What is World Patient Safety Day?

Recognizing patient safety as a global health priority, all 194 WHO Member States at the 72nd World Health Assembly, in May 2019, endorsed the establishment of World Patient Safety Day (Resolution WHA72.6), to be marked annually on 17 September.


The objectives of World Patient Safety Day are to increase public awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, and spur global solidarity and action to promote patient safety. Each year, a new theme is selected to shed light on a priority patient safety area where action is needed to reduce avoidable harm in health care and achieve universal health coverage.


Medications are the most widely utilized interventions in health care, and medication-related harm constitutes the greatest proportion of the total preventable harm due to unsafe care, let alone the economic and psychological burden imposed by such harm. Acknowledging this substantial burden and recognizing the complexity of medication-related harm prevention and reduction, "Medication Safety" has been selected as the theme for World Patient Safety Day 2022.



Medication Safety

 Call for action:

Know. Check. Ask.


WHO OFFICIAL WEBPAGE - https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-patient-safety-day/2022 

ISQua has joined forces with four leading healthcare organisations for WPSD2022

This year, we are joining forces with other international organisations, GS1 Healthcare, the International Hospital Federation (IHF), the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), and the European Health Management Association (EHMA) to help spread the word on World Patient Safety Day.

Together we designed a 5+1 posts approach to help build momentum over the week by sharing meaningful and educative content on the 5 Rights of Medication Administration.

This is very much aligned with this year's WHO’s theme ‘Medication without Harm’.

Each day we will feature one post within an infographic.

On September 17, we will be issuing a joint statement from the five organisations and one infographic that will bring together these 5 rights.

WPSD Activities from Around the World

ISQua's Specialist Certificate in Medication Safety

About the course

In addition to covering basic principles, this course provides a critical insight into various aspects of medication safety, such as high-risk medications, clinical specialities, transitions of care and interventions.


Who is it for?
This course is aimed at any level of pharmacy worker, including administrators whose health system includes an outpatient pharmacy, as well as any quality specialist whose prime focus includes improving medication safety.


Course information

  • Duration: 12 months (from date of enrolment)
  • Fully online course
  • Continuous assessment (no final exam)
  • Certificate awarded upon completion
  • Discounted registration fee for ISQua Members


Regular cost: €350 (non-Members) / €250 (Members) however from 12th - 20th September we will be offering this course for the discounted rate of €295 (non-Members) / €195 (Members). Additional reductions available to participants from lower-middle and low income countries.


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