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 Programme Content 

ISQua Education is prides itself in procuring current and thought provoking material from world leaders in healthcare for this Fellowship Programme.  Content for the seven topical tracks is constantly being updated and expanded in our effort to bring the latest thinking and innovations in healthcare to our wide audience.   

This page details the types of resources available to ISQua Fellowship Programme Participants.  For those interested in finding out more, sample resources are available by clicking on the relevant links below.

Once enrolled, Participants have full access to our vast library of resources through our Learning Management System - FELIX.


ISQua prides itself on using its vast network of Experts and Partners from around the world to bring innovative ideas and ways of progressing in healthcare quality and safety to the Fellowship Programme.  For those who are unable to attend the live event, our webinars are recorded and put into our Fellowship resources for all our Participants to access.  

For access to the latest ISQua webinars click here 
Find out about forthcoming webinars here

Case Studies

Case Studies provide food for thought for Fellowship Participants.  They give the opportunity to look at a real life situation and put your own suggestions and ideas on how it could have been handled better and how using the ideas in the case study can be put into practice in your own organisation. 

See the latest case studies available

Publications Review Club

The Editor in Chief of the International Journal for Quality in Health Care, Yu-Chan (Jack) Li, recommends articles from the Journal for review by Fellowship Participants.  These articles give an insight into work and studies being carried out in the healthcare quality and safety arena. 

See the most recent recommendations


ISQua engages with partner organisations to debate the most topical issues of the moment.  These asynchronous debates are published on the ISQua website and Fellowship Participants are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and vote on the argument that they believe won the debate.  

See the debates held so far


Fellowship Forum

Under our Governance and Leadership Track, Phil Hassen posts indepth thoughts and teachings on relevant topics for discussion in the forum.  Participants are encouraged to answer questions and contribute their own ideas on the topics discussed.

See a sample of topics discussed in this forum.

Global Leader Lectures

Through the establishment of  a strong, global network ISQua is able to gain access to the world leaders and forward thinkers in the quality and safety in healthcare arena.  Launched in 2014, the Global Leader Lecture series aims to live stream Lectures from experts in their fields from top conferences and meetings around the globe.  These Lectures will be available for all Fellowship Participants in the Fellowship Resource library.

Check out the Global Leader Lectures held so far

Partner Activities

ISQua is proud to have a number of  educational partners.  These partners contribute greatly to our Fellowship Programme by granting access to their webinars and courses.

Find out more about ISQua's Partners.

Book Review Forum

Selected books are read at the rate of a chapter a month and Fellowship Graduates lead forum discussions based on their reading.

It's an ideal opportunity to gain more knowledge on different topics but more importantly, it provides an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing of views and ideas.  As the old saying goes:  "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow."