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Responding to CPE (Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae) with Amy Bisson and Dr Paul Curtis

Date:  17 October 2017

Amy Bisson, Project Officer, Healthcare Associated Infections, Clinical Excellence Commission, Australia

Dr Paul Curtis, Director, Governance and Assurance, Clinical Excellence Commission, Australia

Track 3:
 Patient Safety

What our Participants say...

"This webinar was beneficial because it presented new ideas about controlling CPE. I particularly liked how the presenters kept it simple and made the topic easy to understand."

Dr Mohamed Naguib Elhadidi
Infection Control Specialist Physician, Saudi Arabia

"This full presentation was clear and interesting. I most enjoyed that I received lots of information."

Claudine Richardson-Sheppard
Assistant Lecturer, Trinidad and Tobago

About the Webinar

The emergence of multi-drug resistant organisms represents a real and ongoing threat across the world. The spread of Carbapenemases-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) is listed as “critical” in the World Health Organisations (WHO) priority pathogens list. They can cause severe and often deadly infections. Amy received a 2017 Hospital Alliance for Research Collaboration (HARC) Scholarship from The Sax Institute for her project ‘Responding to CPE: reducing unwarranted clinical variation and harm from multi-drug resistant organisms for patients in NSW health facilities’. As part of this scholarship Amy completed a study tour looking at strategies proven to bring change in practice improvements, communication, education and quality improvements. 

In this webinar, Dr Paul Curtis and Amy Bisson will present on:
• The emergence of CPE
• The impact of CPE
• Early detection and prevention is vital
• Key learnings from discussions with national and international infection control experts
• Where to from here for NSW/ Australia?

Learning Objectives

• To increase awareness about CPE and its implications for healthcare systems and settings.
• Understand the key approaches to infection prevention and control for CPE.

Intended Audience

Those with an interest in multi-resistant organisms and infection prevention and control. 

About the Presenters

Amy is a Registered Nurse originally specialising in liver and renal transplantation, with a Masters in Public Health from the University of Sydney. She works for the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission in the Healthcare Associated Infections Program with a particular focus on infection control for intravascular devices, CAUTI, surgical site infection and mutli-resistant organisms. She is a recipient of The Sax Institute's 2017 HARC Scholarship program.

Dr Curtis has had many years’ experience in medical administration at hospital and regional level and a 12 year experience in patient safety and quality in NSW, including five years at the Clinical Excellence Commission. His current responsibilities include the support for the implementation of the national accreditation system in NSW, health care associated infections, hand hygiene implementation of the WHO surgical checklist, Bloodwatch program – an initiative to optimise the use of blood and blood products, diagnostic error prevention, database development for clinicians, quality and safety performance of NSW public hospitals (with the Ministry of Health), liaison with regional Directors of Clinical Governance, and provision of advice about quality and safety issues regarding commonwealth/State matters and liaison with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.