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Implementation of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Japan

日程: 2014年10月21日 


山口 直人
公益財団法人 日本医療機能評価機構 特命理事


Date:  21 October 2014

Professor Naohito Yamaguchi,  Executive Board Member - Japan Council for Quality Health Care,  Professor and chairman - Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University.


Participants Feedback

病院機能改善室 看護科長

“This clearly explains the MINDS project and I can fully appreciate the importance of the patient-centered perspective.”  

Yoko Makishima
Division of Quality Improvement, Chief Nurse

“It is very informative as the results it provides reflects the feedback of staff who have implemented clinical practice guidelines.”
Akiko Yaguchi


About the Webinar


MINDS is an information service provided by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care.  The MINDS is financially supported by the government since its inception in 2002.  The MINDS helps medical practitioners and patients to fully utilize high quality clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) in their clinical decision making. CPGs developed in Japan are formally evaluated, and CPGs with high quality are disseminated through the MINDS website.  In 2014, we added in our activities the guideline implementation project, and the effects of implementation are assessed by quantitatively measuring the change in outcomes of daily practice by quality indicators.


About the Presenter


Naohito Yamaguchi graduated from Keio University School of Medicine, Japan, in 1978, and started his career as researcher in epidemiology and public health.  Currently, he is professor and chairman of Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University.  He is also Executive Board Member of MINDS Center of Japan Council for Quality Health Care. MINDS Center is the clearinghouse of clinical practice guidelines in Japan, and its activities range from support for guideline development to dissemination and implementation of more than 100 clinical practice guidelines through MINDS website.


Fellowship Questions



These questions are mandatory for Fellowship Participants who did not attend the live webinar.  

Choose the correct answer for each of the multi-choice questions below and submit the answers when claiming your credits.

1. 診療ガイドラインの価値を高めるポイントでないのはどれか

a. 患者中心医療の重視
b. エビデンス総体の評価と統合
c. 学界等の権威者による推奨作成
d. 患者が重視するアウトカムの改善

2. 診療ガイドラインの活用を阻害する因子はどれか

a. 医療費が上昇する
b. 訴訟が懸念される
c. 患者側の拒否が多い
d. 信頼性への認知が低い

3. 診療ガイドライン活用の評価に有効なのはどれか
a. 医療収支額
b. 外来患者数
c. 医療訴訟件数
d. クオリティインディケーター