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Recorded Webinars

Click on a title to watch a previously recorded webinar. Previously recorded webinars are available for Windows and Mac based computers and do not require any prior download of special software. In addition, you can click on any of the available Webinar Notes links to download our supplemental information.

For all ISQua Fellowship Participants, if you wish to watch a recording and complete the Fellowship Questions, please log into FELIX to do so.


Presenter: Dr. David Vaughan, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Children’s Hospital Group and Consultant 

Date: 13 March 2018

Track 3:  Patient Safety

The People’s view of safety    

Presenter:  Margaret Murphy, External Lead Advisor, WHO Patients for Patient Safety Programme

Date:  6 March 2018

Track 3: 
 Patient Safety


Presenter:  Dr Trey Coffey, Medical Officer for Patient Safety, The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), Associate Clinical Director, Solutions for Patient Safety (www.solutionsforpatientsafety.org)   

Date:  2 March 2018

Track 3: 
Patient Safety