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Topics of Quality in Healthcare



菅原 浩幸
公益財団法人 日本医療機能評価機構 統括調整役・EBM医療情報部長


18 July 2017

Presenter: Hiroyuki Sugawara
General Coordinator, General Manager of Dept. of EBM and Guidelines - Japan Council for Quality Health Care


Participant Feedback

“I could confirm that the concept of “Quality in Healthcare” is the same as what I have been thinking. This webinar is quite useful for conducting future survey."  

土井 生資
医学部・病院事務局 医事グループ長(次長)
Ikuji Doi

安食 愛彦
“I could reconfirm the difference of quality in healthcare between medical professionals and patients. Especially the satisfaction of patients with chronic disease and low compliance would be influenced by good communication with staff rather than the improvement of their condition.” 
Yoshihiko Ajiki
Medical Technologist


土井 生資

医学部・病院事務局 医事グループ長(次長)

About the Webinar


Quality Healthcare is desired not only by people who receive care but also by those who provide care. However, in reality there is a gap between “Healthcare we should be able to receive” and “Healthcare we actually receive on a daily basis”: a serious challenge for quality in healthcare. In this webinar, the presenter focuses on the fundamentals that all parties involved in healthcare, both healthcare professionals and patients alike, should know including “What is quality in healthcare?” and “How to improve healthcare quality.”

About the Presenter



日本医療・病院管理学会評議員、かながわ高齢者保健福祉計画 計画評価部会委員


1) Biography
Hiroyuki Sugawara graduated from Graduate School of Medical Science at University of Tsukuba in 1987. After working for a private company, he joined Japan Council for Quality Health Care in 1997 and held General Manager of Dept. of Accreditation, Dept. of Quality Improvement and Dept. of Planning post successively. Since 2016, he has been a general coordinator and General Manager of EBM and Guidelines at Japan Council for Quality Health Care.  

2) Specialty
Hospital Accreditation and Quality in Healthcare

3) Social activity
Councilor- Japan Society for Healthcare Administration.
Member of the Planning and Evaluation Committee, Kanagawa Health and Welfare Plan for the Elderly