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Measuring Quality of Healthcare with Professor Tomonori Hasegawa

日程: 2016年6月9日

演者: 長谷川 友紀
Date:  9 June 2016

Presenter: Professor Tomonori Hasegawa, Toho University School of Medicine


Participant Feedback

猪飼 宏
病院医療情報部 副部長

I was really delighted that the speaker covered both the background and current trends so concisely in the time allocated.

Hiroshi Ikai
Deputy CMIO

About the Webinar


Recently more and more attention is being paid to safety and quality issues in healthcare. As representative methods to guarantee and improve healthcare quality, process approach with EBM guideline development, outcome approach using clinical indicators and peer review by the third party organization will be introduced with challenges in utilizing and reporting the results to public.

About the Presenter


Professor Hasegawa graduated from Tokyo University, School of Medicine in 1985. His academic activities cover health policies and performance evaluation of health systems. He was engaged in health sector reform in Japan as an advisory member of the Cabinet Office. He is engaged in advisory work as an invited committee member of the All Japan Hospital Association. He is a board member of the following organizations; Japan Council for Quality Health Care and Japanese Society of Healthcare Management (Editor in chief).

Fellowship Questions

1. 医療の質に関わる問題として誤っているのはどれか。

a. 高齢患者の増加
b. 人口当たり手術件数の地域差
c. 病院により治療方針が異なる
d. 病院のより治療成績が異なる

2. EBMに基づく診療ガイドラインについて正しいのはどれか。

a. 患者の個別性・価値観を考慮しない
b. 医療の標準化を促進する
c. 医療訴訟を増加させる
d. 医療費の削減が目的である

3. 急性心筋梗塞における結果指標はどれか。

a. 入院時のKillipスコア
b. 年齢
c. 来院30分以内の血栓溶解治療実施率
d. 退院時のADL