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By Dal Hothi and John Brennan Friday. Jun 28, 2019

ISQua Podcast Series - Episode 1 - Learning Journeys with Dal Hothi and John Brennan


We were delighted to host Dr Daljit Hothi and Dr John Brennan for the very first episode in the ISQua Podcast series. ISQua podcasts aim to expand your knowledge of healthcare quality and safety and empower you in your work. This podcast is about Learning Journeys which feature as part of this year’s ISQua Conference Programme in Cape Town.


Learning Journeys Overview

New to #ISQua2019 are daily Learning Journeys. These Learning Journeys will take place on each of the three days of the conference, with each day featuring a different theme. Themes include “Data for Innovation, Improvement and Implementation”, “Co-Production in Healthcare” and “Patient Safety”.


Each morning will offer a Beginner-level session, where core skills and key concepts will be covered. The theme will then be continued at lunchtime with an Intermediate session, which will provide delegates with an opportunity to expand their thinking and share experiences. The Journey will then come to a close with an evening Advanced session, where your thinking will be challenged through debates and panel discussions. Find out more by listening to the podcast below.


You can view the Learning Journeys for each day of the conference via the links below:


Monday Oct 21st: Data for Innovation, Improvement and Implementation


Tuesday Oct 22nd: Co-Production in Healthcare


Wednesday Oct 23rd: Patient Safety




About the speakers

Dr Hothi is a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist and clinical lead for Home Haemodialysis (HD) at Great Ormond Street Hospital. HD has been her passion and interest for many years. She completed her MD in Paediatric HD split between two sites, Sick Kids Toronto and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). She then secured funding for a 4 year Home HD pilot at GOSH but was successful in achieving substantive status at the end of year 2. As a team they have trained and recruited 41 patients to date, the largest paediatric cohort internationally. Her ambition now is to develop a National Paediatric Home Haemodialysis Network.


Dr. John Brennan is a full time General Practitioner in Ireland. John was awarded a Diploma in Quality Improvement in Healthcare and Patient Safety with the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) in 2017. He is an International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) Fellow and served as Quality Improvement Scholar in Residence with the RCPI and ISQua for 2016/17. John also currently works with the RCPI in designing and delivering Quality Improvement and Patient Safety education across a number of platforms, including in collaboration with the Health Service Executive in Ireland to deliver health service improvement. He is a past Chair of the Network of GP Trainees and was a trainee representative on the ISQua Education Committee. He has been a member of the ISQua International Conference Organising Committee since 2017.

Together with The Council for Health Service Accreditation of South Africa (COHSASA) and Mediclinic International, ISQua is delighted to host its 36th International Conference in Cape Town. Registration for #ISQua2019 is now open! Find out more HERE.



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