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By ISQua Tuesday. Aug 13, 2019

Transforming & Navigating Healthcare Quality & Safety into the Future: Reflections from AfIHQSA Featured

ISQua were delighted to host Dr Gilbert Buckle and Elom Otchi who presented a fantastic live webinar with a Q&A session on Transforming & Navigating Healthcare Quality & Safety into the Future: Reflections from AfIHQSA. This session was an ISQua African Community of Practice meeting which was also made available as an open webinar.

Webinar title
Transforming & Navigating Healthcare Quality & Safety into the Future: Reflections from AfIHQSA

Quality in healthcare is treating our patients the way we would want to be treated and achieving care outcomes that we would want for ourselves if the roles were turned around. There have been three global publications in 2018 that have revealed the sub-optimal nature of quality of care and patient safety globally but significantly in lower-middle-income countries (LMIC). The significant increase in the efforts and investments in the health sector has not resulted in a proportional increase in quality of care outcomes. Many countries are yet to heed to the call of redesigning their health systems to make quality and patient safety the primary goal of service delivery. Efforts towards Universal Health Coverage will not be meaningful without ensuring that the care and care outcomes desired are of the highest quality. Country health systems and the global health community must take a break and consider how the principles and concepts of quality and patient safety can be embedded at all levels of healthcare.
This webinar offers theoretical and practical expertise about how healthcare quality and safety could be transformed and navigated into the future as part of the quality universal health coverage agenda. Gilbert and Elom will share some insights and reflections of health systems transformation and strategies that can be employed at improving care outcomes. This webinar will also share some thoughts espoused by speakers at the recently jointly organized Healthcare Quality and Safety Summit by the Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality Safety and Accreditation and the International Society of Healthcare (ISQua).

Learning objectives 

  • To understand the key principles of health systems transformation.
  • To understand and implement strategies that can transform and navigate healthcare quality and safety across all the levels of the health system.

Gilbert Buckle, MB. CHB, MPH, ODCC
Gilbert is a Public Health Physician and Consultant in Health Systems Strengthening & Healthcare Quality, with over 22 years of experience (in both the public and private sectors). He is an accomplished and resourceful executive, with experience in designing healthcare programs and leading healthcare systems and organisations to enhanced performance. He is adept at strengthening health systems and healthcare organisations, with a focus on improving the quality of health outcomes, in resource-limited environments. His additional competencies include critical thinking, analysis, & strategic planning; Health Systems Strengthening & Optimization; Healthcare Quality Improvement Initiatives; Leadership Coaching & Capacity Development; and Organisational System Transformations. Gilbert is the Executive Director of the Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality Safety & Accreditation (AfIHQSA). He is a certified executive coach with the International Coach Federation as well as an Organizational Development Certified Consultant. Gilbert is an inaugural/founding member of the ISQUA Academy of Quality and Safety in Healthcare (IAQS).

Elom Otchi, FISQua, MPH, MA (Org. Devt.), PGD, BSc
Elom is a National and International Consultant in Organizational Development and Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety. He is a conference speaker and been on discussion panels of several quality & patient safety conferences. He has served as the National Consultant on Quality Improvement (QI) for UNICEF. A role in which he supported twenty-four (24) health facilities (including a regional hospital) in implementing the Mother-Baby Friendly Health Facility Initiative (MBFHI) in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He was also the International Consultant for the WHO Country office in Sierra Leone in supporting the Ministry of Health & Sanitation setup national quality of care structures, develop training manuals and quality of care policy and strategy. He also built the capacity of various cadres to lead the quality improvement program at various levels of the health system of the country. Elom is the Technical Director of the Africa Institute of Healthcare Quality Safety & Accreditation (AfIHQSA). He is also an Expert of the International Society of Quality Healthcare (ISQua). Elom is a Fellow of International Society of Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) and a Certified Hospital Surveyor (CHS). He is a member of the WHO Global Learning Laboratory on Quality of Care and Universal Health Coverage. Elom is in the final year of his PhD Program at the School of Public Health (SPH) of the University of Ghana.


Watch the full recording below and share your feedback in the Comments box at the end of the page:


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If you'd like to meet Gilbert and Elom in person and continue this conversation face-to-face, they will both be attending and presenting at the ISQua Conference in Cape Town. More details HERE



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