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By Sinead McArdle Friday. Sep 7, 2018

Salzburg Global Seminar Session 565—‘Better Health Care: how do we learn about improvement?’


The Seminar (held in June 2016) was designed to move away from simply debating and critiquing the rigor, attribution, and generalizability of improvement but rather move towards producing actionable knowledge around these topics.


This supplement brings together the findings from the seminar, articles included in this supplement. In addition to the editorial, the supplement is divided into the following papers, each addressing a key component of these discussions:




  • Unpacking the Black Box of Improvement’ discusses the importance of understanding what actually happens during an improvement intervention and what factors contributed to the success or failure of an improvement intervention. This paper highlights and analyses case studies discussed during the Salzburg Global Seminar Session 565 to ‘unpack’ the black box of improvement.


  • Adapting Improvements to Context: When, Why and How?’ analyses the role of context in contributing to the success or failure of improvement intervention. This paper discusses how, when and why improvement interventions can be adapted to work successfully within a given context.





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