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Misdiagnosis with Dr Dubhfeasa Slattery

Date:  22 January 2018

Presenter:  Dr Dubhfeasa Slattery MB BCh, MRCPI (Paeds), FRCPI, M Med Sci, PhD, Chair and Professor of Medical professionalism at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and the Bon Secours health System (BSHS), Consultant Respiratory and General Paediatrician at Temple St Children’s University Hospital Dublin

Track 3:
 Patient Safety

What our Participants say...

"This webinar provided an insight into issues surrounding misdiagnosis. I thought that the format of the presentation including the contents, and composure of the lecturer were excellent. I really appreciated how the lecturer also emphasized the issue of second victim. It gave a very 'fair' presentation and conveyed that even though advocacy about patient-centered care is very strong, the safety of health care professionals is equally important.”

Dr. Adebukola Shittu-Muideen
Quality Manager, Nigeria


"As a healthcare practitioner, this lecture would help me be mindful of how I practice medicine, and how I should always be professional in the practice of medicine. I most enjoyed the interactive session after the lecture.”

Dr. Joan Niña Lunaria
Physician, Philippines

About the Webinar

This webinar reviews the importance of making the correct clinical diagnosis. It examines how best to make an accurate diagnosis. It reviews national data on patient safety incidents related to inaccurate diagnoses. It reviews national data regarding clinical claims pertaining to inaccurate diagnosis. It discusses how to explain to a patient and family when diagnoses are inaccurate and the benefits of Open Disclosure. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this webinar the student should have:
- a knowledge of the importance of making the correct diagnosis
- a knowledge of how best to arrive at the correct diagnosis
- a knowledge of the consequences of inaccurate diagnosis from a patient safety incident viewpoint nationally in Ireland
- a knowledge of the importance of correct diagnosis regarding medico legal clinical claims nationally in Ireland 
- a knowledge of Open Disclosure and its benefits 

Intended Audience

- Health care professionals as part of continuous professional development, particularly doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists.
- Health care professionals as part of postgraduate training and undergraduate doctors and nurses.


About the Presenter

Dubhfeasa has recently been appointed as the first professor and chair of medical professionalism at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). She is an associate clinical professor at University College Dublin. Prior to this chair position, Dubhfeasa worked as head of Clinical Risk at the State Claims Agency, Dublin, which analyses national data on clinical incidents, claims and costs. This work culminated in the publication of multiple national reports.

She is a Consultant Respiratory and General Paediatrician of 15 years and graduated from University of Dublin, Trinity. She completed her postgraduate training at the Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School before working there as a Consultant Respiratory Paediatrician.

Dubhfeasa has a PhD in Molecular Medicine and has published on basic science, translational, clinical and educational research. She has received independent research grant funding, multiple national and international research awards and was one of 3 international recipients of an American Ireland Fund Award (2009) for her contribution to Paediatrics, research and fundraising.

Dubhfeasa consolidated her interest in quality improvement in healthcare by completing a Diploma in Leadership and Quality in Healthcare (RCPI) in 2014, the Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership programme (2015-16) through Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Quality and Leadership programme for healthcare executives (2016). She held multiple national roles including Associate Dean of Hospital Inspections at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI 2010-2014) and was the lead paediatrician for the national Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy programme (2011-2014).

Dubhfeasa has always enjoyed teaching. She has a Master’s in Education for Healthcare Professionals (Queen’s University 2011) and has authored and delivered national courses. Dubhfeasa is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.