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By ISQua Thursday. Sep 5, 2019

World Patient Safety Day 2019 - Virtual Coffee Break Featured


Tuesday, 17th September 2019 14:00 PM - 14:45 BST (UTC+01)


Please join us for this special edition of the ISQua Virtual Coffee Break, where we will be celebrating World Patient Safety Day! This Virtual Coffee Break is open for everyone to attend.


What is it?

The concept behind the Virtual Coffee Break is to create an environment that fosters an informal chat amongst participants. It is an online webinar where you will be assigned into breakout rooms of 4-5 participants. Here you will have the ability to speak with one another in a virtual “face-to-face” environment. 


Please note that the Virtual Coffee Break is limited to a maximum of 100 participants, who will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Discussion Topic 

The topic of discussion is "World Patient Safety Day: How can we promote open communication for learning from errors and emphasize the importance of patient safety?"


How to Register 

This special edition of the Virtual Coffee Break is open to the public to attend. You can register via the following link: 




What do I need to do? 

Once registered, you will then receive a link that will allow you to join the session at the allocated date and time.


The minimum requirement to participate in the session is to have a computer or phone that has both a working microphone and speakers. This will ensure that you can hear other participants, and that others can hear you. If you like, you can also switch on your webcam so that other participants can see you as you are speaking. If enabling your webcam then please ensure that you are clearly visible to others.


Is there an agenda?

There is no formal agenda, but we will include a discussion theme or topic. We will include some ice-breakers if required, but the idea for this meetup is to keep things quite informal, similar to a coffee break at a networking event. We want to provide a virtual space that allows participants to interact with one another and meet people they might not otherwise cross paths with.


Are there any rules?

The only “rule” that we will enforce is that of respect. Please give your peers the respect to both speak and be heard. It is recommended that you mute your microphone when not speaking. If you are enabling your camera, please ensure that you can be seen.

Please note that you need to have joined the meeting by no later than 5 minutes after allocated start time. Once the coffee break rooms have been allocated, they cannot be reassigned. Entry to the session will be locked once the breakout rooms are enabled.


What happens after the session?

ISQua Members and Fellows have the ability to “Connect” with one another via the ISQua Community platform. Once a connection has been formed on the platform, you have the ability to message one another, either continuing the discussion or starting an entirely new one. You can also arrange to meet up and continue the discussion face-to-face in Cape Town.



Online Meeting




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