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By Sinead McArdle Friday. Sep 7, 2018

ISQua Expert & Board Member Jeffery Braithwaite reports on his time in China

This was a very large conference, with over 2,000 attendees, so it was very good to have ISQua represented and to raise the ISQua profile. Professor Braithwaite spoke on several topics including lean and resilient health care, and the quality of care internationally, and he represented ISQua at several high-level meetings. 

He presented about, and then subsequently discussed the benefits of ISQua membership, the Fellowship Programme, ISQua's role in accreditation, and the advantages ISQua can bring to everyone - politicians, policymakers, managers, clinicians, patients and associated groups - by virtue of its global reach and networking capacity. 

Professor Braithwaite enjoys his role as both a researcher and Board Member in supporting low, middle and higher income countries and their interests in quality and safety across the world.

He is always keen to support ISQua's programmes, and studies patient safety and the quality of care delivered by health systems in international context and was able to discuss many matters pertaining to these topics during his visit. 

There was a great deal of interest from Chinese colleagues and participants in ISQua, and many questions were able to be answered, especially about Fellowship and the forthcoming annual ISQua conferences. 




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