run Charts
QI 201: Guide to the IHI Open School QI Practicum
QI 202: Quality Improvement in Action: Stories from the Field
Quality, Cost, and Value
QCV 100: An Introduction to Quality, Cost, and Value in Health Care
QCV 101: Achieving Breakthrough Quality, Access, and Affordability
Person- and Family-Centered Care
PFC 101: Dignity and Respect
PFC 102: A Guide to Shadowing: Seeing Care Through the Eyes of Patients and Families
PFC 103: Having the Conversation: Basic Skills for Conversations about End-of-Life Care
Triple Aim for Populations
TA 101: Introduction to Population Health
TA 102: Improving Health Equity
L 101: Becoming a Leader in Health Care
Graduate Medical Education
GME 1: Why Engage Trainees in Quality and Safety?
GME 2: A Guide to the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) Program
GME 3: The Faculty Role: Understanding & Modeling Fundamentals of Quality & Safety
GME 4: The Role of Didactic Learning in Quality Improvement
GME 5: A Roadmap for Facilitating Experiential Learning in Quality Improvement
GME 6: Aligning Graduate Medical Education with Organizational Quality & Safety Goals
GME 7: Faculty Advisor Guide to the IHI

Open School Quality Improvement Practicum

Access Information

For all login information, please contact Caroline Usher at cusher@isqua.org