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ISQua Conference London 2017

At this year's ISQua Conference, delegates were invited to participate in an interactive session facilitated by Prof René Amalberti, Ms Wendy Nicklin and Prof Jeffrey Braithwaite. The workshop was divided into two sessions, the verbatim of which we have published below. The Innovations and System Change Working Group are currently working on their second paper which will focus on the need for revisiting the basic principles of quality and safety in healthcare in the face of ageing populations.

Exercise 1:  Focusing on the impacts of massive ageing on the very nature of the healthcare system, and how we define and provide care to all citizens, whether they are already aged, or they are younger but will need a better care system as they age, cite potential transformations of quality of care and safety standards and methods developed over decades that could cascade from the effects of massive aging in the next twenty years. 

Exercise 1: Response from Countries

  • Singapore

  • Bangladesh + South Asia

  • Brazil

  • North America, Canada and US

  • Europe, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands

  • Japan, India, China, Hong Kong, South-Korea

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • South Europe, Spain, Greece

Exercise 2: Of the Challenges listed below, choose the two top challenges that make sense as priorities for your region within the next decade. For these two challenges, develop:

  • What changes could be considered
  • How your region consider steps to definitively advance progress. 
  • What initiatives are necessary to truly advance the agenda?   
  • Who are the key drivers and partnerships that will accelerate change / transformation?
  • How do we accelerate change?   
  • CHALLENGE 1 Adapting basic Q & S definition and concepts
  • CHALLENGE 2 Adapting Q&S principles for a ‘just-in-time’ logic in acute hospitals
  • CHALLENGE 3 Adapting Q&S principles to home care / aiding persons
  • CHALLENGE 4 Adapting Q&S principles to patients living alone
  • CHALLENGE 5 Adapting Q&S principles to the growing number of cognitive impairment
  • CHALLENGE 6 Adapting Q&S principles to the digital revolution
  • CHALLENGE 7 New Governance: impact on leadership, measurement and accreditation

Exercise 2: Response from Countries

  • Bangladesh & South Asia

  • Singapore

  • North America

  • Brazil/South Korea

  • Scandinavia/Switzerland/Georgia

  • Asia

  • Australasia

  • Taiwan

Previous Webinar

On 24th July 2017 Prof 
René Amalberti, MD, PhD, Senior advisor to the French Patient Safety Accreditation Agency (HAS - Haute Autorité de Santé) and Chair of ISQua's Innovative System Change Working Group - ISCWG (ISQua’s working group on massive ageing) gave a webinar on the massive aging of the population and why this will and is having just a major effect on healthcare.

A recording of this session can be watched below:

The Big Picture on Worldwide Massive Ageing

  • About the Webinar

  • About the Presenter


On Monday 17th October 2016 Professor Cliff Hughes officially launched our first White Paper:

Health systems and their sustainability

To further develop the strategic priority focused on Innovation the Board established a sub committee, the Innovation and Systems Change Working Group (I&SCWG). The first task of the I&SCWG was to identify an emerging issue in healthcare for which the group could add value. During 2015 the group decided to focus on the global issue of ageing populations and the increasing pressure worldwide on healthcare systems which is transforming the nature of care needed. Healthcare systems must continuously innovate and adapt if they are to meet the challenge of delivering safer, better care to more complex patients within limited healthcare budgets into the future. In October 2015 a one day seminar was held in Doha, Qatar where representatives from sixteen countries shared their vision, diagnosis and further challenges to address their ageing populations. An Editorial based on the discussions held in Doha was published in the International Journal for Quality in Health Care in March 2016.

Pre-Conference Seminar Tokyo 16th October 2016

Innovations Workshop: Future-Proofing National Health Systems So They Can Deal with Ageing Cohorts with Associated Chronic Diseases: Creating Sustainable Health Care 

René Amalberti; FR, Jeffrey Braithwaite; AU, [On behalf of the Innovations Systems of Working Group of the International Society for Quality in Health Care] 

Health care systems across the world are experiencing increased financial, organisational and social pressures attributable to a range of critical issues including the challenge of ageing populations. Health systems need to adapt, in order to continue to provide quality care to the widest range of patients, particularly those with chronic and complex diseases, and especially those in vulnerable and low income groups.

We report on a workshop designed to tackle such issues held under the auspices of ISQua in October 2015 in Doha, Qatar, with representatives from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Emirates, France, Ireland, Jordan, Qatar, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, United Kingdom, South Africa and Switzerland.

We discuss some of the challenges facing health care systems in countries ageing rapidly, to those less so, and touch on current and future reform options.

1. Amalberti R, Nicklin W, Braithwaite J (2016). Preparing national health systems to cope with the impending tsunami of ageing and its associated complexities. Towards more sustainable healthcare. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, In press.

Watch a recording of the session on Periscope 

Following a presentation focusing on the white paper, titled 'Health systems and their sustainability', the workgroups were asked to discuss, using the white paper as a resource, the following questions:

1. What were the lessons learned from this mornings session
2. How applicable are this issues to your country
3. What are the impacts and outcomes to be prepared for
4. What are the pragmatic solutions?
5. And are these solutions applicable within your own country/other countries?

Part 1 (04:43)  Part 2 (57:52) 

Members of the I&SCWG

Innovation and Systems Change Working Group

  • (Chair) Amalberti, Prof René MD, PhD
  • Braithwaite, Prof Jeffrey, BA, MBA, MIR (Hons), PhD, FAIM, FCHSM, FFPH RCP
  • Cornue, Mr Christopher BSc, MSc
  • Lachman, Dr Peter M.D. MPH. M.B.B.Ch., FRCPCH, FCP (SA), FRCPI
  • Nicklin, Ms Wendy R.N., B.N., M.Sc.(A), CHE, FACHE, FISQua
  • Vincent, Prof Charles A M Phil, PhD
  • Mr Peter Carter