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By Dr Gro Berntsen Wednesday. Apr 10, 2019

A Digitally Supported, Person-centered, Integrated and Pro-active Care System with Dr Gro Berntsen


We were delighted to host Gro Berntsen for our ISQua Fellowship Programme live webinar in April on the topic of A Digitally Supported, Person-centered, Integrated and Pro-active Care System.


Dr. Gro Rosvold Berntsen, (MD, is professor at the Norwegian center for eHealth research since 2009. Dr Berntsen’s research is focused on technology assisted quality assurance, patient pathways across care boundaries, integrated care and person-centered care for patients with complex and long-term needs. She currently leads a portifolio of research projects focused on large scale transformation of care towards digitally supported person-centered, integrated and pro-active health services.


Public health measures are successful! We are growing older all over the globe, however the silver tsunami poses both new opportunities and challenges. The elderly person wishes for a great life while living with multiple long term-conditions, but the new multi-morbid patient does not fit in a care system historically designed for single condition acute care.


The intended audience for this webinar is everyone who is interested in the future design of health care: Patient representatives. Decision makers in health care from high level to front-line workers. E-health decision makers – from high level – to ICT operational organizations.



The live version of this webinar was made available to our Fellowship Programme Participants. You can find out more about our Fellowship and activities here.


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