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The Office of Biobank Education and Research (OBER)

The Office of Biobank Education and Research (OBER) www.biobanking.org is an organisation associated with the University of British Columbia. It is the first biobank education and support centre in Canada which has a series of online courses around biobanking.


Physicians and health care staff members fulfill essential roles in biobanking, which frequently intersects with routine clinical activity. By obtaining specific biobanking knowledge and expertise, individuals will be uniquely positioned to play leadership roles in this cross-cutting field within their institution.
Fellowship Programme participants will be be able to claim 4 credit points towards their Fellowship award upon completion of this course

Biobanking Course Outline

This module provides an introductory overview of biobanking including key issues in establishing, maintaining and accessing a biobank. The module is designed to provide 'how-to' knowledge for researchers and biobankers and 'what is' knowledge for stakeholders (e.g. ethics board members, health care managers). The programme was developed by Canadian biobanking professionals and modified with country-specific content with input from international biobanking experts. All material is referenced to either best practice guidelines or scientific sources.

Access Information

For all the login information, please contact Caroline Usher at cusher@isqua.org