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Reporting to the Community on Safety & Quality Performance with Dr Karen Luxford

Date: 9th September 2014  (Sydney)

Presenter: Dr Karen Luxford, Director, Patient Based Care, Clinical Excellence Commission.


About the Webinar

Internationally, transparency regarding health care performance is increasing. While many health care services report and discuss safety and quality performance data within the service, there are now a number of drivers promoting external performance reporting. Drivers include new funding models, accreditation standards and services maintaining public trust. This webinar will focus on the development of the Clinical Excellence Commission’s Community Update on Safety and Quality – providing online information to the general public about safety and quality performance. The use of health literacy principles and an action-orientated format will be discussed.


About the Presenter

Dr Karen Luxford is Director – Patient Based Care at the Clinical Excellence Commission, Sydney, Australia (CEC). In 2010, Dr Luxford founded the Partnering With Patients program at CEC to promote patients, family and carers as care team members and the role of patient-based care in improving patient safety and quality in health care services. In 2008-2009, Dr Luxford was a Harkness Fellow in Healthcare Policy & Practice, Harvard Medical School, Boston and studied exemplar patient-focused organizations in the USA and the role of leadership, patient engagement and patient feedback in improving service quality. Dr Luxford is an Editorial Advisor on patient partnership for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and an ISQua Expert and Fellow of the International Society for Quality in Health Care. As of 2014, Karen is a Council member for the Australasian Association for Quality in Health Care.


Fellowship Questions

These questions are mandatory for Fellowship Participants who did not attend the live webinar:

Choose the correct answer for each of the multi-choice questions below and submit the answers when claiming your credits.

1. What are motivating factors for publicly reporting on safety and quality performance?

a. Transparency
b. To build trust in the community
c. To inform the community about key safety issues
d. All of the above 

2. What are the important principles to use when preparing information for the  public/community/patients?

a. Community principles
b. Health literacy principles
c. Safety principles

3. When developing information about performance in safety and quality for the community, it is important to engage with:

a. Clinicians first to make sure content is accurate and comprehensive 
b. Consumers and community members first to ensure that the information produced will be useful for the intended audience
c. Statisticians first to ensure that the data is scientifically accurate