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"A Managerial or a Medical Approach for Assessment of Quality and Safety?"  with Professor Laurent Degos

Date: 27th November 2014

Presenter: ​Professor Laurent Degos, Professor at the Paris Diderot University


About the Speaker

Laurent Degos

Laurent Degos MD, PhD, Graduate of Harvard School of Health
- Professor of Medicine  University Paris-Denis Diderot
- Founder and former President of the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS)
- Corresponding member of the French Academy of Science 
- Member of National (French) Academy of Medicine
- Member of the High Council for the Future of National Health Insurance
- Vice President of Institut Pasteur

Prior to that, he chaired the governing bodies of the French Agency for Health Product Safety (AFSSAPS) and the French Transplantation Agency (EFG – now the Biomedicine Agency). He has also been head of the Clinical Blood Disease Department at Saint-Louis Hospital, Professor of Haematology at Paris VII University and Director of the Biology and Biotechnology Graduate School. 

Professor Degos delivered the Eisenberg lecture (Washington, 2008) on  patient safety, chaired the Program Committee Congress ISQUA –International Society for Quality of Health and Health Care- (Paris 2010), delivered a plenary lecture at ISQUA Congress (Hong Kong 2011), a plenary lecture on Health Technology Assessment at the European Forum for Quality and Safety of Heath Care (2011) and co-chaired the Clinical Impact of Quality Improvement Congress (Nice 2010) with Fiona Godlee, BMJ.

Laurent Degos has published 370 scientific articles in the fields of genetics, immunology, haematology, cancer and public health. In particular, he discovered with Wang Zheng YI (Shanghai) how to transform a leukemic cell into a normal cell, thereby opening up a new approach to cancer treatment and targeted therapy rewarded by several prizes including Kettering General Motors Prize (Washington), Brupbacher (Zurich), Gagna and Von Hoeck Prize (Brussels), Curie Loubaresse (Paris) and the Jean Bernard Award of European Hematology Association (Amsterdam). Officer of the Legion of Honour, Doctor Honoris Causa of the Medical School of Jiao Tong Univ (Shanghai). 


Fellowship Questions

These questions are mandatory for Fellowship Participants who did not attend the live webinar.

Choose the correct answer for each of the multi-choice questions below and submit the answers when claiming your credits.

1.  Evaluative systems:

a.  inevitably lead to scapegoating
b.  are unique to health care environments
c.  are a figment of the author's imagination
d.  can be a sound basis for health care quality improvement

2.  Accreditation and quality indicators are:

a.  the only means of insuring quality in health care organisations
b.  under the author's model, may now be outdated
c.  only applicable to developed western economies

3.  A managerial and medical approaches to quality improvement:

a.  are mutually exclusive
b.  can co-exist
c.  are a construct of the author and have no scientific value