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By Sinead McArdle Friday. Sep 7, 2018

RCPI/ISQua Leading for Quality in Changing Times

'Using Data to Transform Care' - Prof David Bates discussed the innovations and improvements he has been involved with through the effective use of data and measurement and how these experiences can inform and influence the future direction of the Irish health service.


'People Powered Healthcare: Making it real with standards that matter' - Leslee Thompson discussed how placing patients, community members and families at the heart of everything you do can improve health outcomes and care. She also discussed how working towards better outcomes can be used to make a real difference.


'Creating Capability and Capacity - Learning to lead on a journey' - Dr John Brennan discused 'alternative' routes to leadership, the importance of Quality Improvement education for Non Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDs) and other frontline staff and how unlocking leadership potential on a personal and professional level can make doctors not only better leaders, but better doctors too.


'P2P - Patient based care - A new paradigm' - Prof Cliff Hughes discussed his past successes in quality improvement & reporting, and the crucial importance of partnering with patients. He highlights Person to Person (P2P) care and how a collaborative approach with patients and their families are central to driving change and improving the culture and care in our hospitals. He also focus's on the 'top five' concerns in patient and family care.

A recording of each of these sessions in now available on our website:


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