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By ISQua Friday. Feb 14, 2020

Watch Now: Accreditation as a driver of improvement and knowledge transfer with Dr Carsten Engel Featured

It was a pleasure to host Dr Carsten Engel, ISQua Expert and world expert in accreditaton and external evaluation, for a live webinar on Accreditation as a driver of improvement and knowledge transfer.

He provided great insight into the current accreditation climate and presented the results of several studies into the outcomes of surveys.

Here are the details of the session and the recording is available below:

Webinar title
Accreditation as a driver of improvement and knowledge transfer.

In this session, we will examine some challenges that may prevent us from getting the most out of accreditation. Accreditation is sometimes perceived as synonymous with standardization of processes, but can we manage complex systems solely in that way? To harness the power of accreditation, we also need to consider how the accredited organization responds to the accreditation programme. We will discuss what impact we can expect from accreditation and what the evidence is for this. Finally, we will review some current trends in accreditation and summarize the session in some take home points.

Learning objectives
The participant should acquire a deeper understanding of the factors that are crucial to achieve an effect of accreditation, and of current trends and challenges.

About the presenter
Carsten Engel is a physician by training with board certification in anaesthesiology since 1991. He joined IKAS, The Danish Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare in 2006 as an Accreditation Manager. Currently, he is the Deputy Chief Executive. He has been a member of the ISQua Accreditation Council since 2010, Deputy Chair since 2016, and an ISQua Expert since 2013. He has contributed to the development of ISQua’s International Accreditation Programme and is a member of the ISQua Academy of Quality and Safety in Health Care since 2019.



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