We are proud to partner with CAHO India to bring you the South East Asia Joint Fellowship Programme.


This Joint Programme is available within the flagship ISQua Fellowship Programme and therefore offers participants access to both customised regional content for South East Asia and to all other Fellowship resources.


The programme inspires the advancement of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety initiatives within the healthcare industry. It achieves this through fostering a global community of passionate healthcare professionals, who are united by a single common goal: safer healthcare.


All Fellows benefit from the three core values of ISQua: Knowledge, Network and Voice.


If you are a healthcare professional who is passionate about improvement, the South East Asia Fellowship Programme will enable you to achieve your personal goals.

ISQua Education Values


Learn from a wide range of international experts and peers, and start making improvements within your own personal context.


Expand your professional network, make new contacts and become a valued member of our community.



Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions, and showcase your research with international peers. Be confident in implementing improvement.


Learning Resources

Gain access to the vast library of educational resources, including regular live webinars and masterclasses.



Receive the opportunity to be mentored by international experts in quality and safety in health care.



Apply for a place on the ISQua Internship Programme with a global quality and safety organisation.



Learn from the collective knowledge and wisdom of the ISQua Community.




Network and engage with the extended ISQua Community through our online platform.


Virtual Events

Join our online video chat discussions and meet international healthcare professionals.


Conference Sessions

Attend Member, Fellow, and ISQua Expert exclusive sessions at the ISQua Conference.



Graduate in front of your peers and international experts at the ISQua Conference.




Showcase your work and share your story with the ISQua Community.



Participate in peer discussions via our regular webinars and online virtual events.



Use the post nominal FISQua and receive a Fellowship Certificate upon graduation.



Be confident in implementing change within your own personal context.


Fellowship Testimonials

Hear from some of our current Fellows as they share their thoughts regarding their own personal journey through the Fellowship Programme, and how it has helped them to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

Programme Details

The South East Asia Joint Fellowship Programme is a continuing education programme which offers you a unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant global community where everyone can learn, share and be empowered.

SEA Fellowship Year 1

Programme type: Self-paced


Programme delivery: Online


Start date: Immediate


Duration: 12 months


Who is it for? Healthcare professionals and front line staff who are passionate about healthcare quality and safety


South East Asia Joint Fellowship Programme:

Module 1: Resource challenged settings: Measuring and Improving Safety

Module 2: Patient Safety (Making Care Safe)

Module 3: Leading for Quality and Safety

Module 4: Initiatives to Improve Patient Safety Following Patient Harm Events

Module 5: Application of Patient Safety Tools

Module 6: Medication Safety


Credits required: 60 credits (6 modules)


Award: ISQua Fellowship Certificate 

SEA Fellowship Year 2+

Programme type: Self-paced


Programme delivery: Online


Start date: Maintenance years can be commenced when subscription is due for renewal (or earlier).


Duration: 12 months


Who is it for? Healthcare professionals and front line staff who are passionate about healthcare quality and safety


Content themes:

1. Leading for Quality and Safety

2. Person-centred Care

3. Patient Safety

4. Quality Improvement

5. Health Information Technology

6. External Evaluation Systems

7. Quality and Safety in Resource Challenged Countries


Credits required: 40 credits


Electives: If you are attending or presenting conferences, hosting workshops, publishing books or articles, or completing other further education courses, these activities can be used to complete the 40 credits required.


Award: Continued validity of Certificate

Virtual events

We host regular virtual events designed to bring our Fellowship community together and spark new conversations and new connections in healthcare.

Enjoy access to all Fellowship Resources

In addition to custom materials designed for the South East Asia Fellowship (SEA), you can also enjoy access to the entire Fellowship library as part of your SEA subscription. Fellowship resources are grouped into themes and each theme delivers a wide range of topical and interactive content in the form of easy-to-follow modules. Modules are delivered through a variety of webinar and presentation recordings, practical case studies, publication reviews, and discussions. The Fellowship consists of a vast library of interactive activities, ensuring that there is engaging content available for all healthcare backgrounds and interests.


Leading for Quality and Safety


Health Information Technology


Person Centred Care


External Evaluation Systems


Patient Safety


Quality & Safety in Resource Challenged Countries


Quality Improvement


Critical Crisis Thinking

What our Fellows say

"Every area learnt on the Patient Safety module of the Fellowship Programme has made me a better person. I am more empowered and ready to change my organization, and the world. I am ready to champion quality and patient safety. I will educate and empower more people, and organizations on matters quality and patient safety." 

Jane Ngivu
Quality & Safety Manager
Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Kenya


Jane Ngivu

Fellowship Fees

New to ISQua?CreditsDurationLIC LMIC UMIC UIC

South East Asia Fellowship Programme: Membership & Fellowship subscription

60 12 months €150 €225 €337.50 €450*
Renewing your FellowshipCreditsDurationLICLMIC UMIC UIC

South East Asia Fellowship Programme: Membership & Fellowship subscription renewal

40 12 months €100 €150 €225 €300*

* ISQua offers a discount to Students and Trainees from Upper-Income countries. New subscriptions - €375.00 / Renewals - €250.00

LIC = Lower Income
LMIC = Lower Middle Income
UMIC = Upper Middle Income
UI = High Income

Find out which classification your country is assigned by the World Bank.

You will be able to enter your country on the Join Now page here and the relevant registration fee will display.

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