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Partnerships with Patients

The Advisory Committee on Partnership with Patients (ACPP) is a committee of the Board established to ensure the patient perspective is included in all considerations and deliberations. The Board Honorary Advisor on the Patient Perspective has been very successful.

To ensure the wide diversity of issues is addressed the ACPP has now established an Advisory Forum on Partnerships with Patients (AFPP) to help implement a strategic priority of the organisation.  The aim of the AFPP is to consider the diverse views of patients/consumers/service users (patients) worldwide and understand the different demographic challenges.  During 2015 the AFPP met on several occasions and decided to focus on defining Person Centered Care (PCC) to form the basis of the strategic direction for the organisation.  The definition of PCC agreed by the AFFP and approved by the Board can be found here.  The AFPP is now focusing on the cultural aspects of PCC globally and is currently considering where value can be added to this debate.

The Members of the AFPP and the ACPP are noted noted below.

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Advisory Committee on Partnerships with Patients

  • Janne Lehmann Knudsen, Denmark (Chair of ACPP)

  • Triona Fortune, Ireland

  • Cliff Hughes, Australia

  • Robinah Kaitiritimba, Uganda

  • Russell McGowan, Australia

  • Eugene Nelson, US

Advisory Forum on Partnerships with Patients

  • Gro K. Rosvold Bernsten, Norway

  • Lene Von Bulow, Denmark

  • Morgan Chetty, South Africa

  • Trevor Critchley, United Kingdom

  • Michael Greco, Australia

  • Wissam Abdul Hadi, United Arab Emirates

  • Karin Jay, United States

  • Joanna Kaufman, United States

  • Anthony Lombardi, Australia

  • Michael P. Rodriquez, United States

  • Sara Yaron, Israel

  • Eva Maria Ruiz de Castilla, Peru

  • Gerald Sendlhofer, Austria

  • Shelley de la Vega, Philippines

  • Roula Zahar, Lebanon