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By ISQua Wednesday. Mar 11, 2020

Watch Now: Leapfrog to Value: How low- and middle-income countries can embrace value-based care on the path to universal health coverage with Dr Chintan Maru Featured

It was a pleasure to host Dr Chintan Maru, Director at the Global Development Incubator and Executive Director of Leapfrog to Value, as guest presenter for our latest live webinar.

Here are the details of the session and the recording is available below:

Webinar title
Leapfrog to Value: How low- and middle-income countries can embrace value-based care on the path to universal health coverage.

Health systems around the world suffer from a crisis of distrust; patients question the quality of government clinics, and newspapers expose private hospitals for peddling unnecessary procedures. These are symptoms of volume-based health systems that focus on the quantity of care delivered rather than quality or outcomes. Many countries are accelerating down this path. Hospital construction surpasses growth of primary care infrastructure. New insurance schemes expand access to inpatient treatment, without equivalent expansion of community-based prevention. These approaches create lasting structural flaws which increase costs without delivering desired results. As countries commit to universal health coverage, there is a narrow window to chart a different trajectory toward the common goal of achieving the best health outcomes for the resources invested.

Learning objectives

  • Characterize the challenge of volume-based health systems.
  • Introduce the value-based care framework.
  • Point to practical ways to incorporate value-based care principles into current work.

Intended audience
This webinar is intended for healthcare providers, payers, and policymakers in all low and middle income countries.

About the presenter
Chintan Maru is a medical doctor and public health expert who has dedicated his career to maximizing the value of health systems. He is the lead author of the report Leapfrog to Value ( Previously, Chin was a consultant in McKinsey & Co’s health systems practice, where he led value-based care reforms for payers, providers, and state governments in the United States; and advised on public sector delivery transformations in sub-Saharan Africa. Chin is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and majored in political science at Duke University. He was a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow at Princeton University and a US Fulbright Scholar to Jamaica.



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