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The Basics of Using Clinical Practice Guidelines in Daily Practice



公益財団法人 日本医療機能評価機構 執行理事


Date:  16 March 2017

 Naohito Yamaguchi
Executive Board Member - Japan Council for Quality Health Care, Professor and chairman - Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University


Participant Feedback

安食 愛彦
札幌南青洲病院 臨床検査技師
“I realized that communication with patients is vital. Healthcare professionals should understand that the person who has the right to make the final decision on their healthcare is the patient themselves. Healthcare professionals need to collaborate closely with their patients.”  

Yoshihiko Ajiki
Sapporo Minami Seishu Hospital/Medical Technologist

井上 高彦
柴田長庚堂病院 / 薬剤師
“This lecture was very beneficial for me as it summarizes the clinical guidelines system and how it should be used.” 
Takahiko Inoue
Shibata-cho-ko-do Hospital / Pharmacist

About the Webinar


A clinical practice guideline aims at supporting patients and clinical practitioners in making decisions in daily practice. To achieve this goal, a clinical practice guideline provides recommendations for clinical questions of key clinical issues, based on current evidence and patients’ preference and value. In this webinar, the basics of using clinical practice guidelines are discussed.

About the Presenter


Naohito Yamaguchi graduated from Keio University School of Medicine, Japan, in 1978, and started his career as a researcher in epidemiology and public health. Currently, he is professor and chairman of Department of Public Health, School of Medicine, Tokyo Women’s Medical University. He is also Director of Minds Center of Japan Council for Quality Health Care. Minds Center is the clearing house of clinical practice guidelines in Japan, and its activities range from support for guideline development to dissemination and implementation of more than 170 clinical practice guidelines through Minds website as well as tablet-based service called Minds Mobile.