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Publications Review Club

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours." John Locke

The ISQua Education Publications Review Club provides Participants with an opportunity to read some of the latest literature and research in Quality and Safety in Health Care and share their thoughts and ideas with their fellow Participants.

The Editor-in-Chief of the ISQua International Journal for Quality in Health Care, Yu-Chan (Jack) Li, chooses a publication of the issue every two months. These issues are published to the relevant tracks in our Fellowship Programme and Participants are encouraged to review the articles and submit their reviews for grading.

Recommended Journal Articles

January 2018

Are root cause analyses recommendations effective and sustainable? An observational study

Volume, Issue:  Volume 30, Number 2

Authors Peter D. Hibbert, Matthew J.W. Thomas, Anita Deakin, William B. Runciman, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Stephanie Lomax, Jonathan Prescott, Glenda Gorrie, Amy Szczygielski, Tanja Surwald, and Catherine Fraser

January 2018

Patient and hospital characteristics that influence incidence of adverse events in acute public hospitals in Portugal: a retrospective cohort study

Volume, Issue:  Volume 30, Number 2

Authors Paulo Sousa, Antonio Sousa Uva, Florentino Serranheira, Mafalda Sousa Uva, and Carla Nunes

 December 2017

Learning from high risk industries may not be straightforward: a qualitative study of the hierarchy of risk controls approach in healthcare

Volume, Issue:  Volume 30, Number 1

Authors Elisa G Liberati, Mohammad Farhad Peerally, and Mary Dixon-Woods

December 2017

Can you recommend me a good GP? Describing social differences in patient satisfaction within 31 countries

Volume, Issue:  Volume 30, Number 1

Authors Jens Detollenaere, Lise Hanssens, Willemijn Schafer, and Sara Willems