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By Dr John Brennan Friday. Feb 1, 2019

Fundamentals of Patient Safety with John Brennan


We were delighted to host John Brennan for our ISQua Fellowship Programme live webinar in January on the topic of Fundamentals of Patient Safety.


Dr. John Brennan is a full time General Practitioner in Ireland. John was awarded a Diploma in Quality Improvement in Healthcare and Patient Safety with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) in 2017. He is an International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) Fellow and served as Quality Improvement Scholar in Residence with the RCPI and ISQua for 2016/17. John also currently works with the RCPI in designing and delivering Quality Improvement and Patient Safety education across a number of platforms, including in collaboration with the Health Service Executive in Ireland to deliver health service improvement. He is a past Chair of the Network of GP Trainees and was a trainee representative on the ISQua Education Committee. He has been a member of the ISQua International Conference Organising Committee since 2017.


During this webinar, you will be introduced to the Fundamentals of Patient Safety. John will take you on a journey through the why, the what and the how of patient safety, from the perspective of a frontline healthcare professional. Participants will explore why it is essential to provide safe care for patients at the care interface, in every consultation, every day and how this adds up across populations. Patient safety will be characterised through the lenses of science, culture and process, to bring a clearer understanding of what this broad concept comprises. John will offer insights into the practical application of patient safety with real world examples of how care can be made safer for patients at the frontline.



The live version of this webinar was made available to our Fellowship Programme Participants. You can find out more about our Fellowship and activities here.


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