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The Role of the Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Date:  10 August 2018

Presenter: Roy E. Gilbreath MD FACP, SVP Chief System of Care Integration Officer, Navicent Health

Track 1: Governance, Leadership and Health Policy

What our Participants say...

"The best medical informatics role presentation that I've ever seen. It's giving us examples of how an organization could achieve compliance and safety culture at the same time by using medical informatics technology."

Dr. Dini Handayani
Quality Assurance Director of Awal Bros Hospital Group, Indonesia


"This webinar was very beneficial because it showed the details on Computerized physicians order entry and the clear description of the implementation and results of the clean hands safe hands. Well outlined graphical representations, the surveys and clarity of discussions."

Dr. Oluyomi Oluokun
Senior Manager, Prevention Care and Treatment Department, Nigeria

About the Webinar

Roy Gilbreath MD will describe the role of the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at Navicent Health, a multi-facility system, including a  large academic teaching hospital in the Southeastern USA. The role encompasses the fields of clinical and medical informatics, in partnership with the Information Technology functions of the organization. A true partnership with the Chief Information Officer (or equivalent) is critical. Quality, Safety, Health Equity, and Provider work experience are the largest drivers of success in the role. Provider and Patient facing mobility applications, Virtual Health (and telemedicine), Enterprise analytics, Clinical decision support, and Machine learning (artificial intelligence) are the main functions that the CMIO concerns themselves with in 2018. Keeping close tabs on the medical and nursing staff’s needs and concerns, and maintaining productive relationships with the IT technical staff, is the biggest challenge. 

Learning Objectives

1) Understand the end user’s perspective on using IT to meet quality, safety, equity, and efficiency goals and how this contributes to the clinician work experience, burnout, and joy in work
2) Get an idea how to facilitate the discussion between end user clinicians and technology driven IT leaders and staff.
3) Have an awareness of the major driving forces in clinical IT development and implementation and their associated business (or clinical) case.

Intended Audience

Physicians, nurses, or other clinicians with an interest or role in IT, technology, or clinical informatics and IT technology leaders interested in the application of healthcare IT to end users.


About the Presenter

Roy is a Board certified Internist, who, as Chief System of Care Integration Officer, is responsible for Navicent Health’s System Quality, Safety and Equity and Medical Informatics, across Navicent’s System of Care, spanning the community, acute care, and post-acute settings. He has over twenty years’ experience in physician executive roles and many years in private practice. He received his BS from University of Florida, MD from University of Miami, and Internal Medicine training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.