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Principles of Person-Centred

Principles of Person-Centred Care


About the course

This course offers learners a panoply of key global perspectives and evidence-based initiatives in the field of person-centred care which can then be used to improve patient experience, patient engagement and patient satisfaction. It covers areas such as Governance, Design, Culture, Advocacy, Research and Transparency of Data.


Who is it for?
This course is for individuals or organisations who seek to improve the delivery of person-centred care across all settings, as well as quality officers, quality and patient safety managers, improvement advisors / consultants and quality specialists, whose prime focus includes planning and implementing person-centred care.


Course information

  • Duration: 12 months (from date of enrolment)
  • Fully online course
  • Continuous assessment (no final exam)
  • Certificate awarded upon completion
  • Discounted registration fee for ISQua Members

What our learners say

"I had the opportunity to share and engage with not only my Team at UNHCO but also patients that I work with at the community level and the advocates of patient safety and patients rights movement in Uganda.

I will continue to use the materials from this course to empower all stakeholders including Ministry of Health and healthcare workers so that we build a common understanding appreciating and focusing on patient centered care."


-- Robinah Kaitiritimba, Executive Director
Uganda National Health Consumers' Organisation (UNHCO)


"In this course on Person Centred Care, all the frameworks and tools I have been introduced to as well as the systematic reviews, qualitative studies and research I have been exposed to has been an eye opener into the field of PCC. 

It is extremely vast and catered to the community at hand and all these stories shared from China to Sweden to Canada and the U.S. has been a great inspiration and motivator to kick off the process with patients locally on a more continuous basis and at a partnership level.

After taking this course, I feel well equipped with the resources I need to build a solid foundation for PCC in the organization.

Thank you for this comprehensive and extremely rich programme."

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Course Content

What is Person-Centred Care (PCC)? An Introduction to Patient Engagement and Patient Experience of Care
Topic Synopsis Presenter
What is PCC? Why is Patient Engagement Important? Introduction to Patient Experience & Satisfaction This session will provide a comprehensive introduction to main concepts, principles and domains for PCC. It will explain the importance of patient engagement and the value of patient experience and patient satisfaction. Susan Edgman-Levitan, Executive Director, John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital

What our learners say

"My motivation for taking the ISQua Principles of Person Centred Care course wasn’t to be convinced of the benefit of Patient Engagement but rather to explore how to put in place a structure and framework to make Patient Engagement our new operational system. I found this and beyond in this course.

From the webinars sharing experiences lived in different places in the world, I was inspired to work relentlessly in our organization on helping foster Patient Engagement as part of the clinical practice and decision making not only to enhance value but restore dignity.

All webinars were very useful in enhancing the learning, giving the tools and also the feel of how successful engagement looks like. Having a personal interest in Human Factors and System design, the value-based co-design model is something I intend to suggest as a basis for Patient Engagement framework in our organization."


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