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Measuring harm in healthcare settings, why and how with Professor Philippe Michel

Date:  31 May 2017

Presenter:  Professor Philippe Michel, Director for quality, safety and customer relationship in the Lyon hospital Federation, and head of the healthcare organization performance department of the HESPER research unit (Health Services and Performance research, EA 7425) at University Lyon 1

Track 3:
 Patient Safety

Participants Feedback

"In Nigeria, harm is not seen as a major event even when it leads to mortality. Understanding simpler ways of identifying and reporting harm was my learning point from this webinar. The content was presented in a manner that motivates me to go out and begin acting."

Piringar Mercy Niyang
Technical Advisor, Nigeria

"The topic of the webinar and as it was presented is so beneficial that it can be utilized in the work setting. The measure which is usually difficult to execute in an environment of critical manpower and resources shortage gives a reflection of how we can manage to perform in our own institution. Some major healthcare providers need more knowledge, skills and the right attitude of the importance of complete records. The presentation has projected one valuable aspect of its records auditing to improve patient safety culture by way of quality documentation. With great thanks to ISQua for the topic selection and for the presenter Prof. Philippe Michel."

Marietta Calo
Assistant Director of Nursing for Accreditation & Quality Management, Saudi Arabia

About the Webinar

There is now widespread acceptance and awareness of the problem of medical harm, and considerable efforts have been made to improve the safety of healthcare. But do we know how much of harm do we currently measure? Do we know what to measure? The need for good methods for the measurement of harm is necessary whenever an inference is intended and, since inferences lie at the heart of safety management, there is a huge need to understand better how to make measurements that are meaningful, precise, and accurate.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this webinar, participants will:

- be able to recognize the wide scope of harm measurement
- have basic principles in metric performance
- be able to know how to choose the most appropriate approach/tool/method

Intended Audience
This webinar is intended for any healthcare professional who is leading a patient safety program at meso or macro level (healthcare setting, ward). 


About the Presenter

Pr. Philippe Michel, MD, PhD, is a professor of public health. His research topics are in the patient safety and quality indicators domains. He oversaw the two national surveys on adverse events in France in 2004 and 2009 (ENEIS). He developed and validated national mandatory national indicators. He is a WHO expert in Patient Safety and was External lead of a WHO project on Patient Safety Research methodologies.